Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fat girl gone...well, for the most part!

Happy day all. Lemme just say today was much better than the suckfest that was yesterday. Work crap piled up on me a little too high and just had to topple over and spill everywhere. To make matters worse, somewhere under all that crap, I lost my cell phone. Had a good cry, and felt much better.  Amazing how that works! 

Since I was feeling so BLURG we ended up eating late and I was too stuffed to ride the bike without yarking. Thus, Monday became my day off. Yay. No excuses the rest of this week, I guess! 

I think I have passed a mental milestone the past few weeks. I finally don't feel like a fat person...all blobbish and whale-like. Wow, eh? I feel...normal....whatever that is! Sure, I still have areas that need reducing, but overall, I feel good. I am hoping that the last 15 will help shrink the parts that are still lumpy. 

This is going to be short folks 'cause my heart just isn't in blog land today. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185

Exercise: 40 min.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Purging...and not in that unhealthy, bulimic way

I did some cleaning out of the disaster zone that is my closet today. It felt really good to just ruthlessly pluck the plus-sized 14 and 16 tops from my closet with a sneer and toss them into a nice, shiny black garbage bag (not to be garbage, mind you, but to go to goodwill). Buh-bye print top...I see you are several sizes to big for me now! See ya sweater...you are wayyy shapeless and voluminous! Ta-ta jeans...you just fall right off my ass! Then, the best part came. I tried on my winter coat from last year. I wasn't sure how it was going to fit because it used to be tight on me. So much so I could never really do up the top button. Just froze the girls a wee bit there. :P I slid my arms in the sleeves, and pulled the coat closed...and then kept pulling until there was about FIVE inches of overlap! This thing could be a double-breaster! It was crazy big on me! Shockeroo! And really, I wasn't plagued with thoughts like: What if I gain the weight back...I should keep these clothes just in case! Nope, nothin' like that! 

 As if this wasn't good enough, then my husband walked into the bedroom with this bemused expression on his face. He held up my "go-card" from work last year (the students all get them for ID and for whatever reason, teachers get one too). He said he hadn't realized how different I looked until he looked at that pic. I took the card from him and took a gander. YIKES! Um, yeah lookin' a bit portly there. What was weird for him, sweet man that he is, was that he never saw me as fat last year. So I had to ask, "But I look fat in that picture?" To which he responded, "Well, yeah!" Since he sees me every day, it's much harder for him to notice the changes...I definitely get that. 

So there are my double whammy in-your-face moments of realization that damn, I've lost me some serious weight! Another nice moment this weekend was buying a size 11 skirt. :) It was a smidgen tight in the butt area, but not the waist, and it's one of those fabrics that will stretch a bit. Cool right? Fuck yeah! 

So now all my nice, smaller clothes are hanging in my closet ready to adorn my slimmer bod, and boy does that feel good. I can't wait to lose these last 15 lbs. and maybe do another purge. Hey, any excuse to shop! Speaking of shopping, I bought some sexy tall, black, pointy-toed boots yesterday too. Hel-lo. They are hawt, if I do say so myself.  Maybe I will bless you with a pic one day. :P

In the food world, I am definitely PMSing again. Frickin' hungry all the time again...craving chocolate too. Bugger. I probably consumed a few more calories this week because of it. I did manage to work out five days this past week. I plan to do six next. I am seriously contemplating buying one of Jillian Michaels' videos. Mostly because of Tiffany rocking her 30 Day Shred. Go Tiffany! I want to try it first if I can, so I will check the video store first. Everything I've read seems to point to some serious butt-kicking workouts. May just help me lose the last bit of weight! 

Oh, and welcome to my new followers! Tricia, love your blog (even if your header makes me wanna eat cupcakes!). Becky, who appears blogless (please correct me if I am wrong!), but is so very welcome in blogland! And my most recent addition, Dawn, who has this blog, which has awesome recipes and pics,  along with this one, which is also awesome, and more about her weight-loss journey. Also, thank you to all my previous followers. I know I didn't welcome each of you (sorry!), but I am really trying to now that things have slowed down. Love y'all! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185

Exercise: 40 minutes

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hollywood North is alive and kickin!

Hmm...post 101 just doesn't have the same zing as 100. I guess I will just have to muscle through it. 

Today was a day with a wee bit of temptation. And you know temptation, it usually comes in pizza form. I had two pieces. And they were DAMN GOOD. I had a light dinner- soup and sammich, so I  am not too worried about calorie overload. Plus I did no snacking at all. Gotta pick your battles! 

Yesterday was another wee indulgence. My lovely friend Lara came out with her son, and we went to the park and the for fish and chips. The funny part was ending up walking onto a movie set! Steveston in Richmond is a very picturesque little fishing village with many charming shops. My first clue that something was up was seeing crowds of people running and girls screaming. At first, I thought some bad mojo was going down...heart attack, fight, something! Then I saw the cameras. Nope, no medical emergency. It was, in fact, a teenage frenzy brought on by none other than teen idol golden boy himself, Zac Efron. Sadly, we missed his presence by mere moments. Shucks. The annoying part came after dinner, when unbenownst to us, they had started filming some background stuff and we walked into camera range. We were quickly shuffled to the side by a bearded, denim-clad gentlemen, whose name I can only assume was Bubba. Or maybe Big Ray or something clever like that. So we waited for them to stop and resumed on our merry way, with Lara going on a wee tirade about "movie people" and how much she loathes them. Come in, take over and push people out like the own the world. Damn them. Lol, but really, we gotta love 'em coming to B.C. and turning our towns into all sorts of U.S. locales. Mostly ones in Washington. Although, one area 1/2 hr. from here is Santa Monica in a little show called Psych. Just to name a few more:

21 Jump Street (I got to be an extra in high school!)
Dark Angel
House (at least a few eps.)
Stargate SG-1 + Atlantis
Dead Like Me (such a quirky little jewel of a show!)
X-Files (oh how we miss it!)
Battlestar Galctica
Smallville (filmed in my lil' old home town of Cloverdale)

Oh, and wayyy too many movies to even list here. My fave being X-Men. :)

Anyway, back to the blog stuff. I am working out every day still, so I hope to see the scale keep moving down! I know I could be doing more to lose weight faster, but I feel like this is working for me. I don't feel too deprived, and I am not killing myself working out so much that I am burned out totally. I know one of my beloved floggers, Fat Daddy was having that problem. Kudos to him for losing an astounding 80 lbs! Yeeee hawww

Really, I think I can keep doing this! Then when I meet my goal, I will see what I need to do to maintain my weight. It will probably be fairly similar to now, with watching portions and junk intake. I will still exercise, but maybe not every day. We shall see! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185

Exercise: 40 minutes

Oh, and it may be too late, but I wanted to see if the gods would smile upon me enough to win some cool free shit from Tricia...so check out her blog (though I am sure many of you already have!). She is as generous as she is kind and funny, and, no doubt, smokin hot. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I know what you are thinking...

Zowie wowie!
Hot damn!
Far out!
Groovy baby! 

And perhaps some of you are even daring to invoke the holy trinity of moly, cow and mackerel.

One hundred blogs, you say? Surely you jest! Such a monumental achievement would take years, not these scant months! But yes, dear reader. It's true. 100 blogs I have made. 


Ok, totally done tooting my own horn. Um...does anyone else think that expression sounds kinda dirty? Hmm....mental note: erase "tooting my own horn" from stuff I say.

Back to bidness then. I was delighted and elated and all sorts of happy emotions like that this morning. Why? The squirrel sacrifice* I made must have done the trick because I was down TWO MORE POUNDS! See above exclamations of amazement. 

I am not as happy with what I ate today, but only marginally so. Cereal, fine...delicious ham, lettuce, tomato and onion on gorgeous, soft multigrain bread, fine with a side of mmmm...1/2 a muffin, meh not so good....dinner of BBQ chicken, baked potato, salad and corn, fine...2 tiny squares of chocolate, again a meh

I worked my butt out on the bike with me foine weights and did my sit ups, so all was well there. I just want to see the scale stick at that weight and not bounce back up in that maddening way. 

Also, since this is my blog, and I am god here, I am going to post my week 21 results tonight (and also because I forgot yesterday *sheepish grin*).

Thank you, lovelies for being with me. If there is a hearty soul out there who has stuck with me for all these 100 posts, say hi, willya? :) 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185 (get outta freakin' town!!)

Exercise: 40 min. 

*Don't freak animal lovers, I would never harm a real squirrel...this was a purely mental** squirrel. 

** Not to say a squirrel with a mental disfunction, like maybe it does nothing but chase its own tail, or thinks other squirrels are out to get him, or stops eating because the other squirrels think he's too fat, or he is afraid of heights and has panic attacks on even the lowest tree branches, because that would be sad, but a squirrel that I sacrificed in my brain.***

***Huh, that doesn't sound much better.****

****Fuck it. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

99 blogs on da wall...

Oooh only three more visitors to reach 2000! That number is a bit astounding to me. If you scroll down and see 2000 at the bottom, hope you will say hi and let me know who you are, oh serendipitous  visitor! This is also blog number 99 for me. Such excitement, such anticipation! 

That being said, I had a craptastic day at work, and am feeling all emotional. Blah! My highlight was my sweet coworker taking me aside and telling me how great I look! Such a boost!! It is so nice how many people are talking the time to do that. Love my peeps at work.  

I took the day off of exercise because it's been over a week now since I had a break. It's still kinda weird to do that! 

The scale has been kind this week, though. Yayy! Down about 2 more lbs. Hope it sticks! Better go sacrifice that squirrel to ensure my continued favour with the scale gods. 

Short but sweet...House has my attention now...blogging really can't compete! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 187

Exercise: nada.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One more thing....

I wanted to say a couple more things today. 

First, I did work out. Yay for me! Told ya I would. Second, I wanted to thank you all once again for following me and making comments. I love your comments! I can't tell you how much I appreciate people taking the time out of their day to say words of encouragement to me. Makes me all warm and glowy inside. :) Third, I want to welcome a new follower you may already know, Natasha, who is rocking her own weight loss. Love the videos! And darn, girl, you are super cute!

Ok, I am done counting now, that shit's getting on my nerves. I also wanted to give a shout out to a good friend of mine who has started his weight loss journey this month. He's a truly amazing person, and he's been super supportive of me. I hope you will check out what he's got going' on here. His site is different, and in progress...so go and explore!

I am a little annoyed with myself because it seems the post it on my Mac's dashboard that I put my measurements on has disappeared. Dang. I can sorta remember what they used to be though. Let's see....

Chest- 48.5- 43....5.5 inches lost

Rib Cage- 40- 36.5......3.5 inches lost

Waist- 38.5- 35.5.......3 inches lost

Hips- 45-42.5.......3 inches lost

Upper Thigh- 28- 25.5........2.5 inches lost

Upper Arm- 15.5- 12.5.......3 inches lost

Wow...the girls are really shrinking! "Nooooo!" moans my husband. Sorry, honey I don't pick where the fat leaves my body! 


Keepin' on Keepin' on

Hey there hi there ho there! I know I am posting quite sporadically, but with all the work insanity and hair pulling and exhaustion, it's been hard to get on here to typety-type. 

I would like to reassure you, dear readers, that I am still doing my thing over here. Portion control, thou art with me. I am really getting good at eating LESS.  No prob. Though, it is still a conscious effort to put down the fork and step away from the plate. I dunno, but perhaps that is a good thing. I would hate to stop being aware and gradually super-size my portions (and my ass) again.  Healthy eating is harder for me. I am still trying to incorporate the fruit and veg in my diet, but often that falls by the wayside. They are still my snack of choice, but these days I will often forgo the snack altogether if I don't have anything healthy on hand. Yes, sounds good, but can lead to crazy hunger, too! 

Exercise is still a mean, nasty bitch that I have to face and give a beat down to every day. Well, really I am beating me down- more specifically- my laziness/tiredness and my inability to disconnect ass from couchy goodness. Struggle, I do, but persevere I do as well. 

I am writing this during a lull in the insano-world I live in now, so I haven't worked out today yet...but I will. Just as I did yesterday and the day before. 

Can I say how proud I am of my fellow floggers (fat bloggers, for you non-floggers)? So many of you are just kicking ass right now. I love to hear about it all...good, bad, ugly (and sometimes crazy). Keep it up everyone! Love ya! 

Stats for the day: 

Weight: 189 (fo shizzle!!)

Exercise: 40 min. (projected, but darn well certain!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 20: Work...blech

I MISS BEING LAZY!! Yeah, I know...you have no sympathy for the girl who had two months off. But, I have to whine a little about how freakin' BUSY work is. First few weeks of school always are, but it's worse this time around. The counselors and admin have been working like dogs to iron out all the problems with the kid's schedules, but it is all still big ugly mess. I don't know if my classes will change or not, but it's likely they will. ARGGGHH

This weekend was great...sitting on my sister's kids whilst she spent the night up in Whistler with her hubby. Love those kids! They are super easy to take care of. I managed to work out before I went over to their house, and then ended up going on the trampoline for a surprisingly good bouncy workout for 15 or 20 minutes. Afterwards, I was all sweaty and red-faced with sore calves. Who knew? We bounced again the next day for about 10 minutes and then went for an 1.5 hr walk and picnic at a nearby park with my mom. There may have been a short jaunt to the beach and ice-cream after. :) 

Things are going fairly well with eating. I am not really snacking at all, and eating my three meals. Trying very hard to remember portion control and to stop eating BEFORE I feel full. Tricksy that is.

There was no working out today...so day of rest. This is good 'cause I am exhausted, and had a friend over for dinner. Busy! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 190

Exercise: Zip (unless flapping my lips counts!)

Here are some pics from my September so far! 

Tramp-tramping on the trampoline...wheeee

Apparently insanity does run in the family. Sorry 'bout that kids.

Monkeys on the railing...love to climb stuff. 

Pretty girl...nine going on thirty, this one is! 

Pseudocamping in the U.S.

Got my caricature done at the PNE

Hmm...now where do I get my eye colour? Anyone?

Girls' night! Margaritas! Yeahhh

Friday, September 11, 2009

Buh-bye rogue pounds!

Hi, I am back! Well, I didn't go anywhere except to work! What a crazy bunch o' days. The beach yesterday was fantabulous. Sun, sand, s'mores and 200 15 yr olds! What could be better? Since no one drowned or burned themselves on immolated marshmallows, I'd say it was a unmitigated success. Today was our block run-trough where all the kids can go to each class. It was insano...lots of kids with "unknown" teachers or "unknown" classrooms...kids missing classes, in wrong classes. UGH. The poor, overworked counselors are in alllll weekend trying to sort the unholy mess out. I had a great time with my classes though. I LOVE my gr. 10 English class so far! They were a hoot, and seem like a bunch of good eggs. Time will tell, I suppose. I like to play this game with my classes where I write a bunch of random crap on the board...names, dates, places, etc. And the students have to guess what each of them means to my life. For example, I wrote "May 29, 2005," which is the day I got married. I love putting up my b-day and then when they get it right, I tell 'em, "Ok, now get out your agendas, and write that in there...Jan. 18th Mrs. C's b-day." This makes them laugh. I also tell them I love chocolate, so they can buy me some then, but just a small amount, 'cause you know...I'm not greedy. :) Ahh good times. But, they really like knowing things about me, and it lets me be a bit silly and lighthearted...sets a nice tone. I really like having a class that can laugh, and enjoy a sense of humour, but if shit get's outta hand...fun's over people.

So I am VERY happy to report that that rogue 4 lbs has left the building. I weighed in heavy for two days, then POOF gone. Back down to 190. WEIRD. I did start eating normally again, and exercising every day, but still. FOUR lbs? WTF? I don't get the human body...at all. 

Yup, doin' my thing pretty well these days. Even had a BBQ this eve. and walked away with lots of room in the tum. Had about 1/2 my plate of salad, and a small piece of chicken...no bun...a tiny spoon of potato salad.  I did have a cookie, but still didn't eat much, so not worried about those calories. I actually think I am a bit low for the day. Hungry too! It's tea time. Liking the green tea to soothe the savage tum. 

Getting more compliments at work, too (thank you my work lovelies...May and Aaron especially). It's really great to hear that validation from people. I feel sometimes that I haven't changed that much, so it helps. But then, too, I try on clothes that used to be TIGHT and they are so loose now. I love that. Can't wait to see that scale go back on that downward trend! 185 here I come!! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 190 (yayyyy!)

Exercise: 45 min.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen...we are experiencing a setback

*PHEW* I survived. First day back to work and lived to tell the tale. I was almost killed by an avalanche of meetings, and the kids went oddly berserk over getting their lockers, but overall, a good day! I love the group I am working with for our start-up days. We laugh and joke around a lot bust still get 'er done. We always do some fun activities with the kids in their grade groups the first days. I like it because it gives us a chance to ease into the school year, and the kids get to be with their classmates and have some fun before buckling down. We are taking 200 15 yr-olds to the beach. Yep, pretty crazy. 

I am soooo back on track! I love it. Eating way less these days and exercising every day. I hate to say, but my days of over-indulgence have finally caught up to me though. Blah. I gained 4 lbs somehow. Yeah, somehow. What a mystery! Let's see...PNE craziness...dinner downtown with gelato chaser...extra pizza at friend's house washed down with like...3 or 4 Margaritas. Fuuuuuuck. I am very very confident it won't last though. By next week, I will be back where I was...bet on it.

OH! And when I went shopping the other day, I was determined to buy a pair of size 12 pants. I figured they'd be tight, but that's good when I have more weight to lose. Much to my surprise, the 12's fit! Only a teeny bit snug. WOW. Seeing a 12 on the label was...almost surreal. I know that if I tried on a 12 in another store, or even just another style it may not fit, but I'll take it!! 
Milestones baby, milestones.

Stats for the day: 

Weight: 194 (booooooooooooo)

Exercise: 45 min.

Friday, September 4, 2009

No diabetic coma!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends. :) I hope you didn't think I died from diabetic shock from all the sugar I consumed the other day! I wish I could say my PNE trip was any better, but alas no. I did well with the fishy chippies (glad to inspire a craving in Mr. Condescending and Mme. DeFarge). Hubby and I shared a two piece and he ate most of the fries. Thrifty for the wallet AND the waistline! My downfall was the doughnuts...freshly made, soft and warm and dusted (as if by the fairies of deliciousness) with a light coating of cinnamon sugar. *SIGHHHH*. I ate a whole bag of 'em. I think it's 13 wee doughnuts in a bag. Then I had a couple of husband's fresh-made potato chips...and a bite or two of fudge...and a bite or two of a DEEP FRIED MARS BAR. Holy Hannah, wtf?!? I think that this snack food monstrosity must be tried at least once in a lifetime, so now I am done. I tried it. I lived. I kind of liked it. I can only hope this culinary misadventure was slightly mitigated with four hours of walking around. Um, and also after we had that b-day dinner...and there was cake. I had some of that too.  

BUT, you know what? I don't feel bad. I am still focused on my goal, and I will lose those next 15-20 lbs. I am excited about losing them. I can't wait to see myself at that weight! I don't find the last few days discouraging in the least because I know that today is back to normal, it is back to exercise and eating properly. Tomorrow will be the same, and so on. On this journey, I can't expect I will always eat the perfect foods in the perfect proportions. I am NOT PERFECT! Not even a little bit. So why kill myself over a couple bad days? I don't have to be perfect, I just have to continue doing the good things I've been doing that have rid me of 30 unwanted pounds, and not make a habit out of these days! No problem! This makes me feel so good because I know that later on, if I slip, if I fall, I can just get back up again and keep going. There is no quitting. 

Oh, and I am changing my header because I didn't lose 40 lbs in 4 months. Boo freakin' hoo. That number was so arbitrary. Honestly I just thought it sounded good, and seemed like a lot, so I figured it would be motivating. Having not made that goal, I don't feel like a failure at all! How could I? Am I not 30 lbs lighter than I was those many months ago? Am I not wearing smaller clothes (and looking damn good in them, I might add)? Am I not more physically fit with some kick-ass muscles? Where's the bad here? I certainly don't see it! 

So here I am. Lighter. Healthier. Happier. I have a few more pounds to go, but I know I will get there. Today I ate my cereal, some soup for lunch and a nice steak dinner with a small baked potato,  salad, corn and sliced cucumber.  I indulged in a 120 calorie yogurt pop for dessert. See? So much better than yesterday! And I walked with hubby for nearly an hour this evening. 

I am doing this thing, people. Watch me. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 190

Exercise: 55 min.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cookies, chips and s'mores, OH MY!

Lonnng day out and about today. Can't say I ate well at all, and got home too late to work out. Blurgh. It was great to get out and hang with hubby, mom and awesome niece and nephew. We went down to the U.S. and did some shopping for things we can't get in Canada. For him: Vanilla Coke. For me: Flatout bread. I'd read about it in another blog, and was curious about it. They didn't have the low fat kind, but the whole wheat one sounded ok. I will let you know what I think (I know you will be waiting with bated breath).  Then we went to a campground my mom stays at and hung around for dinner and a campfire. It was my pesudo-camping experience of the summer. All the fun without all the sleeping on thin, lumpy mattresses and being mosquito food. 

I realized something kinda cool when I was hanging with the lovely Ashland last week. I have lost 70 lbs from my heaviest 5 years ago! Woah. That's a lot. I hope to go down 20 more now. By Christmas, perhaps...seems reasonable. Today certainly won't help with that! I didn't eat that much, but I had a handful of chips with dinner, a cookie and then two s'mores. Mmm. They are SO GOOD! That's a load of sugar and fat my body doesn't usually get in a day! Sorry body. :(

Tomorrow is another potentially bad food day in the making. We're going to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) tomorrow. It's a fair with a huge marketplace with tonnes of useless crap for sale, like wondermops, back massagers, wooden boats, clothes, hats, kitchen gadgets, weird electronic do-dads and thingamajigs. There is a huge variety of food there along with various attractions and shows. In the past, this day meant a lot of food. This time, not so much, but the food will be there calling to me! I am having the traditional fish n' chips...but one piece, and only a few fries. We usually get a few bags each of the little freshly made donuts covered in sugar. I will eat a few donuts out of Jason's bag. I usually get a piece of fudge...mmm...fudge. Nope not this year! I will walk (a lot) and I will drink water (a lot). So, I hope I can still enjoy the day and not go karazy with eating. 

Then again, maybe it will just rain all day and I'll stay home, eat normally and work out! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 189 (mayyybe?? It's so freakin' hard to read this scale!!)

Exercise: nada, zip, zero

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rage against the hunger machine

Ok, can I just take a second to thank the weight-loss gods for smiling upon me in this time of me being a ravenous beast, hungry ALL THE FREAKIN TIME this week. PMS sucks the big fat hairy. Kill me now. I can't believe I haven't gained weight! I eat and 1/2 hr to an hr. later I am hungry again. I drink water...my stomach laughs with contempt. I eat almonds....applesauce....a banana....ANYTHING and the growling, slavering food-eating machine in my stomach drowns out my TV with its discontent.  If I get lucky, I won't have gained when I weigh again tomorrow. 
Let's see the menagerie of crap I ate today:

Cereal with strawberries
vegetable soup w/4 crackers
1/2 C macaroni salad (leftovers called to me...blast it!)
1/2  a meal replacement bar because, dammit, it was chocolate
a low-fat choco pudding...again with the chocolate
dinner: small portion of stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey, corn, salad with cherry tomatoes
other 1/2 of meal replacement bar
1/2 strawberries
green tea

On a normal (non-ravenous stomach) day, I wouldn't have eaten the macaroni salad, the pudding, or the meal replacement bar. I guess it's not a LOT of food. But damn, if felt like I ate a lot more than usual! Hungry now too. Crapadoodle. 

I guess I can console myself with the fact that next week, I should be back to normal. Unless I am really, really unlucky. God, I hope not! 

I think the green tea (decaf) will be my after dinner drink. It does help take away the hunger pangs, and I hear it's kinda healthy and all that. Plus, more liquid in my body is good! 

I guess I will take my grumbling, growling tummy off to bed with me now. Shut it stomach! I am NOT FEEDING YOU!! 


Stats for the day:

Weight: 190 (by some holy miracle)

Exercise: 30 min. (got lazy)