Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can I get an ouch with a side of OWWWW?

Ok. It is clear to me that Jillian is truly the devil and her goal is to inflict pain and suffering on the unsuspecting masses. Please pass on this info to prevent her cruelty from spreading further. 

Yup, it's pretty clear that my muscles were not ready for the assault they got last night. Poor things all used to biking along and suddenly WHAM! Squats. BLAM!  Lunges. Had no chance. None at all. So I was walking around all stiff-legged and moving like a geriatric up and down stairs. Nice, right? Of course I dropped a ton of shit on the floor today and every trip down was a new foray into pain. Stupid eraser! Damn white board marker! Gah! Now a book! Little fuckers were deliberately throwing themselves to the ground just to vex me, I swear. I know it can't be that I am clumsy. No way man. Epitome of grace (says the girl with three bruises on her legs from ramming into various solid objects). 

I did ride the bike today in my fear of the shred and what it might do to me two days in a row. I know, I totally wimped out. I am wimp, see me avoid pain. The bike hurt, too, though. My inner thighs were burning right away. The legs loosened up a bit late into the ride, so I put it up a notch to where I usually am. Not bad, but not pleasant by any means. I may shred on Thursday....see how that feels. 

I am pretty excited that some non-blogging friends are jumping on the shredding bandwagon here. Maybe our shred challenge in December will have a nice group of crazy exercisers. Hey, YOU could do it to! Yeah, you sitting at your computer...DO THE SHRED! :P I swear I am not getting paid to pimp Jillian's shit, either. Although....hmmm...maybe I should! 

So a good, sore day today. Ate well, with excellent portions, exercised, didn't snack on crap (always good). Ahhh. Here's hoping that I will see a result on the scale Monday! This morning, I'd say that I was down maybe a pound. We'll see if tomorrow agrees. I really want to lose these next two weeks 'cause I bought this fantastic (and kinda sexy) shirt today, but the fabric is super clingy, so it shows the tummy bulge a little to clearly. Not pretty. I have this suck-me-in thingy that camouflages it, but it would be AWESOME to not have to wear it. If I had Lucas's abs...it would be no problem! Jebus Lucas, how the heck DID you get that stomach?!? Notjealousnotjealousnotjealous. Ok, fuck it. Totally jealous. So yes, the shirt. I am planning on wearing it out to my friend's metal show (so maybe a picture of said shirt forthcoming). I am SO excited to be going out! Plus, I get to hang out with one of my favourite work peeps. She is da bomb, yo. (Hi Megan, if you are reading this!).

In other news, I did try on another store's size 12 (long) jeans today too. Fit juuust fine. :) Actually one pair was a bit loose in the waist! Wha?!?? This was American Eagle, though, and their jeans are ridonkulously low rise for me. I feel like my pants are perpetually falling down and there may be some un-sexy underwear sightings, or worse, CRACK, when bending down. Not cool for teacher! So that was a pass. Still, it was a nice confirmation that I am fitting into a size 12 pretty well. That's four stores now, so the scientific part of my brain is thinking that's enough empirical evidence to say, yes, I wear a size 12 pant now. Fuckin' A. 

That's all I gots for you today! Live long and prosper...and shred it if you've got it! 


Shane P said...

Damn that shred sounds like some wicked shit!! I think I would rather watch Jillian do it, from the couch! She is pretty hot! I love the way you talked about the pain of picking something up. OMG, that reminds me of myself. Except if I drop something I'm like fuck it that's lost forever. You could have bought one pair of the low riders for the hubs! ;)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

But but but....oh damn alright I'm on it!

Carlos said...

dude you are rocking that shred...

Coley said...

A TWELVE?? GAH!!!! I haven't been a twelve since I was 15!!!!

Coley said...

I meant to say congrats... I mean CONGRATS - but I'm too busy being green with envy!! Boohooo woe is me - it's one of those days! LOL
no for real, really pleased for you :)