Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ready for my margarita on the beach now!

I can't believe I am going to Mexico on Saturday! Whooo! It's my first time in Mexico, and also my first time at an all inclusive resort. So exciting! 

Today I took a walk down to the beach with my bff Lara  and her adorable little guy. It's a nice downhill walk to the beach followed by a brutal uphill climb to get back. Phew! 

I thought I would share an updated pic with y'all since I've lost about 5 lbs or so since the last pics were taken. 

That's Logan with me on the White Rock pier. 
He was thrilled to get his pic taken! Later he picked me flowers though ;)

Other than that walk, I haven't exercised much this week. Well, there was the five more hours of manual labour. Oy. I used a wrecking bar to remove the rest of the tile and then chipped away at the most stubborn tile mortar known to humans. It was maddening to take off, and physically exhausting. My back hurt, my hands hurt, and my baby toe hurt from the hammer I dropped on it. Um. Oops. Last night I woke up with the most intense pain in my hand. I guess I had it curled up in a fist as I slept, and it stiffened up. Man...ouchie. I took some drugs and put a heating pad on it and went back to sleep. When I woke up, it was good! My back is ok today I think I got off lucky. When I told the lovely husband about my pain, he said, "Ok, that's it. You aren't working in the bathroom anymore!" Sweet, huh? He's gonna try this Dremel tool thingy on the remaining mortar tomorrow. We're going to tile when we get back since Jason has another week off. THEN we can list this bitch and get the hell outta here! 

Well, next you hear from me, I'll be fresh from Mexico! I'm sure I will inundate you with a ton of pictures as well.  Here's to NOT gaining back those 5 lbs while away!

Later studs. :)


April said...

I hope you have a blast in Mexico! You are looking fabulous.

Lucas said...

Have a blast and flaunt your stuff sister. You look great!!!! You are my current inspiration!

Fat Daddy said...

Enjoy your trip. Do the best you can on the 5 pounds, but most of all...enjoy! You have certainly earned it...skinny girl!

Lara said...

You look fabulous babe!So happy you were able to come by yesterday. Have fun in Mexico. Gave you a shout out today in my blog, too :)

Kelsey said...

Enjoy your trip!

Kimberly said...

Just found your blog and you're doing so great! Have a fab time in Mexico (and thanks for making me all jealous!) You will love it!
The White Rock pic is great... to you live on top of one of those mega hils? I'm out in Abbotsford and love the days spent at White Rock!
take care, Kimberly