Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My new workout- Manual Labour!

I am so cheating by doing my weigh in today, but I don't care! I am so happy to see the scale go down, I had to share.

I weighed in at 166.4 today! Whoooo! So let's seeee...I was about 172 when I finished work, so I am down 6 lbs!

I can't say I have been working out or watching my calories too much, but I have been working my ass off around the house with painting and demolishing tile. Today we did 5 hrs of manual labour. I scraped and scraped and scraped. Then I scraped some more. It was latex-based mortar and dang she was a bitch to get off! Crazy tedious and physically not a picnic, fo sho. But that stuff must burn some calories! I did do the shred nearly every day up until we started painting, and I ran on Sat.

Now, the big fancy trick is to not gain it all back in Mexico! I am bringing running shoes and workout gear, and there IS a gym there. I think Jason and I will try to hit it a few times at least. I also plan on walking along the beach a lot. If the weather isn't tooooo hot...wait lemme check. Gotta love the internets. Ok, so the weather is going to be in the mid to low 30s (mid to low 90's for you Americans), so I may not be running too much unless it's morning before it gets too hot. This bitch does NOT run in the heat.

I am in the doghouse just a bit over demoing all the tile in the bathroom. Someone was hoping to do it when we get back, but I was pretty determined to get 'er done before we left. Maybe I am naive, but I think we can do it! Yes we can! Don't mess with me when I am determined, I tells ya!

Hope your summers are all going well. I've been a baaaad commenter, but I am still reading up on you all!


Fat Daddy said...

Wow! I've been away awhile. You look great!

Enjoy Mexico. And just do your best....while having fun too.

Lucas said...

Have a great time south of the border! And when you get back, I need some inspiration. Gotta find something to get me motivated again. I'm stuck! Help a sister out!

KellyNY said...

Enjoy ur vacay! & congrats on the fantastic loss.

KellyNY said...

Hey Tammy - you can find a decent Heart Rate Monitor on amazon or overstock for a pretty decent price. I love my Polar F6 - just saying!