Sunday, November 8, 2009

I did what now?

 I didn't work out yesterday, and when I stepped on the scale this morn it said I was up 4 lbs. Fuck that noise! Of course, since I was 180 the day before, no way this is "real" weight. But, it did make me think about my missed workout. It was then I decided. I would do it today and I would do it twice. Yes. Twice. TWICE. This may be the norm for crazy people like Fat Daddy, but for me this is a foray into unknown territory. 

Yeahh bitches! First time ever. 

Now I am sitting here with a pain between my shoulder blades, but it was WORTH IT. 

And, there was also a NSV! I haven't worn my Gap jeans in about 2 weeks, and when I put them on today and went about my bidness, they kept on falling down! Not drastically, mind you, but enough that I felt the need to tug them up at annoying intervals. So I did some a'measurin ('cause that's the kind of inquiring mind I have) and discovered I have lost an INCH off my hips! Woo! Does this mean that one day (perhaps 10 lbs from now) I might fit into a size 10?!?!? The mind reeeeeeels! 

Soo...I am thinking that I am down:

5 inches from bust
4 inches from under bust
4 inches from waist
5 inches from hips
3.5 from thighs
3 inches from arms


I wanted to give a shout out to Tiffany at From 12 to 6. I have been enjoying the heck out of her blogs. She's one of those super-bloggers that actually posts pics of food and recipes and shit like that (you don't want my recipes...for reals). She's also back to counting points and kicking ass at that, so if you need some inspiration...go forth and read! 

In other news, my girl at The long hard road out of hell is now my partner in crime! Hey partner! We are helping each other in our journey here. I have to say, if I hadn't told her this morning that I was gonna work out twice today, I probably never would have! See, already working. :)  That reminds me though, that doing this thing would be so much harder without all you fabulous bloggers and non-bloggers who read my blog, and especially those who comment. I am a comment whore. Please comment. It feeds my insatiable need for attention. 


I am hoping that the scale will be slightly kinder for my official weigh-in day tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath...wait...does holding your breath help when on the scale? Hmmm. 



Shane P said...

Way to go!! Rock that workout!! I envy your determination!! I don't blame you though your too far in the game to let it go to "pot". Thought I'd leave a comment to blow up your ego!! ;)

Fat Daddy said...

You're into this far enough to know that the 4 lbs is not good for you for not going postal.

Good deal on the jeans...and the size ten in your crosshairs1

...signed your crazy blog pal...FD

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on the awesome NSV Tammy!!! Woohoo!

Love to hear that you got that second workout in! PS: I went a round with Jillian this morning thanks to you! I'm lovin having someone to do this with! You're awesome! Talk to you later tonight!

Roder said...

Great job making it two workouts in one day!

Sanctum's Muse said...

Congrats on your awesome weight loss! I bet you're looking as gorgeous as ever.

TC said...

Shane P: You are one of my most loyal commenters! Love you for that, mister! :) Plus, you say the BEST THINGS! Thanks for being there. Consider ego blown up!

Roder: DUDE! You came out of the woodwork for me. :) Thanks for the comment. Ahh feeling the insatiable need lessen...lessen.

Sanctum: Aww sweet words from a sweet lady! Appreciate that. :) Thanks for commenting! Hope you are feeling well these days!

Anonymous said...

Wow Tammy not even I have had two workouts in a day. An extra long one moving from one thing to another such as aerobics to the pool yes, but two separate ones? Never.
You have inspired me to get more serious about losing the same 7 lbs that I keep losing over and over again...again! Thanks!! (this will keep me from extreme angst after Christmas when those 7 lbs are more like 12, for some strange reason). But enough about me...yay you! Talk soon,
Love Sarah

Lucas said...

I AM A COMMENT WHORE TOO! Perhaps we were separated at birth or something? I did two a days for a while. Couldn't hack it. That FD is in a league all by himself I reckon but hooray for you for going for it! And for rockin' those jeans! Yeah-ah!

Jessie said...

Tammy! How did I miss the call to comment? I am the worst blogger friend. :( You are the best though and my favorite blog to visit. You are too cute and so silly! Loves it. That is so awesome you worked out twice in one day...woooo that makes me tired just thinking about it lady! :) You're AWESOME!!!! The missing inches prove it! :)