Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Postiness...just for Anonymous!

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but this post is for Anonymous commenter who said that she/he needed some encouragement from a fellow weight-loss soldier. You can do this Anonymous! If you've had a bad day of eating, just start fresh! Each day is a new day to eat the right things, to give your body what it really needs. I've never thought I should just throw in the towel due to an off day or even an off couple of days. You have done great things to get where you are, and I can know this even without knowing you or your story. So keep it up! It has worked for me to be persistent even in the face of lonnnng plateaus of no change. I've lost 60 lbs because of that persistence. Now YOU do it. :)

I am trying a new DVD today. Got the Biggest Loser: Cardio this time around. I'll let you know what I think. Still trying to work out 5 days a week. Kinda failed there in that today will be day 4 only. :( I think I am in a maintenance phase right now, peeps. I don't have the will to push myself further. I am planning on doing some weight training and the running thing, so maybe that will help. Don't worry though, I am still watching my food and exercising! If I stopped it would be less maintenance and more gaining all the weight back, and to that I give a big HELL NO!

That being said, I was perusing my blog feed, and discovered that have received an award from the lovely Karen at Fitness: A Journey Not a Destination. If you haven't read her blog, you really should! She has excellent posts and great advice for those seeking a more fit lifestyle. Plus, she is one of my bestest commenters! Thanks for following along with me on my journey Karen!

So for this award, I must give some of my "bests". I think there are some set "bests", which you can see on Karen's blog, but I believe I will do my own, too. :)

Best Meal Ever
Hmm...I think I'd have to say our romantic dinner in Vegas at the Striphouse. It was so delicious, and we were so well-taken-care of by our many waiters.

Best Sleep Ever
I can't think of a specific one, but I love to sleep in a slightly cold room with a big, fluffy comforter that I can "cocoon" in. This is preferably with my cozy snuggle-bunny of a husband! Oh, and I have to know I don't have to get up early the next day...that is pure joy and luxury.

Best Childhood Memory
Some of my best memories from childhood are from when my parents ran a campsite in White Rock, B.C. right near the Canada-U.S. border and, best of all, the beach! I remember long hours of beach-combing, hunting baby crabs (not to harm them, but to get all wigged out and squeal and giggle when we did fine 'em), building sandcastles, looking for beach glass, splashing around in the ocean, followed by evenings around a bonfire with family and friends. We'd sit on driftwood logs, and rocks heated by the sun and roast marshmallows. Loved that.

Best Thing Someone Has Done For Me
I think I have to go to my parents for this one. I had an amazing childhood, and my parents gave that to me. They were both caring, kind and loved us very much. They did so much for us, I can't even begin to list them here. My dad was so patient and funny. We lost him to cancer nearly four years ago. Four years March 10th, actually. He was always, always, always there when I needed him, and I really couldn't imagine a better dad. *Sigh* I miss him so much. My mom is amazing, too. She was tireless and giving and, really, she still is! If I need anything, my mom is there in a heartbeat. Yup, pretty lucky in the parent department.

Best Place to Live
Ok, I added this one, because it is clearly RIGHT HERE! I love living in southwestern BC. We have the mildest climate in Canada, and the most beautiful mountains, forests and ocean. And right now, we have the OLYMPICS! Olympic fever has hit us hard, and I love it. Right now millions of Canadians are settling in for the big hockey game. We are tense, we are excited, we are ready to kick US ASS! :) By the time you read this the game will likely be over, and I hope we are still riding on the high of winning GOLD! A friend on Facebook posted this, and I am stealing it to show you (thanks Lori!)...

To Whom it May Concern: We are taking this opportunity to inform you that due to hockey, Canada will be closed from 12Noon - 3PM, Sunday Feb 28, 2010. Thank you for understanding. ▌♥ ▌ GO CANADA GO ▌♥ ▌

I am supposed to pass this award on to five bloggers, but I am gonna be lame and just say it's for ALL you fabulous bloggers out there. Keep being honest, people!


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I love how positive and happy you are Tammy. But it also wants to make me puke lol. You know I heart you girl!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Thanks for taking the time to post. I didn't expect anyone to write anything up. I just wanted to acknowledge you and let the whole blogging community know that I enjoy coming to your blog.

I am an American, but how great was that hockey game?

Anonymous said...

THAT was a hockey game! I love serious hockey (like the World Juniors, the Stanley Cup finals and the Olympics) and that was a fantastic game! Kudos to the American team, they played a great game, and their goalie played like a French Canadian (that's a compliment). Gotta love it!


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