Friday, September 11, 2009

Buh-bye rogue pounds!

Hi, I am back! Well, I didn't go anywhere except to work! What a crazy bunch o' days. The beach yesterday was fantabulous. Sun, sand, s'mores and 200 15 yr olds! What could be better? Since no one drowned or burned themselves on immolated marshmallows, I'd say it was a unmitigated success. Today was our block run-trough where all the kids can go to each class. It was insano...lots of kids with "unknown" teachers or "unknown" missing classes, in wrong classes. UGH. The poor, overworked counselors are in alllll weekend trying to sort the unholy mess out. I had a great time with my classes though. I LOVE my gr. 10 English class so far! They were a hoot, and seem like a bunch of good eggs. Time will tell, I suppose. I like to play this game with my classes where I write a bunch of random crap on the board...names, dates, places, etc. And the students have to guess what each of them means to my life. For example, I wrote "May 29, 2005," which is the day I got married. I love putting up my b-day and then when they get it right, I tell 'em, "Ok, now get out your agendas, and write that in there...Jan. 18th Mrs. C's b-day." This makes them laugh. I also tell them I love chocolate, so they can buy me some then, but just a small amount, 'cause you know...I'm not greedy. :) Ahh good times. But, they really like knowing things about me, and it lets me be a bit silly and lighthearted...sets a nice tone. I really like having a class that can laugh, and enjoy a sense of humour, but if shit get's outta's over people.

So I am VERY happy to report that that rogue 4 lbs has left the building. I weighed in heavy for two days, then POOF gone. Back down to 190. WEIRD. I did start eating normally again, and exercising every day, but still. FOUR lbs? WTF? I don't get the human all. 

Yup, doin' my thing pretty well these days. Even had a BBQ this eve. and walked away with lots of room in the tum. Had about 1/2 my plate of salad, and a small piece of bun...a tiny spoon of potato salad.  I did have a cookie, but still didn't eat much, so not worried about those calories. I actually think I am a bit low for the day. Hungry too! It's tea time. Liking the green tea to soothe the savage tum. 

Getting more compliments at work, too (thank you my work lovelies...May and Aaron especially). It's really great to hear that validation from people. I feel sometimes that I haven't changed that much, so it helps. But then, too, I try on clothes that used to be TIGHT and they are so loose now. I love that. Can't wait to see that scale go back on that downward trend! 185 here I come!! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 190 (yayyyy!)

Exercise: 45 min.


Fat Daddy said...

Figured that 4# was just water. Good for you. I could live on compliments from others all day. I know just how you feel.

Madame DeFarge said...

I reckon the four pounds was just a blip, a mechanical malfunction. It's good that others are noticing it so much. Keep going.

Carlos said...

awesome way to rock that shit!