Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fitness test? Um, can I use a cheat sheet??

Ahhhhh short weeks rule. Of course short weeks punctuated by nausea and tummy pain not so great, but I'll take it. One more day until the long weekend, and more blissful days off. Not that I hate my job or anything. The teenagers are great, for the most part (I won't deny I have a wrinkle or two with a 15 yr-old's name on it), but I really am built for a life of no work. I need to be independently wealthy. Like now. Any ideas?

So I haven't yet met with my student personal trainer, but tomorrow it is FO SHO! She's going to do some testing...eep. She wants to see my strength, endurance and flexibility as well as weight/measurements and such. I'm a lil' scare of the wall sit test. Um, ouch! Also scared of foreign scale *shudder*. Plus, knowing my luck, my home scale will get wind of my dalliance and be a total prick from now on. Scales are jerks like that.

I did manage to work my lazy ass out today...and I will certainly get a workout tomorrow. I am hoping hubby will be back in running form for next week. Poor guy is still weak from the fever and little food. But at least the scale has been kind and I am showing just above 160. Soooo close to my goal!

S'all I got for now folks!


Lucas said...

OMG, I knew we were twins! I'm built for a life of no work TOO!!! If only I hit the lotto (of course, I don't PLAY the lotto so that probably isn't going to happen).

Don't sweat your intial trainer session. You're gonna rock it! Congrats on being so close to goal. What a superstar you are!!!

Fat Daddy said...

Good luck with the trainer. I've got four free visits coming my way that I haven't built up the guts for yet. But I swear I am going to do it.

Look how close you are to goal. Wow!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

No cheating for you missy!

Shane P said...

Glad to read the hubs is back from the brink. Maybe you should carry a picture of your scale with you and tell the new scale that your already in a commitment and this is a one time deal. :-) I started walking the other day since it has turned pretty hear and am looking forward to adding weights soon. Congrats on all that you have achieved!!!