Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hockey Daze and Choco Craze

While the rest of the people around me are gripped by hockey mania and are held rapt by the Canucks quest for to bring Lord Stanley's coveted cup home, I am gripped with...what's the opposite of mania? Not that I am not happy for our boys in blue and this town finally getting a real chance at what has been sought for so long. Ok, I will just come out and say it. I just don't really don't like hockey *waits for the lightening strike*. Nothing? Ok, good. It would be hypocritical of me at this point to shed my apathy and actually start watching games. The excitement around here is pretty cool though, I will admit. There are Canucks flags everywhere, and "Go Canucks Go" and "I Believe" with the Canucks trademark hockey stick logo on it. People flock to the streets by the thousands after every game. Canucks fever has gripped every man, woman and child in this town, well, almost. ;)

While the battle for the ultimate hockey glory wages on, I am still trying to do my thing. My life is fraught with temptation...especially in the form of teenagers pushing their chocolate crack in my school. Every day some kid is at my door with this giant box o'choco heaven. Fraaaaaaack. The mint ones are especially amazing. I hear. Dang them.

I have ridden the bike in the garage a few time now. I was sick this past week, so missed two days. I was well in time to play a double-header on Sunday though. It was a lot of moving and running, so I felt like I got some good exercise. We have a tournament this weekend starting at the horrific hour of 8 a.m. Kill me now. Don't people know this is a beer league?? Eight o'clock is way too frickin serious for people who drink and smoke whilst doing their athletics. But, I will put on my big girl panties and drag my ass out there. Why? Because I kinda love it. My team is awesome. All day long I get to hear dirty ball jokes and jokes about finding holes, you know, really mature shit like that. What's not to love?

The scale says I am about two lbs down.

I will take it!

Wish me luck kicking softball ass on Saturday...ugh...morning!

Tammy Version 2.0