Monday, November 9, 2009

Saggy bottomed pants are sexy, right?

Ahh...gots my TV on, a nice blankie, a steaming cup of Bengali Spice tea and what's that? Sore aching muscles? Yes, people, I am freaking SORE. Fuck Jillian Michaels and her evil shred! I guess I can rock that bike, but squatting/lunging movements are VERY different. I am scared for tomorrow. Really. That being said, it was a pretty good workout for 20 minutes! I had great muscle fatigue in arms and legs (duh), my face was a bit red, and I was a'sweatin'. 

I will be ready for Amber's Shred Challenge in December! We're gonna take Jillian and her Nazi workout ways and do this thing for thirty days! Yeahhh! (Oh shit, I'm gonna die!).

Nice NSV today. I bought a belt some months ago and it was a bit tight on the last hole. Today my size 12 dress pants were giving me a bad case of the saggy bottom, so I dragged it out and much to my surprise, I could go down to the third hole! That's a TWO, count them, TWO hole difference. (And I'd like all of you dirty-minded freaks to just stop snickering at the word 'hole'...I know you are.) I can't say I am sad about the saggy pants though. Just goes to show you I am shrinking...shrinking...shrinkinnngggg.

Thanks peeps who commented on my last post! You rock. And those who didn't...what the heck are you waiting for?!?! C'MON

I shared my poem from a few posts ago with my Gr. 10 English class. I don't know if telling them how much I want to slap myself at 16 for all the time I wasted worrying about being "fat" did any good. If it got even one of those girls thinking twice about calling themselves fat, then it's worth it. When I told them I was 20 lbs lighter than now and the same height, they were all shocked. When I told them a guy called me thunder thighs they were totally indignant for me. It was quite sweet. Love those kids! 

M'kay that's all, you may go about your life now. 


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

It's on like donkey kong!

Yay for wicked NSV's!

hehe you said hole...

Shane P said...

I broke out in a sweat just reading about your shred!! If ol' "thunder thighs" could see you now he'd be like DAMN!!!! Maybe your words reached some of your students. Great job, hope you keep losing holes!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome NSV! It's great that you can share with your students like that.

Roder said...

I like holes. :)

Lucas said...

I hate that evil bitch Jillian, and I've never even DONE her workout! But those abs of hers just don't quit! Damn her. Damn her straight to hell!

Fat Daddy said...

And saggy pants are sexy when they've been earned the hard way!

TC said...

Shane P: You should pick up Jillian's DVD so she can make you wanna cry too! :)

Terri: Thanks! I hope they got something outta my story, even if it was just ONE I'd be happy!

Roder: WOULD. :P