Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In and the Revenge of the Birthday Cake

It's not pretty. It's not as bad as it was earlier this week, but still not pretty.

I hurt my knee last Thursday JUST WALKING AROUND THE CORNER. Seriously?!?! I run 10k, do countless squats and lunges with freakin' Jillian and this is how I injure myself? You know, if I'm going to get hurt, the very least my body could do for me is do it while I'm doing something exercise related! Yeesh! So I missed two workouts hoping it was just a muscle and it needed rest. On Saturday I tested it out by riding my recumbent bike. Not too bad...and then Sunday I did Jillian level 2. OUCH with the plank! My shoulders and back were really sore the day after that one, but the knee was fine. PHEW!

Ok, so we've got two workouts missed...let's add to that some seriously bad eating. It was my hubby's birthday on Sunday, so Friday we started the celebrating with a dinner out with friends. I had some pizza, which wasn't so bad, but then we went for blizzards for dessert. I had the smallest one, but still that shit is PACKED with calories...I cringe to even think. The next night was Chinese food, which isn't my fave, but I found some things to eat. Mmm fat and sodium! Of course, we had birthday cake...but not just ANY birthday cake. It was black forest cake from Costco which, as you may know, is big enough to feed about 30 people. There were only 9 of us eating it. Fuuuuuuck. We sent people off with cake, but we still had a crapload left. Here it is Wednesday, and I count 8 pieces left. And yes, I've been eating a bit EVERY NIGHT. Get it outta my house for the love of god! Oh, and Sunday I had a burger and fries at the new Denny's here...and Jason had his free b-day meal. So is it much of a surprise that today I weigh....




But, it was worse...I was up a full 2 lbs earlier this week. I was actually up a pound the day after I weighed in, if you can believe it.

So anyway, I have a week and a half before Mexico to drop a few more pounds. I am definitely eating better, and I think I will have to say NO to that freakin' cake that never ends.

I am nearly done summer school- just the rest of this week! It's been pretty fun, and I will miss the kids. It's weird to only teach them for a month and say goodbye! Meanwhile, we are trying to get this place ready to sell. Today we cleared off our deck and disturbed a few hunnert spiders. Big fat ones, little scurrying ones...oh how my skin did crawl! What's worse is we had to drag all this insect-infested crap through our condo to get it to the dumpster. The strata is cleaning the decks (thanks 'cause we just power washed it) and gave us ONE day to get everything off it except the BBQ. Asswipes. 2.5 hrs, and a bunch of creepy crawlies later...we had 'er done. We were actually going to do just this on the weekend, so I guess it was good to do it early. We will finish the painting this weekend, and hopefully order some new carpet for the bedroom and get the last of the tiling done. After that, it's just a bit more de-cluttering and scrubbing the place down!

Ok lovelies...kick some ass out there like my friend Lara who is down five lbs in her first two weeks! Go Lara! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you really should! She's a great writer and has an amazing story.


KellyNY said...

It's one weigh-in, and you're only up a little. You'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just throw the rest of the cake out or freeze it?

Cory said...

Throw it away! All of it. Tsk tsk... Ok, im sure you beat yourself up far more than i just did, but you needed it... Do yourself a favor, look through some old pics... Done? Great, now i urge you, consider them before putting fork to mouth... Now that everyone thinks im an ass, its what you needed, its what we all need some days. Love you :)