Monday, April 12, 2010

Tile demo broke my husband and then there was the Wk2D1

Blisters, swollen hands, bruises....the man is a wreck. He's been chipping away at this friggin tile mortar for DAYS. All on his week off, mind you. He came out of the bathroom yesterday red-faced, dripping with sweat, swaying on his feet. And it's still not done! Holy hannah what the crap is this stuff made of, and can we build everything with it?!? Imagine the longevity! 10 000 years from now, yup, that shit is still standing. Meanwhile it is driving the man insane. We may actually have to hire someone to do the larger bathroom and foyer; that shit could take a month!

But, being the super-trooper that he is, hubby still slugged out with me on the track for the start of week 2 on the Couch to 5k. I had my Canada hoodie, the iPod podcast with the scary robot voice telling us when to walk/run, and a bit o'frear in my heart. I know the run was only 30 seconds longer, but dang it feels like forEVA. Civilizations rise and fall during that time; entire species evolve, prosper and die out; planets form, go supernova and become black holes. We're talking EONS.

But it ended.

And you know what? I think it got a tiny bit easier.


I also realized that though hubby seemed like he could run faster on the minute run, with this one he hasn't been able to catch his breath in the 2 min. walk. But I can. Thank you Jillian, Bob and recumbent bike for giving me good recovery time! Whoooo! So yeah, the running kicks my ass at the very end of the eternity 1.5 minutes, but dang if I am not almost normal by the time I have to run again.

Shout out to Chrystie for doing her last day of week 3 today! Whoooo!

That's all my tired ass has for now...I'm going to try to go hydrate (TMI ALERT!) my pee has been DARK since my little drinking fest (equal parts water to booze, got it Chrystie).



Seth said...

I love renovation! great job on the recovery time.

Tiffany said...

Poor hubby...I hate when projects don't go as easily as we hope!
Good job getting out there for week two...keep going strong. You are doing fantastic!!