Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 20: Work...blech

I MISS BEING LAZY!! Yeah, I have no sympathy for the girl who had two months off. But, I have to whine a little about how freakin' BUSY work is. First few weeks of school always are, but it's worse this time around. The counselors and admin have been working like dogs to iron out all the problems with the kid's schedules, but it is all still big ugly mess. I don't know if my classes will change or not, but it's likely they will. ARGGGHH

This weekend was great...sitting on my sister's kids whilst she spent the night up in Whistler with her hubby. Love those kids! They are super easy to take care of. I managed to work out before I went over to their house, and then ended up going on the trampoline for a surprisingly good bouncy workout for 15 or 20 minutes. Afterwards, I was all sweaty and red-faced with sore calves. Who knew? We bounced again the next day for about 10 minutes and then went for an 1.5 hr walk and picnic at a nearby park with my mom. There may have been a short jaunt to the beach and ice-cream after. :) 

Things are going fairly well with eating. I am not really snacking at all, and eating my three meals. Trying very hard to remember portion control and to stop eating BEFORE I feel full. Tricksy that is.

There was no working out day of rest. This is good 'cause I am exhausted, and had a friend over for dinner. Busy! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 190

Exercise: Zip (unless flapping my lips counts!)

Here are some pics from my September so far! 

Tramp-tramping on the trampoline...wheeee

Apparently insanity does run in the family. Sorry 'bout that kids.

Monkeys on the to climb stuff. 

Pretty girl...nine going on thirty, this one is! 

Pseudocamping in the U.S.

Got my caricature done at the PNE where do I get my eye colour? Anyone?

Girls' night! Margaritas! Yeahhh


Fat Daddy said...

You look so good. When you post your pics next to your wedding pic you can just see dramatically how much you look thinner.

Cute kids.

Carlos said...

great pics cute kids

Madame DeFarge said...

Lovely looking kids. You sound exhausted but happy.