Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anyone have a bra to fit a 52" chest? Someone's gonna neeed one!

Partied a little too hard last night, but had a lot of fun. My friend Cory and I got our drink on a bit and went to a friend's metal show. Unfortunately it will be my last show due to some stupid high school drama b.s that I won't even get into.

One highlight of the night was getting to meet Cory's friend, Chrystie (hola girl, if you are reading!). Turns out that when I gave him a link to the Couch 2 5k info, he passed it onto Chrystie and she's been rocking it for THREE WEEKS! Whooo! Pretty cool, no? She also told me that we don't HAVE to run the whole 10k in the Uncover the Cure run. We can do 5k and Cory can do the 10! That takes a lot of presssure off the run! I should be fine doing the 5k by July. Ahhh so much better.

I am putting the drama behind me and foucsing on kicking Cory's ass in the 10lb challenge. Dude is SO wearing lingerie for his run. Don't forget to wax that bikini area Cor!

I am running the first day of week 2 tomorrow. Running and extra 30 seconds doesn't seem like long, but I already want to die after 45 seconds of running. SO SAD. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. If I say it enough times I may believe it.



Anonymous said...

You might wanna consider some tanning minutes, you are very fair skinned and your mid section will really stand out during the uncover the cure run.

Anonymous said...

I SO have to come out and see you all in your finest! And Cory, you know Tammy will look fabulous in anything she wears! Bared midsection and all! But, then again, she's pretty intent on kicking your ass and when she sets her mind to something, look out!


Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

just wait until you get to week That's where I am! You get to run for 3 whole minutes...twice! lol.... we can do it though, we can or will die trying!

Fat Daddy said...

The running will totally get easier. Sorry I don't have any bras in that size. Probably oculd have used one, but thankfully never invested in a "bro".