Monday, February 13, 2012

Since when is no news, good news?

In the weight-loss blogging world, I'd say no news is BAD news. For me it means,  I am not doing anything blog-worthy, which means I am not doing much to lose weight. Bad bad.

So other than dipping my blog into a big vat o' Tang, there is not much to report. I am not really dieting, and I am not really exercising (in that I am not at all). There are many excuses I use to explain away this non-effort. My mom had surgery and I was taking care of her one week (she was convalescing in my exercise area, a.k.a her bedroom). I got sick another week, I lost my brand-new running shoes blah blah bladitty blah.

Basically I am lame and didn't feel like doing anything after the great 17 Day Diet fiasco. Well, fiasco is a bit strong...maybe debacle? Hmm no. Failure? Yes, good. Failure it is.

I am going to suspend my weekly trek to another town to be with my man this weekend as he and his daughter are freezing their butts off  camping at Manning Park. Terry tells me it will "only be -5 this weekend" (that is Celsius for my American readers). Only -5? Did I mention they are tenting?!?! Crazy.

I have opted to stay home, which not only saves my ass from a good freezing, but it also gives me ample time to get going on the exercise! Yay! I plan on cracking the seal on my brand new Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD. I lost my 30 Day Shred when I moved, and this one seems similar enough for me to think I will be back to cursing my nemesis, Jillian, for destroying my lax, out-of-shape muscles very soon. Ahh just like the old days.

Oddly enough, I have managed to lose 3 more pounds after the 6 I lost before the diet became but a distant, sad, frustrating memory. Cool, but not something I am going to take to the bank since I didn't really DO anything to earn the loss. Figure the weight will come back on if I keep up with the non-activity. It is nice to be back in onederland though. :)

So wish me luck getting off my lazy butt!

 Thought I'd slap on an updated picture of me for those of you 
not friends with me on the Facebook.