Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Postiness...just for Anonymous!

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but this post is for Anonymous commenter who said that she/he needed some encouragement from a fellow weight-loss soldier. You can do this Anonymous! If you've had a bad day of eating, just start fresh! Each day is a new day to eat the right things, to give your body what it really needs. I've never thought I should just throw in the towel due to an off day or even an off couple of days. You have done great things to get where you are, and I can know this even without knowing you or your story. So keep it up! It has worked for me to be persistent even in the face of lonnnng plateaus of no change. I've lost 60 lbs because of that persistence. Now YOU do it. :)

I am trying a new DVD today. Got the Biggest Loser: Cardio this time around. I'll let you know what I think. Still trying to work out 5 days a week. Kinda failed there in that today will be day 4 only. :( I think I am in a maintenance phase right now, peeps. I don't have the will to push myself further. I am planning on doing some weight training and the running thing, so maybe that will help. Don't worry though, I am still watching my food and exercising! If I stopped it would be less maintenance and more gaining all the weight back, and to that I give a big HELL NO!

That being said, I was perusing my blog feed, and discovered that have received an award from the lovely Karen at Fitness: A Journey Not a Destination. If you haven't read her blog, you really should! She has excellent posts and great advice for those seeking a more fit lifestyle. Plus, she is one of my bestest commenters! Thanks for following along with me on my journey Karen!

So for this award, I must give some of my "bests". I think there are some set "bests", which you can see on Karen's blog, but I believe I will do my own, too. :)

Best Meal Ever
Hmm...I think I'd have to say our romantic dinner in Vegas at the Striphouse. It was so delicious, and we were so well-taken-care of by our many waiters.

Best Sleep Ever
I can't think of a specific one, but I love to sleep in a slightly cold room with a big, fluffy comforter that I can "cocoon" in. This is preferably with my cozy snuggle-bunny of a husband! Oh, and I have to know I don't have to get up early the next day...that is pure joy and luxury.

Best Childhood Memory
Some of my best memories from childhood are from when my parents ran a campsite in White Rock, B.C. right near the Canada-U.S. border and, best of all, the beach! I remember long hours of beach-combing, hunting baby crabs (not to harm them, but to get all wigged out and squeal and giggle when we did fine 'em), building sandcastles, looking for beach glass, splashing around in the ocean, followed by evenings around a bonfire with family and friends. We'd sit on driftwood logs, and rocks heated by the sun and roast marshmallows. Loved that.

Best Thing Someone Has Done For Me
I think I have to go to my parents for this one. I had an amazing childhood, and my parents gave that to me. They were both caring, kind and loved us very much. They did so much for us, I can't even begin to list them here. My dad was so patient and funny. We lost him to cancer nearly four years ago. Four years March 10th, actually. He was always, always, always there when I needed him, and I really couldn't imagine a better dad. *Sigh* I miss him so much. My mom is amazing, too. She was tireless and giving and, really, she still is! If I need anything, my mom is there in a heartbeat. Yup, pretty lucky in the parent department.

Best Place to Live
Ok, I added this one, because it is clearly RIGHT HERE! I love living in southwestern BC. We have the mildest climate in Canada, and the most beautiful mountains, forests and ocean. And right now, we have the OLYMPICS! Olympic fever has hit us hard, and I love it. Right now millions of Canadians are settling in for the big hockey game. We are tense, we are excited, we are ready to kick US ASS! :) By the time you read this the game will likely be over, and I hope we are still riding on the high of winning GOLD! A friend on Facebook posted this, and I am stealing it to show you (thanks Lori!)...

To Whom it May Concern: We are taking this opportunity to inform you that due to hockey, Canada will be closed from 12Noon - 3PM, Sunday Feb 28, 2010. Thank you for understanding. ▌♥ ▌ GO CANADA GO ▌♥ ▌

I am supposed to pass this award on to five bloggers, but I am gonna be lame and just say it's for ALL you fabulous bloggers out there. Keep being honest, people!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog blah

Just a quickie so y'all know I am alive and kicking. No, didn't get run over by a bunch of rowdy, Canadian flag wearing drunkards on the streets of Vancouver. I will post a nice video showing some of those crazy Canucks though.

I've just had a hard time getting motivated to blog. I have the blog blahs. Or maybe a blah blog. I dunno. It seems my comments have dwindled a lot, and that just makes me wonder if anyone is reading this thing. You guys keep me accountable....honest. Without you there IS no blog. So I hope you are out there, and it's not just...crickets.

That being said, I am still doing my thing. There is a certain amount of blah in my weight-loss efforts, too though. My cold from hell is finally dwindling, but it really took a lot out of me to be sick for nearly a month. I tried to exercise 4 days or so a week, but didn't always make that. Plus, I've been "allowing" myself to eat more since Christmas. My "just say no" willpower is much weaker these days, and I am much hungrier. Luckily, I have lost a few lbs despite this, though not lately! Hmm shockeroo.
My weigh-in on Thursday was status quo. I was a bit surprised to see the scale dip on Wednesday down to 163, but it was back at 165 the next day. Just the scale fuckin' with me.

To shake me from my apathy, I am trying something at school. I have a very keen (and very fit) student who expressed a desire to become a personal trainer. I asked her the other day if she'd consider training ME for the practice and experience. She was super excited at the idea! I figure her having a "client" will look great on school applications and resumés. Also, she can check with her PE teacher to see if what she has planned is appropriate, so I won't end up messed up or know with like one bicep bigger than the other. Yup, I think of everything. I am hoping she can help me with strength training and maybe even get me running...which is something I really, really want to do (that and lose the girly-style lame!).

So current goal is to ease off the extra snacks (nothing big...not scarfing cookies here), say "down boy" to my hugner, and exercise 5 days a week. Also, need to get back on speaking terms with Jillian. I haven't shredded regular-like for a while (not since the dreaded snot-drip incident). I need her to kick my sorry ass some more.

Hope all of you are well....loves ya...MWAH!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympicness- Part I

GO CANADA GO! That is the sentiment around here folks. We are just exploding with Canadian pride, and we must express this sudden and intense joy somehow. So we do so through large, good-willed, boisterous gatherings in the streets of Vancouver, drinking copious amounts of beer, the general wearing of Canadian colours, waving flags, and the sporting of said flag as capes (always a dashing look). If perchance you find yourself on the famed streets of Robson or Granville, don't be afraid of the spontaneous renditions of O Canada. If a stranger raises his hand, it ain't to bust cap in you, it's to high-five you. Girls wear "Kiss me I'm Canadian" t-shirts. Men give "free hugs." It's a love-fest people, and the object of our affection is Canada.

I've been downtown twice now, and I have been amazed at the feeling of excitement and the sheer NUMBER of people walking around, celebrating. When we were there on Tuesday night for the medal ceremony, there was a hockey game on. How did we know who was ahead? The great roar that would emerge from every bar, tavern, restaurant and street corner with a TV and roll through the streets like a wave. Count the cheers, and you'd know the score. The medal ceremony was very cool (despite practically having to be stripped searched to get into BC Place). We got to see Men's Bordercross dude, Mike Robertson take the podium to receive his silver medal. The only bummer was nearly every other day that week we got a gold. Oh well! Got to see my boys the Barenaked Ladies play, too!

The original Olympic Cauldron Gulag.
Later the fence was lowered and moved farther back.

The fabulous Olympic Flame!

Me and J.

Self-portrait. Yeah, the big guy doesn't like to smile for pics!

This was at Red Robin on the patio. Place was packed, so outside we ate!

Inside BC Place. Cool, blue!

Me in my seat bein' patriotic. :)

The raising of the medalist's flags. Yup, US had gold that day. *sigh*

A sneak peak of what's to come in my next Olympic installment!

Oh, and one last thing, we have a give away alert! Tricia at Fight Fat Phobia is offering up a chance to win some fiber-rich goodies and a book! I so want this!! Go on and take a peek for yourself, here!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lookit me now!

I was thinking today about how far I've come. Wrap your noggins around this one:

I have lost a person.

Ok, a small person, but a person nonetheless. I've lost a total of 95 lbs from my heaviest weight of 260. I am *this* close to losing 100 total. I can't friggin' belieeeeeve that! A person-sized glob of fat has left my body these last 7 years or so.

At my heaviest, I wore a size 20 top, and 18 bottom. Today, I am wearing size 10 top and size 8 bottoms.

My chest went from 49-40.

My waist went from 43-32.5.

My hips went from 47-39.

My thighs went from 32-23.5

I am a completely different person! And I don't mean just because I am smaller. I am different in my head. Before, I would scarf down any junk food that crossed my path, and whole lot more that I would go look for. MacDonald's meals were my go-to for easy dinners or lunches. I would eat a box of cookies in front of the TV. If I made the cookies, it would be about 4 as raw dough, 5 or 6 cooked in one sitting. Bags of chips I would inhale, ice-cream by the giant piled up scoops I would suck down. Large-sized chocolate bars were history in a matter of minutes. My poritons were huge, and I filled my plate to the sky. Veggies and fruit were scarce in my diet. Water? Well, there's water in Diet Coke, right? Exercise was avoided at all costs.

Today, MacDonalds is off the menu (has been for 5 years now). I avoid bringing cookies and junk into my house. If that stuff does cross my path, I try to say no more than I say yes. If I say yes, I eat ONE. I eat normal portions with more veggies and fruit. I drink water all day long. I exercise. I don't love exercice yet, but I love what it does to my body, so I'm getting there. :)
I am not trying diet here; I am trying to live my life in a healthy, sensible way.

I didn't lose nearly 100 lbs overnight; I ping-ponged back and forth between 200 and 240 for a while. It wasn't until this past April that I started blogging and getting serious about getting healthy and fit. I wanted so badly to be out of the obese category. I wanted to be "normal". Guess what? I am sooo normal now! Ok, let's not get crazy, I am at a normal weight. ;)

And I'm not even done! I think there are further changes my body can undergo. I know I can get into the 150s if I really want to. I know I will start running very soon. I know I will do my best to keep this weight off forever because....


Go Canada Go!

Oh yes, my weigh-in! Down 2 lbs- 165. Yayyyy!

Tomorrow: Olympics stuff!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who's too fat to fly? A story and a rant.

I don't know what's going on with my blog these days. It seems my comments are dwindling away into nothing. Perhaps I haven't said enough how much your comments mean to me. How much the fact you read my words means to me. If no one were to read this blog, I would have no real reason to write it! So let me say this: Thank you to all you wonderful people who comment regularly, or semi-regularly, or even just once! You make this work for me! Without you, I don't know if I would have made it this far.

Maybe I've been to whiny with this darn cold that STILL HASN'T LEFT ME! So guess what? I'm not going to whine. I'm going to RANT.

First I have to tell you a story of a big man and an airplane.

This past weekend something rather humiliating happened to a somewhat famous person, as you may have heard. I'm talking about Kevin Smith being booted off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat to fly. For those of you who don't know, Kevin Smith wrote and directed several movies: Clerks, Clerks II, Dogma, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, and Zach and Miri make a Porno. He also played the role of Silent Bob in several of his movies.

Smith was on his way home when he realized he could get on an earlier flight. This put him on standby. He normally buys two seats, not because of his weight (he is a big dude), but because he doesn't like sitting next to strangers if he doesn't have to. So he told the ticket agent at the gate to not worry about the second seat, he's fine with one and they could just refund it. The agent kind of looked at him and said something about "safety concerns." Despite this, Smith was given a boarding pass, and he was on his way. Or so he thought.

After he had his gear stowed and was in his seat (between two small-ish ladies), the ticket agent, Suzanne, came onto the plane and asked him to leave. She said the pilot wanted him off the plane for safety reasons. Smith was confused. What safety reasons? She explained he had to be able to lower the armrests and not impinge on the seats of the other passengers. Smith said, ok, no prob. He lowered the armrests. He even asked his seatmates if they were at all uncomfortable. Nope, they were fine. Suzanne then insisted he get off the plane, and again cited the pilot's instructions as the reason. He had no choice but to leave. He had to gather all his stuff and exit with all 200 passengers staring at him. How humiliating. He even caught the eye of another passenger, MUCH larger than him. He said that this guy's eyes were just pleading with him to say nothing. Of course, he wanted to say, "Hey that guy is WAY fatter than me!" but as he said, he could never throw a "fellow fatty under a bus."

Basically after this experience Smith began a barrage of hate-filled profanity-laden Tweets about his experience. He was angry, and no one at Southwest had made him feel any better about it. They wanted to give him a $100 voucher. That's it. No apology. They have a policy for "persons of size," yes, fine. But if you say your policy is that passengers must be able to put the armrests down and not infringe on the space beside them, and a passenger proves he CAN do those things, why would you kick him off a plane!??!? It make NO sense. There's other details Smith mentioned on his Smodcast, which you can listen to if you wish, in Smodcast #106.

Smith also witnessed another heavy passenger get singled out on his re-booked flight home. This woman, Natali, was asked to step aside and a woman told her she had to buy another seat. It just so happened she was sitting in a row with Smith with his paid-for second seat between them. The woman told her she couldn't purchase the seat next to her because it belonged to the man in that row. Natali pointed out there were no other seats left that weren't middle seats, so what seat was she supposed to purchase? The woman apparently rolled her eyes at her and left. When she came back, she told Natali she could go sit down. WHY did they do this to her? There was no earthly reason to yank this poor girl off the plane and embarrass her. She was next to an empty seat! No one was going to sit in it! Was this just a cash grab? Were they trying to make a point about their "persons of size" policy? You can hear her story here. It's #107.

Smith took this picture on his flight home...

Smith has said over and over, he has nothing against Southwest, great airline, but he just wants them to admit they were wrong for pulling him off that flight. He plans on not flying SW, and he warns that larger people may want to think twice about flying with them, too. Now people say he's rallying everyone to boycott SW, and even that he's doing all this to promote his new movie! Please, really? So Smith is now saying a sarcastic, "I'm sorry" to SW. He says he apologizes for ever thinking he was not too fat to fly on SW. Clearly, SW is for the thin people and he should never have tried to fly on their airline.

So now the media have picked up on the story and it's all over the internet. Of course, this means people want to put in their two cents on the subject. What really gets my goat is that the brilliant masses of the internet are using this as an excuse to slam the overweight. People are telling Smith things like quit being a baby and lose some fucking weight. I've seen comments on news articles that are horribly nasty. It seems that some people feel it's ok to just unload shit onto a person just because they are overweight. It's ok, it's acceptable to call them names, like, "sweaty mouth-breathing lardass" as one commenter put it. Why do people think this is ok? Do we think it's ok to talk about any other group of people with such hatred, malice and disrespect. HELL NO!

Southwest, I say shame on you for being tactless and for your employees to be so unclear as to who needs two seats (despite your 25-year-old policy on the matter), and when to point out such a need. There is no need to humiliate any passenger of any size. To the cretins of the internet, I say find your humanity and treat everyone with some respect. We all deserve it.

To Kevin Smith, I say GOOD FOR YOU. It's great you used your Twitter to spread what happened. You are the voice of those who have no say. SW listened to and responded to you only because you have an audience. No one is reaching out to Natali to apologize (even half-assedly as they did to you). You are her voice.

I don't know what's to come of this, but I think it's important that so many people are now talking about it.

I've never had anyone comment on my size for any reason (to my face) even at 265 lbs. I am lucky. I know it.

What do YOU think about all this?

Next blog: My trip into Vancouver an the Victory Ceremony and my weigh-in!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh my drippiness!

Hey there hi there...ahh you know the rest. It's been a few days, so I could feel my blog calling me all forlornly, wanting some face time. Finger time? Hmm that sounds bad. Ok, moving on!

I made a terrific discovery this evening. I found out that exerting myself physically at this stage of my (damned interminable) cold causes my nose to run like O.J. Simposn in the ol' white Bronco*. Not pretty, folks. Jillian leaves no time for water drinking, let alone shnoz wiping. Needless to say the neighbour may be wondering about the wounded water buffalo noises coming from my apartment as I attempted to keep my overflowing sinus goo from dripping on the carpet. You are welcome for that audio-visual gem.

Working out has been difficult the last little while. I did nothing Friday since we were so firmly ensconced on the couch, faces glued to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Yes, we are Vancouver, the city that couldn't get it up...yeah yeah. :P Then Saturday...oy enough with this cold! I woke up stuffyy-headed with a swollen throat and aches. Things just got worse as the day progressed. I became this whiny ball of ache and ick lazing around on the couch. Today I had to face Jillian....and I did.

Despite my spotty workout schedule, I've been weighing in at 165 for the last few days. Let's see if that will last until Thursday so it can become official, yes?

Would anyone think me crazy if I said I kinda want to be in the 150's now? Lol! I's crazy. It' still well within the healthy range for my height. I think "low" for me is the high 130's somewhere. But, I was doing some research on body type, and measuring my wrists and this weirdo elbow measurement, I discovered my frame is between small and medium. I have very thin wrists and ankles and slim hips. My shoulders are fairly broad for a woman, but I think overall I am of a medium build. Allowing for that, I think I should be a lil' lighter. We'll see what I feel like when I get to 160. Still have a lot of excess fat in the tummy area that's annoyinnnnng me. YaknowwhatImean girls?

I'm excited for tomorrow! We are heading downtown to take in the insanity that is Vancouver right now. Jason is there with some friends right now, and he said that some areas are CRAZY busy. The lineups to get into the Olympic Houses are HOURS long. Some Houses are charging! Wtf? I may have the country wrong, but Jason said Slovakia House wants $60 for the privilege. Wha? Seriously? Lame, lame, LAME. Anyway, we are planning to go down as early as possible so I can see some of the insanitorama for myself. Then we head to BC place to see the Victory Ceremony's snowboarding something? Lol can you tell I care a lot? I just wanna BE there. Plus, as I mentioned the fab Barenaked Ladies are playing. :)

I will take pics and share with you in the next couple days!

Oh, and I don't know if I mentioned my lil' cousin was pregnant and having a difficult pregnancy. Well, she's been in and out of the hospital for weeks, and they had to deliver today. She had placenta previa (basically the placenta attached in the wrong spot and was in danger of detaching, causing massive bleeding for mom, and bad news for babe), and the baby's heart rate started to slow. Out he comes! 3lbs 12 oz....and healthy! Just on some oxygen for now. Mom's all good as well. I will go see them on Wednesday. Man, that's two preemies in the last few months! C'mon babies, stay in there a little longer, willya?

Hope everyone had a great day and all that!

*I realize I will lose some of you younger folk with this reference. Google it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weigh-in a nonshockeroo

The scale, she does not surprise. I weighed in yesterday morning at 167 again. At least it's not more...small favours.

I really have to get back into my exercise routine. I missed two more days- one because we were at the Torch Ceremony and the other because my cold reared its hacking icky head again. I did work out last night on the bike. Thirty minutes with my 8 lb weights and then some Jillian-style ab work.

For some reason I've been really hungry lately. It's very annoying, and I'd like it to STOP. Also, my willpower around crappy foods is waning. I had a piece of pizza yesterday and a couple cookies fro the staff room. Didn't need that food- nope. Ate it anyway. So less exercise and more food does not for weight loss make. Duh.

All I can do is try to do better, keep working out and show a little RESISTANCE, dammit!

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just me and 30 000 of my close friends...

I can't belieeeeeve how many people came out to watch the Olympic torch come to Richmond, British Columbia! We killed the record # of people for any ceremony so far. Yayyy Richmond! They are estimating it was about 30 000. Being a part of a crowd that big was partly exciting and a whole lotta scary! Well, mostly that was just leaving, but we were really sardined in there close to the stage. Leaving was KARAZY. They really didn't have it planned well. We tried one way and got stopped by a human wall, then went another way and slammed into more unmoving humans. We finally saw some people with actual forward momentum and we wove our way in. Luckily it worked and we were soon free. PHEWWW. Being pressed in with all those people...TRAPPED... gave me the serious wiggins.

So I promised some pics, and here they are!

Rocking my new CANADA toque. Hot, right?

My neighbour, Leanne, and I along with an annoyingly reflective volunteer!

Hubby waiting for the torchy action. Feel the excitement.

Heineken sponsors Holland House. Cool.

The big screen.

The Crowd.

The very popular Coke trailer. No idea what the BFD was there, but people were linin' up!

Nod to the Chinese community in Richmond and Lunar New Year

That's the fabulous Rick Hansen, the Man in Motion, bringing in the torch.

My Olympic Spirit overfloweth

And slightly more normal...

So there it is! Good times, except for the crowd and freezing! It also seemed to cause a relapse with my blasted coughing. I felt like crud all night and took today off to get some rest. Blahhh.

So tomorrow is weigh-in and I'm tellin ya now you may want to look away from the carnage. Not pretty. I am not giving up though. Those last pounds ARE coming off. This summer I am going to have a toned bod and rock short shorts and tank tops!!

Tomorrow...the bad news.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FAT ALERT...and Olympics stuff

I feel faaaat! Bloated! Corpulent! Clunky! Rolly polly! Paunchy! And just plain FLESHY. The scale is up another pound (do you like how I attribute the weight to the scale and not my fat ass?). I am seriously cursing out this cold that I believe has slowed down my fat-burning furnace that was on such a roll. I was sedentary for over a week. I haven't been eating the cupboards bare, but yes, probably a bit more than I should. I guess those two things combined are fucking with my weight loss.

Today I am keeping my calories down. I rode the bike for 1/2 hr with weights last night 'cause it was too late to shred after grocery shopping (we had to watch House...priorities, ya know). I won't be able to work out this eve though since we are heading down the street to watch the Olympic Torch come to my town (Richmond). There will be a lot of entertainment and some fireworks as well, and it's all for free! Since we will be walking there and back, I will get a TINY bit o' exercise, so that's good. I will take some pics to show y'all tomorrow. Catch that Olympic spirit! This is where we will be...

I also have tickets to a medal ceremony for next week featuring the musical stylings of the fabulous Barenaked Ladies. Those not familiar with the group, they are neither bare naked, nor ladies. A misleading moniker to be sure, but they are seriously entertaining live and very funny/cool/funky. I am excited because it's really the only Olympic event I get to go to...other than the free stuff happening around my town.

There are some mixed feelings around here about hosting the Olympics. On one hand it's good that we got the infrastructure, like the Canada Line SkyTrain that links Richmond to Vancouver. A beauty 20 min. ride now.

Also road improvements were made to the Sea to Sky Hwy linking Vancouver and Whistler. We now have a fabulous venue, the Olympic Oval in Richmond as well. It's a gorgeous building and I know it will be put to good use after the Olympics are over.

Sorry for the tiny pics. You get the idea though. And I am sure many of you will see it if you watch any of the speed skating excitement!

However, we also were promised some low-cost housing that is now the Olympic Village. Only problem is that it's not in any way low cost- probably in the $400-600 000 range or higher. Hmmm methinks they missed the mark there.

Lots of people think that the billions of dollars spent on the Olympics could be better spent on health care, education and all those little piddly things. My school district has a budget shortfall of NINE MILLION dollars next year. No problem! I'm sure no one will lose a job over that pittance! Noooo. Pretty sure no kids will suffer either. For sure not. And the consensus pretty much is that we will not make the $$ back that we have shelled out for the Olympics. Too bad, so sad. I guess we will see what the fallout will be for hosting this huge event.

I have to wonder, too, how the tourists from around the globe are feeling right now as they wander the streets of Vancouver. Like maybe, there supposed to be snow? Lol! No! We don't get that shite here! Well, very very little. The best part is that it's hovering around 10 degrees most days. The weekend was reported at 15 or so. That's 50 and 59 Fahrenheit for you 'Mericans. Take that ya parka-wearing snow seekers! Of course, mild weather down here doesn't bode well for the mountains either. Whistler is fine, and that's where most of the alpine events are. The big problemo is with Cypress Mountain. They are woefully snow-less right now. Rain and warm temps have them scrambling like little snow-scavenging ants up there! They've been stockpiling snow in bales, and now I've heard they are getting snow sent in from other places! Crazy town. Maybe not such a hot idea to host the WINTER Olympics in a city with a mild climate during an El Niño year. Hmmmm?

Alright I'm Olympics outted for now. Wish me luck battling the bulge to get down to my 160 goal before my 80th b-day.

I have to add: I found this cool contest at Endurance Isn't Only Physical, and this fab girl, Tricia, is giving away a running skirt! I have never seen such a thing, but OMG do I EVER want one now! I love the "athletic" style that has the shorts underneath. Check out her blog! I am not a runner...yet...but when I do it, damn if I don't wanna be rocking a skirt!

Take it easy blogger peeps.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jillian is MY bitch

After about 11 days of shredlessnes, I had a hot date with Jillian I just couldn't miss. I toyed around with the idea of doing level one or two to allow for alllll those days of being sedentary and the lingering hacking/phlegming I got going on. But you know what? Fuck that. I am hardcore. I did level THREE, and I kicked ass doing it. Plank? No problem. Cardio? Bring it on! And nary a lung was coughed up either! Wheeee! So I am glad that I got in touch with my badass side and just went for it.

I haven't weighed myself since Thursday 'cause I am a little afraid of what the scale is going to show. I am hoping that getting back to exercising will help with this week's numbers. The best thing to come out of this illness is that it makes me think I really have changed my lifestyle. I was SO frustrated with not being able to work out! It wasn't about gaining weight so much, though that was a part of it. I was really worried more about losing muscle tone and my cardio endurance. I liked that I was getting stronger and better at the Shred. I wanted to do those friggin planks on the weights for BOTH sets off my knees. I wanted the sit ups to get easier and my abs to get tighter. Stalling out on that, sitting on the couch and feeling like crap on toast just KILLED me. So what are the odds I would be feeling fine and just sit around all sloth-like while my muscles atrophy? I'd say the odds are tiny, wee even.

So thank you viscous, stupid cold for helping me realize that I have changed my life. Thank you and get the hell out.

That is all.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weigh *hack* in

Just a quickie to post my weigh-in number. I didn't work out today 'cause my cold reared its ugly head. Booo. Tomorrow and the weekend are on the docket for sure.

That being said, I am up a pound from last week- 167. Considering I was down to 164 before I got sick, it's really 3 lbs. Dammit.

Oh well, I'm going to whip those last few lbs off if it kills me. Mos' definitely.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

7 days is long enough!

Well folks, I have finally stripped myself enough of the bonds of mucous to haul my ass off the couch and work out! Yayyyy! I did cough through it, but not that much more than normal. It wasn't a hardcore working out by any means, but I did ride the bike with my 8lb weights for 20 minutes and then did a crapload of situps. Yes, that is a unit of measure. Crapload. Look it up.

Ahhhh do my muscles feel good now. Pretty sure they were ready to stage a coup from lack of activity there. Seven days. Seven lonnnng days with no exercise. Seems so weird after exercising for the past nine months at least 4-5 times a week.

Tomorrow I will weigh in and see what the damage is. I don't think I ate too much this week, but the inactivity has got to be problematic scale-wise.

Blarghhhh...I have to go make up a test for my class tomorrow. Better get on that teach.

Later y'all!