Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chocolate. Evil. Nuff said.

Chocolate cake in a cup. Made in the microwave. Jebus. Why? Why did I hear of such a thing? Ask me how many times I've made it...go ahead...ask.


Yes, three times. Fuuuuuuuuuudge. I used to get these intense urges to make chocolate cake, so I'd make a 8x8 cake and eat about 1/2 while molten (huh, wonder how I got fat?). I got one of those urges the other I decided to make a single serving kinda chocolate cake in a mug. Ahh the wonders of the internet. It was actually not bad...but I decided IF I made it again I would cook it less to get that gooey kind of consistency I love. So of course I made it again. It. Was. Gooood. But this scared me! Despite the fact that it was still less cake than the old me would have had, it was CAKE. I made it once more, and then I decided nuh-uh, not gonna do this to myself. Walk away from the cocoa powder missy, and put that sugar AWAY. It just goes to show how easily the old habits can slip back in when you aren't looking. Scary easy.

So I had a job interview yesterday. I want to teach summer school this year. Well, want is a strong word. I feel I must for the money. I really enjoy being a lazy ass and milking every day of my two months off. That's right, be jealous office drones! I get TWO FREAKIN MONTHS of vegetative, movie watching, beach going, trail hiking, friend visiting, trip taking bliss! Of course, I also have to deal with 20 or 30 teenagers at a time all day every day and all their joyous hormonal strife. Good times! This means I hope I get the job, but also kinda hope that I don't. Stupid lazy side o' me!

Anyway, here's the cute dress I wore for the interview...

Hmm kind of wrinkled.

Ok, this one is a bit odd. I noticed the other day that when I had my legs together, there is weird GAP between where fat was once but is no more! It's very weird, but I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you are not traumatized!

Here's one to take that last image off your mind...playing with the light coming in the windows...

Other than that, I got my butt handed to my by trainer girl today. She took my request for more cardio seriously, damn her hide. Now I am doing jump rope between strength moves. Me an' my big mouth.

Sadly, no weight loss to report. I blame the chocolate cake. Cursed it be. But, tomorrow is Day 3 of Week 4 of the Couch to 5k. Next week, the dreaded Week 5 and the infamous 20 minute run on day 3. AHHHH!

That's all for now, my fine folks...keep yer stick on the ice!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Milestones missed- what was there a shiny thing?

I can't believe that I let two big milestones just flutter on by without noticing them! Well, here I go making up for that appalling lapse of attention!

1. My 200th post! Yup, I have put fingers to keyboard and sent my blatherings out in to the bloggosphere 200 times. Crazy.

2. The 1 year anniversary of my blogging/weight-loss journey! I started this blog April 22, 2009. During the past year a few things have happened:

  • I started exercising and watching what I ate
  • I started drinking water, water, water
  • I learned that being hungry wasn't the end of the world
  • I gained muscle and self-confidence in my physical capabilities
  • I did the 30 Day Shred
  • I started running, (ME RUNNING!) with the Couch to 5k running plan and am nearly 1/2 way through
  • I agreed to run a 5k in July
  • I started strength training
  • I lost over 60 lbs (and counting!)
  • I went from a size 14/16 to a 8/10
  • I've met amazing people and made fantastic friends along this journey
And most importantly, all these things add up to me creating a healthier, more active lifestyle that I can continue for the rest of my days!

So there they are! Two biggies. I can't believe how different I look and feel from that day in April 2009 when I decided THIS IS IT, I'm losing weight for good this time, and hey, why not blog about it? I needed something to keep me motivated and accountable, and it worked! So thank you, my dear readers to following along with me this past year. I love reading your blogs, and I am so grateful you are here with me!

In other news, I finished day 1 of week 4 of the Couch to 5k today! Whoo! I mentioned I was a bit scared of the five minute run in week 4, so i twas with some trepidation that I set off this afternoon. O course, it was raining again. Blah! Wearing a hat helps, but I don't like rain in my face! So I got through the first interval of 3 minutes, and then a speedy 1.5 minutes of walking went by and suddenly Mr. Scary Robot Voice was telling me to get ready for my five minute run! Ahhhh! I asked hubby to wish me luck (he was walking with me) and off I went! I am happy to say that, although the five minutes seemed to go on FOREVER, I got my breathing in a nice rhythm and I did it NO PROBLEM! Yeahhh! I actually felt like I could go on if I had to! I found I was breathing in for 2 counts and out for three. Later, it seemed more natural to breathe in for three and out for three. The only worrisome thing was that my right hand got a bit tingly at the end of my last five minute run. I hope that doesn't mean anything serious!

Doing these two five minute runs fairly easily has really made me less scared about the 20 minute run I have to do at the end of next week!

Take care all...tomorrow I do strength training with my awesome trainer gal!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I won stuff! And...I caved *le sigh*

Week three of the Couch to 5k is HISTORY, baby! See ya! Buh-bye. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! I stared down those three minutes in a cold-steely Clint Eastwood kinda way and did not flinch. I hear week 4 makes people cry, but I know I can do it now. Five minutes? No problem. I did peek ahead at week 5 and noticed that I must run 20 minutes on day three. *gulp* But, I will trust the program to get me there. I hope.

Today was another oh-so pleasant dash through the raindrops. I wasn't thrilled to run in the rain, but I wasn't deterred either (steely-eyed, remember?). I did the run with hubby walking on the way to the store for dinner supplies. Worked out well!

The hat was nice to keep the rain outta my face and off my glasses (sorta). I think my head shrank 'cause the hat seemed really big! Did I have a fat head!?! Freaky man.

What's up with that flash? Yikes!

Mug girl, mug for the camera!

But seriously, I mean bidness.

So that's all good news. Some other news, well I'm not so proud of. I don't even know how to say it. Maybe I should whisper it.

I am twittering.

AHHH! I know! I blame the fabulous Kirstie Alley. Now, there is a gorgeous sexy woman at ANY size. She's a big twitterer, so I checked it out...and set up an account. Such a caver! She's doing great with her weight loss- just announced 30 lbs down. Good on her! Plus, I'm kinda all atingle 'cause she just back to me!

So, um...yeah...if you wanna follow me, I won't object- just go down to my twitter feed on the right side there. Go on. Do it. You know you want to.

Ok, enough's some REALLY good news. I won! I won a prize! I won a prize from Tricia at Fight Fat Phobia! She's awesome! Ok, done with the obnoxious overly-happy pants exclamation marks. I am super happy that I won this very cool box o' goodies though! And Tricia is a truly hilarious blogger who is working her azz of doing the weight-loss thing. If you haven't checked her out. GO. NOW. Ok, maybe not now. You can finish reading my blog first. Yes, because there are pictures. You should follow Tricia because she may send you kick-ass crap like she sent me! Behold the wonder! The dazzling colours! The tiny representation of Richard Simmons! (I know, exclamation marks...they just kinda come out like an incontinent poodle that gets really excited when people come to the door).

There it is in alll its glory...and her blog is on my laptop, natch

What you see: A card congratulating me on my pregnancy (lol- see inside the card later), trident layers gum, yummy body lotions, a funky vegetable peeler, some green tea to go, 100 cal pack of nuts, 100 cal Reese bar, melon mango Tic Tacs (yum!), some low cal popcorn, Werther's sugar-free Minis, super-cool cat butt air freshener, kitty-cat coin purse being menaced by a army man. AND the piece de resistance...a RICHARD SIMMONS pin! Yeahhhh boiiiiiii! You know you feel jealousy.

That army man is just vicious!
"Take one step closer to the almonds and the cat get's it!"

Hee hee! She funny lady.

Ooh too much flashy...but what a cool lil' gadget!

I adore this. Seriously. I can't wait to look at this cat's ass in my car every day!

Blurry army man. I have no skills.

So cute! You know you want.

So THANK YOU Tricia, you fabulous woman for making my day! I loved getting this stuff! And can I just say, the nuts, the chocolate and 1/2 tic tacs are already gone? Heh.

That's all I got for you today. I'm spent. Maybe just one more tic tac....ahhhhh.

Monday, April 19, 2010

3 minutes...bah! I laugh in the face of 3 minutes!

The Bad News: hubby's knees are down for the count and he couldn't run today.

The Good News: he came out with me and walked while I ran Week 3 Day 1 of the Couch to 5k! Whooo!

The Great News: The three minutes didn't kill me, or even maim me a little!

It was so nice of the big man to come and support me while I ran the three minute long intervals I was sooo worried about. He rocks, fo sho. :)

We are also organizing our team for the Uncover the Cure Underwear Affair 10k run. Looks like our team will be the military themed "Going Commando". One of our members, Cory is ex- military and owner of Valley Combat and Tactical, a store that sells camouflage clothes (and much more), etc. so it kinda fits! The five of us have to raise $300 each to participate. !!Yipes!! I gotta get my money-beggin booties on and get out there. Perhaps maybe YOU would like to donate? I will provide a link to help me out later. It's such a worthy cause! Check out the Uncover the Cure link up there for more info.

I really am excited to be running like this! I can't believe I am doing, even as I am doing it. Oh, but it was fun hearing, "Hey, it's Mrs. Carpenter!" and "Hiii Mrs. Carpenter!" as I did my slow-ass jog around the track. Yup, a bunch of students were there finishing up playing Ultimate Frisbee. Figures. This is what I get for living in the town I teach in!

It's ok, 'cause I looked cute doing it!

I wish I could say that with the weight training and running I am losing weight, but alas no. Not so much. BUT I do feel stronger and leaner, so maybe things are happening not related to the scale, yes?

Oh, more pics for you! My little nephew's b-day party on the weekend.

7 yr. olds are notoriously camera shy

The cupcakes are evil. I will just stand here and make sure they harm no one.

The annual "stretching of the child" or...birthday bumps, whichever.

I can touch the ceiling!

What I look like from the POV of someone about 7' tall...or someone 4' sitting on the shoulders of someone 6'5. Yeah pretty sure my math is off there.

K, time to disengage from laptop and SLEEP.

Later y'all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running time....what kind of weird black hole crap is this?!?

Day 2 is done! I survived! Wheeeeeeeee! Yes, I am just that excited I didn't collapse and die. Matter o' fact it was a bit easier today. I hope it wasn't me just being delusional and thinking it was easy so I didn't wanna curl up and die at the thought of doing three minutes next week. Three minutes! Seems like nothin'. Three minutes in t.v. watching time, blogging time, reading time is like NOTHING, a blip, a puff, a little wisp of cotton floating by. Running time is like a stretched out rubber band, a never-ending reel of a movie shown in gr. 10 science class about dissecting frogs, one of those techno songs that goes on forever or is really 10 songs running back-to-back, but they sound exactly the same, so you don't even know it. Running time is very much like "being in the dentist's chair time" or "waiting for the gynecologist with nothing on from the waist down but a paper sheet time". Running time you need to multipy by 10, then add 100.

But I'm sure it will get better.

I worked my arms today with trainer gal (my 17 yr-old student), and she KILLED my triceps. Well done! She is just so sweet and nice, so I have been trying to get her to PUSH more (like evil trainers must do to get us to move our fat, lazy asses). Next time we are going to put in some cardio intervals to keep my heart rate up. Gotta burn those calories so I can kick Cory's ass.

Things aren't going too swimmingly on the weight-loss front. I have to get my body out of its comfy "maintenance mode". I may be down a pound, but I'll have to see what the scale says tomorrow. I do feel stronger though, and MAY have more definition in my arms. Oh! And a really tiny, teeny faint imprint of what could be a 2-pack! Still too much flab to see any more definition, but I know it's hiding under there...the elusive 6-pack. Not that I have any delusions of achieving said 6-pack. I think my body fat percentage would have to be wayyy down for that action. Not really interested in going that low.

Hope you all are doing well...I'm trading laptop for pillow and hitting the hay!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tile demo broke my husband and then there was the Wk2D1

Blisters, swollen hands, bruises....the man is a wreck. He's been chipping away at this friggin tile mortar for DAYS. All on his week off, mind you. He came out of the bathroom yesterday red-faced, dripping with sweat, swaying on his feet. And it's still not done! Holy hannah what the crap is this stuff made of, and can we build everything with it?!? Imagine the longevity! 10 000 years from now, yup, that shit is still standing. Meanwhile it is driving the man insane. We may actually have to hire someone to do the larger bathroom and foyer; that shit could take a month!

But, being the super-trooper that he is, hubby still slugged out with me on the track for the start of week 2 on the Couch to 5k. I had my Canada hoodie, the iPod podcast with the scary robot voice telling us when to walk/run, and a bit o'frear in my heart. I know the run was only 30 seconds longer, but dang it feels like forEVA. Civilizations rise and fall during that time; entire species evolve, prosper and die out; planets form, go supernova and become black holes. We're talking EONS.

But it ended.

And you know what? I think it got a tiny bit easier.


I also realized that though hubby seemed like he could run faster on the minute run, with this one he hasn't been able to catch his breath in the 2 min. walk. But I can. Thank you Jillian, Bob and recumbent bike for giving me good recovery time! Whoooo! So yeah, the running kicks my ass at the very end of the eternity 1.5 minutes, but dang if I am not almost normal by the time I have to run again.

Shout out to Chrystie for doing her last day of week 3 today! Whoooo!

That's all my tired ass has for now...I'm going to try to go hydrate (TMI ALERT!) my pee has been DARK since my little drinking fest (equal parts water to booze, got it Chrystie).


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anyone have a bra to fit a 52" chest? Someone's gonna neeed one!

Partied a little too hard last night, but had a lot of fun. My friend Cory and I got our drink on a bit and went to a friend's metal show. Unfortunately it will be my last show due to some stupid high school drama b.s that I won't even get into.

One highlight of the night was getting to meet Cory's friend, Chrystie (hola girl, if you are reading!). Turns out that when I gave him a link to the Couch 2 5k info, he passed it onto Chrystie and she's been rocking it for THREE WEEKS! Whooo! Pretty cool, no? She also told me that we don't HAVE to run the whole 10k in the Uncover the Cure run. We can do 5k and Cory can do the 10! That takes a lot of presssure off the run! I should be fine doing the 5k by July. Ahhh so much better.

I am putting the drama behind me and foucsing on kicking Cory's ass in the 10lb challenge. Dude is SO wearing lingerie for his run. Don't forget to wax that bikini area Cor!

I am running the first day of week 2 tomorrow. Running and extra 30 seconds doesn't seem like long, but I already want to die after 45 seconds of running. SO SAD. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. If I say it enough times I may believe it.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is that wet stuff falling from the sky...?

A large flock of high-flying birds? No. It is RAIN. And I am running in it.

The rain. Me. Running. These things don't mix. No, these things plain ol' JUST DON'T HAPPEN.

And we're not talking, we left to run and it started to rain, oh darn the luck, scenario. Nope. We, the intrepid two, braved the elements to run. So I am just a tad proud of us. :)

Oh, and don't you worry about me running in the cold ick of rain 'cause I roll like this:

I know. Hot.

I also did some upper body strength training with my trainer gal today. I think it went well! She had this whole routine done up for me. We'll see if I'm sore tomorrow for our next session! I also weighed in for my "Last Ten lbs." challenge...170 lbs. At least it give me a nice, round number to work with. 160 here I come beeyotch!

Oh, and I wanted to share with you that we are doing a little DIY project in the bathroom. New tile! Whooo! We forgot to do a before pic, so here's one after hubby has already bashed away some of the old tile. Damn that shit is ug-ly!

Stay tuned for the finished product. Or a picture of a half-finished bathroom with broken tile strewn about. Here's hoping for the former!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And the punishment is...

Yup, did my run last night. But, nothin' is every easy for me (fuck you universe, btw), so despite it being 1.5 hrs from dinner, I got major stomach cramps almost instantly. It was brutal. I was so much slower than the first time and I had zero wind. Being in pain does that to a person, I guess. Hubby did GREAT and kinda kicked my ass, which was a bit depressing. I'm the fit one here! Jebus. I was kinda proud though- at the end I poured it on and ran FAAST for the last min. Then I wanted to puke. I will say that having the iTunes download of the Couch 2 5k thing on the iPod ROCKED! Not having to check the dang cell phone was so nice!

Today my trainer plans fell through as she had an ortho appointment, but she did suggest we try this free spin class at the rec centre. I think I'll try it because spinning is such an amazing workout. At least it LOOKS like it would make me wanna die. I will see trainer gal tomorrow though. AND I will weigh in for my "Last 10 lbs" challenge with Cory. Whooo! If you recall he's kicked my ass in gear and asked me to run the Uncover the Cure 10k to support research to combat cancers below the waist. So we have tied that in with our "punishment" for losing. You may recall that if he loses, he must sport a bra and panties (and a really ugly hat with spiky hair attached...seriously...ugh). Now, I've contemplated my punishment a long time. I have finally come up with something. So, if I lose, I will run with my pale, never-exposed tummy BARE! Ahhhh! Oh, and wearing tighty whities. I know. Hot.

Thanks for the lovely compliments on my new pics. :) Love y'all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Don't leave me alone, bored with a camera...for reals

I am still sniffling a little over my scale debacle. Boo hoo! Haven't talked to Cory about our "Last 10 lbs. Challenge" lately, so no new news there. I do think I have figured out my punishment if I lose though. I'm ruminating on that one a bit more 'cause boy, do I NOT want to do this thing!

I am going for a run in a bit, I hope. This would be "take two" of week 1 for the Couch 2 5k. With hubby being sick it was a no-go for a week. I also have the option of attending a fitness class with my trainer gal tomorrow after school. I think I will give it a try! Then, Wed. I meet with her at school to start WEIGHT TRAINING! Whoo! And, of course another run. I think my week is pretty booked for exercise! Plus, I started the Shred again on Sat. I won't do it all the time, but I must say level one was hard again! Damn you Jillian.

I entered a contest for a shopping spree at Reitmans. You can check out my entry photo and what I had to say about my biggest "fit challenge" here. Feel free to leave a comment!

That's all I have in the vault for I will leave you with me playin' with the camera. Oooh such a sexy beast! Lol!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Queen of Squats (and crushing blows)

My legs hurt. Ow. Sitting down? Not so fun. Standing up? Pain. Walking down stairs? Forggedaboudit. You may be wondering now exactly what I did to turn my leg muscles into contorted knots of I will tell you.

Yesterday, I did my first session with my lil' personal trainer. We did some testing to see where I am starting. I did awesome with the leg stuff! I did...drumroll please....ONE HUNDRED SQUATS! Yup, superstar. I did the wall sit for a minute too, which she said beat her time by 40! And she's 17 and a runner. Yay for MY old ass!

Hence, now, the ouch-factor.

Despite my wicked leg victory, I am sad today. I knew my scale was off, and I shared with you my trepidation of using Foreign Scale. I was right to be worried. My crapass scale is a whopping TEN POUNDS off. Fuckarooni! I weighed in on the doc's scale when I had an appt. yesterday, and then again on the scale at the school. I used my trainer gal as a test to see if the school's was accurate. She said she weighed 120 (damn her tiny hide), so we tested the scale and yup, accurate. So I stepped on and *sigh* 171. Poopcicles.

Guess what that means? I now need to loose 10+ more lbs to make my goal! When I mentioned that to my friend Cory (he of the 10k run), he suggested we have a 10 lbs off competition. He said if I won, he'd wear a bra and panties for the Uncover the Cure 10k. I'd freakin' LOVE to see that! He's definitely a GUY guy, if you know what I mean- so it's especially funny to think of him, all buff and burly in a lovely bra and panties set. So that takes care of HIM, but I am still at a loss for what I could do if I lose. I could wear tighty-whities for the run, but that's not so embarrassing. I can't really think of anything else! Maybe you have a suggestion, dear readers?

All I know is I am getting off my lazy maintain train and get back on 'er. I can't let Cory beat my ass at this! You hear that Cory? It. Is. On.

Alrighty, I gotta go change my ticker to reflect my actual weight. Fuck. Ok, I know I have still lost nearly 60lbs, but I thought I was SO close to my goal! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Wish me luck, and give me some ideas, willya?