Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In and the Revenge of the Birthday Cake

It's not pretty. It's not as bad as it was earlier this week, but still not pretty.

I hurt my knee last Thursday JUST WALKING AROUND THE CORNER. Seriously?!?! I run 10k, do countless squats and lunges with freakin' Jillian and this is how I injure myself? You know, if I'm going to get hurt, the very least my body could do for me is do it while I'm doing something exercise related! Yeesh! So I missed two workouts hoping it was just a muscle and it needed rest. On Saturday I tested it out by riding my recumbent bike. Not too bad...and then Sunday I did Jillian level 2. OUCH with the plank! My shoulders and back were really sore the day after that one, but the knee was fine. PHEW!

Ok, so we've got two workouts missed...let's add to that some seriously bad eating. It was my hubby's birthday on Sunday, so Friday we started the celebrating with a dinner out with friends. I had some pizza, which wasn't so bad, but then we went for blizzards for dessert. I had the smallest one, but still that shit is PACKED with calories...I cringe to even think. The next night was Chinese food, which isn't my fave, but I found some things to eat. Mmm fat and sodium! Of course, we had birthday cake...but not just ANY birthday cake. It was black forest cake from Costco which, as you may know, is big enough to feed about 30 people. There were only 9 of us eating it. Fuuuuuuck. We sent people off with cake, but we still had a crapload left. Here it is Wednesday, and I count 8 pieces left. And yes, I've been eating a bit EVERY NIGHT. Get it outta my house for the love of god! Oh, and Sunday I had a burger and fries at the new Denny's here...and Jason had his free b-day meal. So is it much of a surprise that today I weigh....




But, it was worse...I was up a full 2 lbs earlier this week. I was actually up a pound the day after I weighed in, if you can believe it.

So anyway, I have a week and a half before Mexico to drop a few more pounds. I am definitely eating better, and I think I will have to say NO to that freakin' cake that never ends.

I am nearly done summer school- just the rest of this week! It's been pretty fun, and I will miss the kids. It's weird to only teach them for a month and say goodbye! Meanwhile, we are trying to get this place ready to sell. Today we cleared off our deck and disturbed a few hunnert spiders. Big fat ones, little scurrying ones...oh how my skin did crawl! What's worse is we had to drag all this insect-infested crap through our condo to get it to the dumpster. The strata is cleaning the decks (thanks 'cause we just power washed it) and gave us ONE day to get everything off it except the BBQ. Asswipes. 2.5 hrs, and a bunch of creepy crawlies later...we had 'er done. We were actually going to do just this on the weekend, so I guess it was good to do it early. We will finish the painting this weekend, and hopefully order some new carpet for the bedroom and get the last of the tiling done. After that, it's just a bit more de-cluttering and scrubbing the place down!

Ok lovelies...kick some ass out there like my friend Lara who is down five lbs in her first two weeks! Go Lara! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you really should! She's a great writer and has an amazing story.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday...what say the scale gods?

The scale gods are fickle assholes, as anyone knows who worships at their alter on a regular basis. They are notoriously capricious and oftentimes hateful. But. Once and a while, the scale gods get up on the right side of the bed and smile down upon us and reward our hard work. Ahhh glorious. 

This week, I have been smiled upon. 

I was up earlier in the week and thought my BBQ eating and drinking and no working out all weekend would be my downfall. I caught a glimmer of hope yesterday when I weighed in and saw a loss. Ahhh could it be? Would it last? 

Yes, yes it did. I weigh 167.6. 

It's only a little over a pound, but  I will take it! Any little bit helps! I think doing the Shred and running is really a good thing here. I didn't do two workouts yesterday, but I did Shred and go for a 1/2 hr walk with hubby. I was just wiped in the eve and even fell asleep on the couch for like an hour. I didn't want to push myself and get all burned out from exercise. So maybe the double will be every other day. It would be quite stellar to be under 165 by the time I hit Mexico on the 7th. 

Ok, so that leaves me with mentioning this cool giveaway that the hilarious Candice at Life According to Candice is doing. She's giving away this new Maybelline lip stain that apparently rocks her universe. I luuurve lip stain as an alternative to lipstick, so I am hoping to get lucky on this one! Knowing my usual luck, this shit isn't even available in Canada yet. Always the way with cool new products. 

I am going to go high five myself over the loss, and then SHRED!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who worked out twice to day? I did!

Last you heard from me I had done a bout with Jillian and was mightily afeared of the repercussions on any heretofore unused muscles. The verdict? Not so bad! The only muscle pain I had was in my inner thighs. This is a far, FAR cry from the aftermath of my first Jillian experience. That first time was brutal...I could barely walk and sitting down for any reason was torture. I am so dang happy that those same moves that left me a whimpering mess barely phased me this time. I attribute this to the running, and I can only assume that running doesn't work the inner thighs so much! 

I did the Shred again today, after a weekend of painting with my mom and some most excellent socializing at a BBQ. I didn't do tooo badly at the BBQ, but man the food was yum! *WARNING* The following sentences are about food- if you do not wish to hear about this please move onto the next paragraph! Cory made this delicious snapper with a spicy rub all nice and crusted on there. I really want to make this dish! The host, Mike (you may remember from his role as "door guy" and my awesome driver during the road trip) made the best pasta salad I've ever had along with an amazing teriyaki chicken. The worst of it was my chocolate chip cookies. I made some for the BBQ, and we turned them into delicious ice cream sandwiches. Mmm wow. Sorry if you are hungry now, but I warned ya! 

That being said, it inspired me to do the Jillian today. I also haven't run So I decided to do TWO workouts and ran around 9:15 p.m. I did my quick run again, and it kicked my ass. Man, running fast is hard! But I really do feel great doing it (other than the panting and wanting to die, as I just mentioned to my friend Chrystie). I am really hoping that eventually this pace will feel normal. How freakin' awesome would that be? I can just haul ass around town for my runs? Sweet. 

I am considering a repeat of this tomorrow. Weigh-in is Wed, and I am expecting a gain, or no loss. Oh well, I am feeling stronger and have more energy these days, so I will just go with that!

Some pics for you to enjoy...

This is the forbidden photo I took all ninja-style at Bard on the Beach. Take that ya old bag picture Nazis! (no idea why it was forbidden to take pics!) It doesn't do the backdrop justice. You have to imagine the mountain that is beyond the trees. 

Mike and Chrystie, a couple of the usual suspects. :) 
Cory and his beverage say "cheers".

My two new most favouritest peeps...Mary and Sari (with a glimpse of Cory's youngest progeny)

This rather eccentric- yet bitchin- collection comes to my via Tricia at Fight Fat Phobia. I won an award for "effort" by being the only one who did up a video entry for her contest to win 300 things. I know you are all coveting my Jonas Brothers mini note pads. 

She's so sweet! And I'm a wiener!

One of the new throw pillows I got at Ikea that I love. They give me happy.

Feeling sassy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Me- 1 Jillian- O

I finally faced off with Jillian! It took me a few weeks to get around to her, but I did level 1 of the 30 Day Shred for the first time in about six months. I was nervous, as anyone would be when dealing with the workout Nazi. Mostly I fear the sore legs that come as a result of all the squats and lunges. 

I remember the first time I did the Shred back in December of last year. DANG was that hard! I huffed and puffed my way through it wanting to DIE. This time...meh. Not so much! The cardio part had my heart rate up a bit, but I was by no means breathing hard, even by the 3rd round. I couldn't believe it wasn't harder! But, I have been running for what, three or four months now? It's just really cool to see how much better my cardio is now. Yayyy for running! 

But about those sore legs...ummm yes....I think perhaps I will have those. The strength part was still a bit harder. I SUCK at push ups again. Fuck. I was getting pretty good at those (still girly style) when working with trainer girl in June. I am happy to be working my arms and legs that way again. 

In an ideal world, I will do Jillian in the morning and do a run in the eve. Right now with the man's sched. that means a late dinner and then a later run- last time was about 9:30. So that's not ideal, but I'll give it a try as much as I can. 

I just had to share my cardio victory with y'all! Whooo!

Have a great weekend- mine is all about paintin and some socializing...a lunch and a BBQ with friends. :)

See you next week (I'll be the one hobbling, prolly)!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caught on video!

I just wanted to share this CNN online video clip with you. The reported dude is just bad at his job, but you can see a lot of awesome costumes for the Underwear Affair...including Borat guy. Imagine following that sweaty, hairy ass for 1/2 hr or more!

What's more, you can catch a glimpse of MOI gesticulating at my new friends, the oh-so-sexy Sari and Mary, at 46 seconds and a little of my leg/torso at 2:33. Sadly, this is pre-costume, but see me!

Check it out here

I know. Goosebumps.

The other news of the day is that I emailed the people at the Canadian TV show The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp. It's a weight loss program aimed at people like me, who only have about 10 lbs left to lose and need some help. In the show, that help comes in the form of former B.C. Lions football player  Tommy Europe (check that bod, wow!) and a nutrition coach. The participants get their asses kicked around by Tommy for 4 weeks in the hopes of dropping the pounds and fitting into a target outfit in heretofore unknown smaller sizes. I freakin' love this show. My favourite part is when Tommy catches the chubby vixens doing some nasty eating or drinking and he gives them his "Butt Kick",  and the poor girls are turned into whimpering piles of goo vowing to never cheat on her diet again. Ahhh that's entertainment!

So yeah, I put my name in the hat, but who the hell knows what will ever come of it. It may be they aren't filming now, or I don't fit their profile, or whatever. I just thought it would be fun to see what comes of it. Ya never know!

That is all.

Exciting purchase!

It sits there it's glass surface quietly gleaming (in my hallway because there is no room in my bathroom). A statement to precision an accuracy. What is this marvel of modern technology? Why, it is my NEW SCALE! Yeahhhh! And when I weighed myself on it three times in a row to test it, it gave the exact same weight. WOW.

This is the fabulousness here:

Now that I have an accurate scale in my possession, I will now commence to post my weekly weight again. This is an important part of my whole weight loss plan since when I don't post my weight, there is no accountability's. I haven't weighed myself accurately in nearly a month. Lemme tell you there was some trepidation in my heart when I stepped on that slick new scale for the first time. Fewer workouts...maybe a little lax eating. What would the scale tell me?


Yup, a loss! Whoooo! I am in the 160's!

So I guess my weigh-in days are Wednesdays now. Let's see what this week brings!

Today wasn't I hope that it isn't going to set the tone for the week. I didn't work out today. Boo. I basically was running around all day and night.  Tomorrow may be another busy may have to put off the workout until after work. I really don't like doing that.  I did have a nice night run Tues. night though. It was getting dark, so I booted it for about 2 miles. I like running faster a lot better than slower, that's for sure. When I did the 10k I kept a slower pace, and blah. I like the feeling that I am going a little faster, widening my stride, feeling like I am covering a bit more ground, feeling my muscles push me along. It still kills my lungs a lot more than the slower pace, but hopefully that will improve as my body gets used to going faster. If I don't have time to run for 30 minutes (about 5k for me) I run faster. I feel like the extra cardio push with the increased heart-rate makes up for the shorter distance.

I have to tell you about my most excellent night! I went to Bard on the Beach, a partially outdoor theater, with the mountains as the backdrop. It was so cool! The play was Much Ado About Nothing, and it was hilarious! I really enjoyed the acting and just seeing Shakespeare done the way it is supposed to be done. I forgot just how different it is to see the plays come to life since I'm so used to just seeing words on a page.

Anyway...that's all for me. I'm gonna go admire my scale some more. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A fabulous new blog for you to peruse!

I am just so excited I have to post again! My friend Lara has just started her own weight-loss blog! Whoooo!

I've known Lara since jr. high school, and we've been best buds since gr. 11. She moved away on me for TEN YEARS, but when she was able to move back here with her little guy it was like she never left. That's the kind of friendship we have! Lara is the kind of friend every girl hopes to have- she's kind, considerate, a great listener; she's always got my back and she's a helluva lot of fun to hang out with. Not to mention she's an amazing home chef! Dang can that girl cook.

 This is us around 1997, I think. Neither one of us was fat back then!
We are so friggin' cute!

 And here we are 13 years later...still pretty darn cute!

She's been struggling with her weight for a while, like me, but unlike me she is doing this shit while working as a broadcast journalist full time and being a single mom! Not an easy task, as you may know or can imagine.

I hope all of you will check out her shiny new blog, My Big Fat Blog- A Reporter's Journey to Fitness and follow her on way to weight loss! It's so hard starting out and committing to this please comment and let her know you are out there. She's a great girl with a fabulous sense of humour, and I know you will love her blog!

Ok, now I have to go work my stiff, sore ass out! Lara's already done her shred for the day (kick ass!). 

Now GO follow the link!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Underwear Affair is over, and 10k is just a 5k on steriods!


I ran 10k yesterday for the Underwear Affair! And I survived despite the run being in July and it being freaking HOT out. I was originally just going to run 5k, 'cause that's what I trained for, but decided at the last second to go hardcore and do the 10. I am glad I did, but man was it miserable!

When I hit the first km marker I was like, seriously?!! That's all?!? Ohhh lordy I'm in trouble! I ran straight through the first 2k at least, and then had to walk a bit. At around 4k there was a water station and I had a few sips, which seemed to be a bad move 'cause that's where the nausea hit...followed by feeling all light-headed. It sucked, but I had to walk until that passed and then I ran until I felt sick again. Did that for about 5k. My face felt like it was on fire, but my legs and lungs felt fine. I really think I could have run more if it wasn't so hot. My friend Cory came back to run with me after finishing his run in the kick-ass time of 50 minutes! And that's with him stopping for a beer! Yup, some dude on a restaurant patio offered him about 1/2 a beer, and he took it and downed it. Tooo funny. But anyway, I was on the bridge at the end of the course when he found me, and he pushed my tired, dying ass to run the last kilometer or so. I even had some in me to sprint the last bit! It was really cool of him to do that, and really, it was his encouragement that had me doing the 10k in the first place! Thanks Cory. :)

I am pretty happy with my time, but I know I could have dragged ass less run more in cooler weather. But,  I did manage to do the 10k in 1 hr 13 min. Next time I will do it in under an hour...that's my plan. I think if I actually train for it (and I don't wear lingerie, say), I will do much better. This time I had only trained for 5k, so it was the longest run I've ever done!

Today I'm a bit sore, but not too bad. I didn't injure anything at least...small favours! I saw a few people limping around after the race. Eeep.

It was a good experience all in all, despite the misery I felt during the run. And it did kind of light a fire under me since now I really want to do a 10k under an hour.

Now I have to start exercising every day to lose some of these stubborn-ass 10 lbs. Only 27 more days until Mexico! My friend Lara is starting a weight loss blog soon, and we will be encouraging each other along the way here. I will be linking to her when she gets her first blog post up!

Here are some pics from the race!

Some mental preparation going on here...

 Just chillin' before the race.

 My tag to time my run. Notice it was for the 5k walk, but hell with that!

 My bows!

 Ta Da! Lingerie + sports bra + running shoes= SEXY!

Gotta show off the bows!

The team! Hawt. ;)
Kim, Chrystie, the infamous Cory et moi!

Just before the race inside the Seaforth Armoury.

And they're off! 
Sari and Mary, my new (sexy) friends, just right of centre in black and pink corsets!

The outside of the Armoury...very cool old building.

Annnd I'm done! Sooo hot, sooo tired. Just wanted to pass out and die!
(We didn't get a pic of me finishing though...booo.)

Tiny injury I discovered upon taking off my socks...bad nail clipping job I guess!

There you have it, my friends! I hope you are all doing well as summer gets going here. Just three more weeks of work for me, then MEXICO!! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I is aliiiiiiive!

Just in case you were worried, I have not, in, fact expired. I have just been really busy and not feeling very bloggy. Sorry. :(

So let me sum up the excitement that is my life...

1. I finished teaching for the year...the last weeks were a whirlwind of insanity and that's with NO KIDS AROUND. I couldn't believe how busy and stressed I was! Fuck that noise. I just wanna sit in my room and slowly start to put shit away and half-assedly start planning for next year. Is that too much to ask!?!

2. I played golf. Again. For the fourth time ever. Each year the staff do a social thing, and we always pay golf. What saves it from being a boring crapfest is I get to do it with cool people (hey Asha and Kim!), wear costumes and best of all, DRINK! We decided to dress up as "Ladies Who Lunch" and wear nice dresses. It was pretty hilarious to see us golfing all dressed up.

Hottest. Golfers. Ever.

 Practicing...boy do I need it!

 Love these girls!

3.  I started summer school...teaching gr. 8 and 9 ESL beginners. So far, so good, but spent a LOT of time planning for this shit, and now we have to reign it in big time 'cause there are some really weak kids in the group. Le sigh.

4. I have continued to run in a begrudging manner. Still not enjoyable...nope not even a little. Oh, ok I will admit it feels really darn good when I STOP.

5. I have not lost or gained any weight in oh, um....let's see....hmm...SIX MONTHS. 

6. I am gearing up for my Underwear Affair run on Saturday. AHHHHH! First run! AHHHHH again! People dress up in crazy outfits- mostly undergarments with varying degrees of coverage, so I need an outfit! I am leaning towards fishnets, black boyshorts, and my sports bra all covered with this teddy-type thing with a front closing bra trimmed in pink. It's semi-transparent but still covers a lot, so even though my stomach is kind of exposed, it's kind of not. Yes...that makes much sense.

7.  I am going to Mexico in a month! All inclusive, natch. :) Very exciting! Plus, the fact that I must wear a bathing suit for extended periods has me a bit freaked out.

8. Hubby and I are trying to get our asses out of this tiny condo and into a bigger, better, faster, stronger domicile. Most likely a 1600+ sq. ft. townhouse with a yard of some sort. That means we are getting off our lazy asses to do the 500 things that need doing before we can list. Yay...I love painting, de-cluttering and tiling! But, if it gets me my new home, where I may actually have enough space to have PEOPLE over...and hey, maybe a GUEST room...I will bloody well do it!

9. I almost forgot! We went to Whistler for a quick getaway after school was finished. It happened to be Canada Day as well, so we had some free entertainment! Love the hotel we were in, too. It was right on the Village Stroll (main walkway through Whistler Village), and we could even watch the Canada Day parade from our balcony! Cooool.

Jason missed the giant heave graceful leap onto the bed.

We likey balcony!

Jason's ready to get his patriotism on!

True North Strong and Free! (so say the boobs, so say I)

Last pic to commemorate our lovely, relaxing mini-vacay.

10. Oh, for the weight-loss thing I am going to start working out every day again. The increased exercise seems to work best for me. I am thinking running on day, then doing shred or bike the other. I also want to do weights in my building's crapass "gym" after my runs. Gotta keep the arm boobies nice and toned (right Cory?).  ;)

Hope y'all can forgive me for being MIA for so long. I have been peeking in on you from time to time. :)