Friday, April 2, 2010

Queen of Squats (and crushing blows)

My legs hurt. Ow. Sitting down? Not so fun. Standing up? Pain. Walking down stairs? Forggedaboudit. You may be wondering now exactly what I did to turn my leg muscles into contorted knots of I will tell you.

Yesterday, I did my first session with my lil' personal trainer. We did some testing to see where I am starting. I did awesome with the leg stuff! I did...drumroll please....ONE HUNDRED SQUATS! Yup, superstar. I did the wall sit for a minute too, which she said beat her time by 40! And she's 17 and a runner. Yay for MY old ass!

Hence, now, the ouch-factor.

Despite my wicked leg victory, I am sad today. I knew my scale was off, and I shared with you my trepidation of using Foreign Scale. I was right to be worried. My crapass scale is a whopping TEN POUNDS off. Fuckarooni! I weighed in on the doc's scale when I had an appt. yesterday, and then again on the scale at the school. I used my trainer gal as a test to see if the school's was accurate. She said she weighed 120 (damn her tiny hide), so we tested the scale and yup, accurate. So I stepped on and *sigh* 171. Poopcicles.

Guess what that means? I now need to loose 10+ more lbs to make my goal! When I mentioned that to my friend Cory (he of the 10k run), he suggested we have a 10 lbs off competition. He said if I won, he'd wear a bra and panties for the Uncover the Cure 10k. I'd freakin' LOVE to see that! He's definitely a GUY guy, if you know what I mean- so it's especially funny to think of him, all buff and burly in a lovely bra and panties set. So that takes care of HIM, but I am still at a loss for what I could do if I lose. I could wear tighty-whities for the run, but that's not so embarrassing. I can't really think of anything else! Maybe you have a suggestion, dear readers?

All I know is I am getting off my lazy maintain train and get back on 'er. I can't let Cory beat my ass at this! You hear that Cory? It. Is. On.

Alrighty, I gotta go change my ticker to reflect my actual weight. Fuck. Ok, I know I have still lost nearly 60lbs, but I thought I was SO close to my goal! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Wish me luck, and give me some ideas, willya?


Tiffany said...

Way to go on the squats!! I have a love/hate relationship with squats. They definitely helped me improve myself as a runner though. Sorry to hear the the scale was off by that much, but that means that where you started was 10 lbs heavier too. Kick some boy butt on your 10 lb challenge...wish I was creative and could come up with an equal humiliation. lol You won't need it though, right??

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I think if you lose (which we all know you won't because you're super awesome) you should wear a spandex super suit....seriously. Yes I'm evil, I know. Then wear the tighty whities over that.