Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back from Cabo!

I am back, baby! I had a fantastic time in Mexico with my hubby! We met the coolest people there, and being at an adult only resort was rather...titillating? I saw more boobies in 7 days than I've seen in my whole life thus far. Yes. A lot. Pretty sure Jason didn't mind it too much. ;) 

The resort was pretty much what I expected and looked just like the pictures. The pool area wasn't huge, but there as always something going on and pretty much everyone hung out there. The food was better than I thought it would be, which was great...or not so great if ya know what I mean. I definitely didn't restrict myself at my meals! I didn't snack at all, so it was really 3 meals a day...though we did skip breakfast 3 of the days. Just too tired to drag our asses out of bed in time! I think a lot of my calories came form booze, too. We drank a lot the first few days, but then it got a bit much to drink afternoon AND night, so we just had a few in the eve. Still, lots of drinking! 

So I'm sure you want to know the bad news, yes? I did weigh myself the morning after we returned. First, I should say when we left I was 167.6...and when we got back I was 172.4. Eeep! I figured some it was water retention because I KNOW they used way more salt in the food than I am used to. Sure enough, the next day I was 170.6. Even better, today I weighed 168.4.  I haven't been working out because we are STILL working on our floor! It seemed like we had so much done before we left, but there was some really stupid stubborn mortar we had to grind down, and some glued down transition strips that had to be sawed off. Fun! So more manual labour was my exercise these past two days. I am pretty much eating normally, but I am much hungrier than I was before I left. Damn the good eating! I am really happy the pounds have dropped off fairly quickly, which proves it wasn't real weight to begin with. 

I wanted to exercise in Mexico, and I even hauled my gear all the way there. There was a gym there with some decent equipment. Only one problem. NO AC. So with the giant window facing the beach to create a nice greenhouse effect it was stifiling in there. Musta been 30 degrees. No. Way. It was about 35 outside (that's the 90's for you US folk) with like 80% humidity. You could SEE the moisture in the air! Sweaty messy. The pool was the biggest help for that! But, it made it very unappealing to exercise outdoors. I did dance a lot in the evenings, so there's some calorie burning...yeahhh! 

Here are about fifty billion pictures of our trip! 

 Waiting to get on that southbound plane!

 And like magic, here is the bathroom of our hotel room! 

Ahhh bed...king sized beds are HUGE!

 Ahh there, you can see it better without my ass lounging on it.

 Love the shower...nice and big!

We hit the Italian restaurant when we got in. 

How I spent most of my afternoons. ;) And no, I don't do the tanning thing anymore. 

I loved the canopied beds! 

 The beach was freaking hot  nice but not suitable for swimming...unless you are crazy.

 View from our pool bed, looking out to the ocean.

Ready to get the party started!

 Had to get comfortable to drink my daiquiri.

 Our favourite bartender, Antonio. We learned he was too much of a playa to be married. 
"Too many ladies" he said. Niiiice. :)

 Random shot of the Kama Sutra-inspired art above our bed. Sexy, non?

 LOVE this girl. She was the life of the party...most definitely!

 Case in point, she's dancing on the bed thingy. 

 The fabulous Nate getting his freak on (with Chris in the background)

 The desserts all looked amazing.

 Random shot of the inside of the resort.

 Now that's how to do a tequila shot! This group of bachelorettes really knew how to party!

 Dinner at the Japanese-inspired restaurant. FUN!

 Another fun girl, Maury, and Nate again.

 This was our favourite couple, Juliana and Chris from Vegas, along with Maury here. 

Chandelier in the lobby.

Entrance to the breakfast buffet/International cuisine restaurant

Jason took A LOT of pictures of me!

 This is where the party happened most nights...the round beds were cool.

 Chris showing of one of his talents. 

 Here you can see the alteration to my dress- I have it tucked up in my undies! Lol, it was HOT! Maury started the trend, and a bunch of us were doing it to stay cool.

 Chillin after the bar shut down.

 One of the fun desserts (Creme of Mint with Stick really).

 No drink sad face. 

 Everyone tried to give me pointers, but man, I sucked at this!

 This is the town square in San Jose del Cabo

 Funny shirt.

 Great free gift...grooming of the "downstairs" is important, too!

 Be sure to stop at Bla, Bla, Bla Silver Shop! 

 View from lunch buffet restaurant.

 Some of the landscaping in the inner courtyard. This place was very well maintained!

 The last shot ever taken on our camera, as Jason dropped it right after this. 
So no pictures from the last three days!

Tomorrow we are laying tile more back-straining labour. We are maybe a week away from listing our condo! Whooo! We can go look for new places next weekend, we figure. I have about 10-15 townhouses I want to see. The bitch of living where we do, so close to Vancouver, housing is RIDICULOUS. A ho-hum house built in the 70s goes for over $600 000. So we are going a little farther away to a suburb area where we can get more bang for our buck. I'll keep ya posted!

Hope all of you are doing well, and didn't pine away too much in my absence in the land of tequila! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ready for my margarita on the beach now!

I can't believe I am going to Mexico on Saturday! Whooo! It's my first time in Mexico, and also my first time at an all inclusive resort. So exciting! 

Today I took a walk down to the beach with my bff Lara  and her adorable little guy. It's a nice downhill walk to the beach followed by a brutal uphill climb to get back. Phew! 

I thought I would share an updated pic with y'all since I've lost about 5 lbs or so since the last pics were taken. 

That's Logan with me on the White Rock pier. 
He was thrilled to get his pic taken! Later he picked me flowers though ;)

Other than that walk, I haven't exercised much this week. Well, there was the five more hours of manual labour. Oy. I used a wrecking bar to remove the rest of the tile and then chipped away at the most stubborn tile mortar known to humans. It was maddening to take off, and physically exhausting. My back hurt, my hands hurt, and my baby toe hurt from the hammer I dropped on it. Um. Oops. Last night I woke up with the most intense pain in my hand. I guess I had it curled up in a fist as I slept, and it stiffened up. Man...ouchie. I took some drugs and put a heating pad on it and went back to sleep. When I woke up, it was good! My back is ok today I think I got off lucky. When I told the lovely husband about my pain, he said, "Ok, that's it. You aren't working in the bathroom anymore!" Sweet, huh? He's gonna try this Dremel tool thingy on the remaining mortar tomorrow. We're going to tile when we get back since Jason has another week off. THEN we can list this bitch and get the hell outta here! 

Well, next you hear from me, I'll be fresh from Mexico! I'm sure I will inundate you with a ton of pictures as well.  Here's to NOT gaining back those 5 lbs while away!

Later studs. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My new workout- Manual Labour!

I am so cheating by doing my weigh in today, but I don't care! I am so happy to see the scale go down, I had to share.

I weighed in at 166.4 today! Whoooo! So let's seeee...I was about 172 when I finished work, so I am down 6 lbs!

I can't say I have been working out or watching my calories too much, but I have been working my ass off around the house with painting and demolishing tile. Today we did 5 hrs of manual labour. I scraped and scraped and scraped. Then I scraped some more. It was latex-based mortar and dang she was a bitch to get off! Crazy tedious and physically not a picnic, fo sho. But that stuff must burn some calories! I did do the shred nearly every day up until we started painting, and I ran on Sat.

Now, the big fancy trick is to not gain it all back in Mexico! I am bringing running shoes and workout gear, and there IS a gym there. I think Jason and I will try to hit it a few times at least. I also plan on walking along the beach a lot. If the weather isn't tooooo hot...wait lemme check. Gotta love the internets. Ok, so the weather is going to be in the mid to low 30s (mid to low 90's for you Americans), so I may not be running too much unless it's morning before it gets too hot. This bitch does NOT run in the heat.

I am in the doghouse just a bit over demoing all the tile in the bathroom. Someone was hoping to do it when we get back, but I was pretty determined to get 'er done before we left. Maybe I am naive, but I think we can do it! Yes we can! Don't mess with me when I am determined, I tells ya!

Hope your summers are all going well. I've been a baaaad commenter, but I am still reading up on you all!