Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh my drippiness!

Hey there hi there...ahh you know the rest. It's been a few days, so I could feel my blog calling me all forlornly, wanting some face time. Finger time? Hmm that sounds bad. Ok, moving on!

I made a terrific discovery this evening. I found out that exerting myself physically at this stage of my (damned interminable) cold causes my nose to run like O.J. Simposn in the ol' white Bronco*. Not pretty, folks. Jillian leaves no time for water drinking, let alone shnoz wiping. Needless to say the neighbour may be wondering about the wounded water buffalo noises coming from my apartment as I attempted to keep my overflowing sinus goo from dripping on the carpet. You are welcome for that audio-visual gem.

Working out has been difficult the last little while. I did nothing Friday since we were so firmly ensconced on the couch, faces glued to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Yes, we are Vancouver, the city that couldn't get it up...yeah yeah. :P Then Saturday...oy enough with this cold! I woke up stuffyy-headed with a swollen throat and aches. Things just got worse as the day progressed. I became this whiny ball of ache and ick lazing around on the couch. Today I had to face Jillian....and I did.

Despite my spotty workout schedule, I've been weighing in at 165 for the last few days. Let's see if that will last until Thursday so it can become official, yes?

Would anyone think me crazy if I said I kinda want to be in the 150's now? Lol! I's crazy. It' still well within the healthy range for my height. I think "low" for me is the high 130's somewhere. But, I was doing some research on body type, and measuring my wrists and this weirdo elbow measurement, I discovered my frame is between small and medium. I have very thin wrists and ankles and slim hips. My shoulders are fairly broad for a woman, but I think overall I am of a medium build. Allowing for that, I think I should be a lil' lighter. We'll see what I feel like when I get to 160. Still have a lot of excess fat in the tummy area that's annoyinnnnng me. YaknowwhatImean girls?

I'm excited for tomorrow! We are heading downtown to take in the insanity that is Vancouver right now. Jason is there with some friends right now, and he said that some areas are CRAZY busy. The lineups to get into the Olympic Houses are HOURS long. Some Houses are charging! Wtf? I may have the country wrong, but Jason said Slovakia House wants $60 for the privilege. Wha? Seriously? Lame, lame, LAME. Anyway, we are planning to go down as early as possible so I can see some of the insanitorama for myself. Then we head to BC place to see the Victory Ceremony's snowboarding something? Lol can you tell I care a lot? I just wanna BE there. Plus, as I mentioned the fab Barenaked Ladies are playing. :)

I will take pics and share with you in the next couple days!

Oh, and I don't know if I mentioned my lil' cousin was pregnant and having a difficult pregnancy. Well, she's been in and out of the hospital for weeks, and they had to deliver today. She had placenta previa (basically the placenta attached in the wrong spot and was in danger of detaching, causing massive bleeding for mom, and bad news for babe), and the baby's heart rate started to slow. Out he comes! 3lbs 12 oz....and healthy! Just on some oxygen for now. Mom's all good as well. I will go see them on Wednesday. Man, that's two preemies in the last few months! C'mon babies, stay in there a little longer, willya?

Hope everyone had a great day and all that!

*I realize I will lose some of you younger folk with this reference. Google it.


Sherri said...

Have fun in Vancouver!

Shane P said...

Poor OJ he never is going to live that down!! Hope you get better soon and the drip, drip, drips, dry up and your shredding your way through a non-mucus workout soon!!