Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just me and 30 000 of my close friends...

I can't belieeeeeve how many people came out to watch the Olympic torch come to Richmond, British Columbia! We killed the record # of people for any ceremony so far. Yayyy Richmond! They are estimating it was about 30 000. Being a part of a crowd that big was partly exciting and a whole lotta scary! Well, mostly that was just leaving, but we were really sardined in there close to the stage. Leaving was KARAZY. They really didn't have it planned well. We tried one way and got stopped by a human wall, then went another way and slammed into more unmoving humans. We finally saw some people with actual forward momentum and we wove our way in. Luckily it worked and we were soon free. PHEWWW. Being pressed in with all those people...TRAPPED... gave me the serious wiggins.

So I promised some pics, and here they are!

Rocking my new CANADA toque. Hot, right?

My neighbour, Leanne, and I along with an annoyingly reflective volunteer!

Hubby waiting for the torchy action. Feel the excitement.

Heineken sponsors Holland House. Cool.

The big screen.

The Crowd.

The very popular Coke trailer. No idea what the BFD was there, but people were linin' up!

Nod to the Chinese community in Richmond and Lunar New Year

That's the fabulous Rick Hansen, the Man in Motion, bringing in the torch.

My Olympic Spirit overfloweth

And slightly more normal...

So there it is! Good times, except for the crowd and freezing! It also seemed to cause a relapse with my blasted coughing. I felt like crud all night and took today off to get some rest. Blahhh.

So tomorrow is weigh-in and I'm tellin ya now you may want to look away from the carnage. Not pretty. I am not giving up though. Those last pounds ARE coming off. This summer I am going to have a toned bod and rock short shorts and tank tops!!

Tomorrow...the bad news.


Shane P said...

Damn it girl!! Don't you look all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Love the boggin and the jacket you wear them both well!! You were right that jacket was awesome. 30000 people all in one place. Don't think I could have done that! Good luck on the weigh in and try not to have a relapse of the hacks!! Good talking to you last night!!!

Tiffany said...

You look cute!!!

As for the weigh-in, I wouldn't worry about it. As soon as you get back in your routine, those pounds are going to fly off!!

Erin said...

Believe me what was in the coke truck was not all that least the concession people actually sold you a touque. I lost my gloves on the walk to the relay in my home town *back in December* and the staff wouldn't sell me a pair of the olympic gloves because they 100 pairs they had were just for display. Congrats on all your hard work.

Yum Yucky said...

What fun! And I'd totally love to see one of those dragon thingys in person.

TC said...

Erin: Thank you for stopping by! I am following your blog now. Congrats on your re-commitment!

Yum Yucky: Thank you as well for stopping by! I have subscribed to your blog, and luuurve your taste testing posts! So funny and informative!