Thursday, November 5, 2009

EEK more poetry! Oh, and some weight stuff too.

Ok ladies and gents, I took a lil' blogging break, and yes, an exercise break and now I am back!I know you missed all this charm and wit.  Two days rest was odd. I haven't done this thing before unless I had a lot of shit going on and couldn't work out. Part of me feels like it was a fail...and part of me feels like I needed it. Blah. Whatever. I am back to working out every day until maybe Monday. Rock that shit.

I weighed in a little heavy this morn. Hoping that will go down before Monday, but it won't be getting me down. No siree. 

Let me welcome another lovely follower. She's from the U.K. and having a baby! So check out her blog here, and see what she has to say. 

So I was thinking yet again of my silly self at 16 thinking I was fat. I was 5' 10 and 159 lbs. I had a BMI of 22.8 I honestly thought I was a BIG girl. I saw my friends weights at 125, 130 and I just couldn't believe how heavy I was! What a heifer, right? Ha! I want to just slap that girl. Why couldn't someone have just told me I was the perfect weight for my height! That I was supposed to weigh more because I was five inches taller than my friends! It never occurred to me. Ever. I just wish I could go back and talk to that girl. Tell her.

If I could Talk Me at 16

I would say

Get it out of your head that 
You are fat
You are beautiful

Stop comparing
Yourself to others
You are beautiful

You are tall and strong
Look in the mirror
You are beautiful

Don't listen to
Amazon or thunder thighs
(Boys are stupid)
You are beautiful

See you as I see you now
See the truth
You are beautiful

That is all.  


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Amen sister!

Tiffany said...

I think we all do it. We are our own worst critics. You look great now!

And yes, don't sweat the two day break. Your body needed it and now you're going to come back stronger.

Fat Daddy said...

Well said. And it does not matter about those two days...a needed rest or a fail. All that matters is that you are back hanging in there.

Shane P said...

Awesome poem! I think we would all love to go back and smack our younger selves silly. Charm and wit...can't say I am familiar. ;)

Coley said...

I'm right there with you. At 16, I thought I was massive. My first love didn't help much either. At school I was called Amazon. But it actually started way before. At 14 I was called Sasquatch by this short kid named, Levi - trying to deflect the fact that he was like 4'10". But why didn't I see that back then?
At 16, I was 5'11" and 185. Yes, a bit on the plus side, but I was endlessly active, built like an athlete - I played tennis, track and too bodybuilding classes. i wish I could go back and offer her the same poem you wrote.

However, at that age, those words are hard to combat the words of others that swirl around us on a daily basis. I wish I could go back and tell her - for sure!

Madame DeFarge said...

Sensible words. If only we had someone who could have said that to us, we'd have all been happier at a crucial time.

TC said...

Coley: Truly sucks we couldn't see the truth of how we looked! I heard a lovely 16 yr. old girl in a class say she was fat. Not even heart broke for her, and I told her she was so far from fat! Makes me sad.

MDF: That is the truth! Good self-esteem is worth so much...and so few are lucky enough to possess it!