Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FAT ALERT...and Olympics stuff

I feel faaaat! Bloated! Corpulent! Clunky! Rolly polly! Paunchy! And just plain FLESHY. The scale is up another pound (do you like how I attribute the weight to the scale and not my fat ass?). I am seriously cursing out this cold that I believe has slowed down my fat-burning furnace that was on such a roll. I was sedentary for over a week. I haven't been eating the cupboards bare, but yes, probably a bit more than I should. I guess those two things combined are fucking with my weight loss.

Today I am keeping my calories down. I rode the bike for 1/2 hr with weights last night 'cause it was too late to shred after grocery shopping (we had to watch House...priorities, ya know). I won't be able to work out this eve though since we are heading down the street to watch the Olympic Torch come to my town (Richmond). There will be a lot of entertainment and some fireworks as well, and it's all for free! Since we will be walking there and back, I will get a TINY bit o' exercise, so that's good. I will take some pics to show y'all tomorrow. Catch that Olympic spirit! This is where we will be...

I also have tickets to a medal ceremony for next week featuring the musical stylings of the fabulous Barenaked Ladies. Those not familiar with the group, they are neither bare naked, nor ladies. A misleading moniker to be sure, but they are seriously entertaining live and very funny/cool/funky. I am excited because it's really the only Olympic event I get to go to...other than the free stuff happening around my town.

There are some mixed feelings around here about hosting the Olympics. On one hand it's good that we got the infrastructure, like the Canada Line SkyTrain that links Richmond to Vancouver. A beauty 20 min. ride now.

Also road improvements were made to the Sea to Sky Hwy linking Vancouver and Whistler. We now have a fabulous venue, the Olympic Oval in Richmond as well. It's a gorgeous building and I know it will be put to good use after the Olympics are over.

Sorry for the tiny pics. You get the idea though. And I am sure many of you will see it if you watch any of the speed skating excitement!

However, we also were promised some low-cost housing that is now the Olympic Village. Only problem is that it's not in any way low cost- probably in the $400-600 000 range or higher. Hmmm methinks they missed the mark there.

Lots of people think that the billions of dollars spent on the Olympics could be better spent on health care, education and all those little piddly things. My school district has a budget shortfall of NINE MILLION dollars next year. No problem! I'm sure no one will lose a job over that pittance! Noooo. Pretty sure no kids will suffer either. For sure not. And the consensus pretty much is that we will not make the $$ back that we have shelled out for the Olympics. Too bad, so sad. I guess we will see what the fallout will be for hosting this huge event.

I have to wonder, too, how the tourists from around the globe are feeling right now as they wander the streets of Vancouver. Like maybe, um...is there supposed to be snow? Lol! No! We don't get that shite here! Well, very very little. The best part is that it's hovering around 10 degrees most days. The weekend was reported at 15 or so. That's 50 and 59 Fahrenheit for you 'Mericans. Take that ya parka-wearing snow seekers! Of course, mild weather down here doesn't bode well for the mountains either. Whistler is fine, and that's where most of the alpine events are. The big problemo is with Cypress Mountain. They are woefully snow-less right now. Rain and warm temps have them scrambling like little snow-scavenging ants up there! They've been stockpiling snow in bales, and now I've heard they are getting snow sent in from other places! Crazy town. Maybe not such a hot idea to host the WINTER Olympics in a city with a mild climate during an El NiƱo year. Hmmmm?

Alright I'm Olympics outted for now. Wish me luck battling the bulge to get down to my 160 goal before my 80th b-day.

I have to add: I found this cool contest at Endurance Isn't Only Physical, and this fab girl, Tricia, is giving away a running skirt! I have never seen such a thing, but OMG do I EVER want one now! I love the "athletic" style that has the shorts underneath. Check out her blog! I am not a runner...yet...but when I do it, damn if I don't wanna be rocking a skirt!

Take it easy blogger peeps.


Heidi said...

We had the flame go by here yesterday. I even got to hold the torch - heeheee.

Its crazy how warm it is here this year. But hey, we had a good layer of frost this morning. Think that will help - hahhaa.

I have to laugh at all the Olympic wear in the stores - like Walmart. TONS of hats, mittens, scarves. I was telling my husband that maybe they should be selling bikinis and sunscreen.

TC said...

Yay Heidi! Let's hear it for BC girls! How did I miss you joining my blog? Please forgive my rudeness! I joined yours today. :) I love runners...I find you all fascination and inspiring. I really hope to be one someday!

soontobe...skinnygirl said...

I didn't realize you were in Canada, let alone BC! I'm from Sask and I'm coming to the games next week. I've volunteered to work in the Sask Pavillion. I'm really excited and a little apprehensive at the same time...sooooo many people! Should be good though!

I'm terribly jealous of your medal ceremony tickets and seeing the Ladies. I've loved them for years and they put on a great show! Have fun!!!

TC said...

Wow,that's very cool! I hope you enjoy your time here. :) I will take pics of the ceremony next week too, and BNL! Whoo!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

One of my lifelong dreams is to attend the Olympics some day.

BTW, I'm getting over a cold right now too and can totally relate to how you are feeling. I feel like my body is turning to mush. How are you knees doing with the lack of activity? Mine are a little stiff.

Tricia said...

hey girl, the discount will be refunded on checkout according to RunningSkirts.com. So I guess that means when the entire thing is submitted. If you place an order and its NOT refunded then you can shoot them an email and they will happily correct the problem. :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Aren't you over that damned cold yet?!

Miss ya girl!

kanishk said...

I guess that means when the entire thing is submitted. If you place an order and its NOT refunded then you can shoot them an email and they will happily correct the problem.
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