Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weigh-in a nonshockeroo

The scale, she does not surprise. I weighed in yesterday morning at 167 again. At least it's not more...small favours.

I really have to get back into my exercise routine. I missed two more days- one because we were at the Torch Ceremony and the other because my cold reared its hacking icky head again. I did work out last night on the bike. Thirty minutes with my 8 lb weights and then some Jillian-style ab work.

For some reason I've been really hungry lately. It's very annoying, and I'd like it to STOP. Also, my willpower around crappy foods is waning. I had a piece of pizza yesterday and a couple cookies fro the staff room. Didn't need that food- nope. Ate it anyway. So less exercise and more food does not for weight loss make. Duh.

All I can do is try to do better, keep working out and show a little RESISTANCE, dammit!

Wish me luck.

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Madame DeFarge said...

I'm sitting next to a big bag of marshmallows, because he doesn't want to be tempted and eat them all. Clearly, I'm not expected to be tempted either. Can I have some of your spare willpower?