Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is that wet stuff falling from the sky...?

A large flock of high-flying birds? No. It is RAIN. And I am running in it.

The rain. Me. Running. These things don't mix. No, these things plain ol' JUST DON'T HAPPEN.

And we're not talking, we left to run and it started to rain, oh darn the luck, scenario. Nope. We, the intrepid two, braved the elements to run. So I am just a tad proud of us. :)

Oh, and don't you worry about me running in the cold ick of rain 'cause I roll like this:

I know. Hot.

I also did some upper body strength training with my trainer gal today. I think it went well! She had this whole routine done up for me. We'll see if I'm sore tomorrow for our next session! I also weighed in for my "Last Ten lbs." challenge...170 lbs. At least it give me a nice, round number to work with. 160 here I come beeyotch!

Oh, and I wanted to share with you that we are doing a little DIY project in the bathroom. New tile! Whooo! We forgot to do a before pic, so here's one after hubby has already bashed away some of the old tile. Damn that shit is ug-ly!

Stay tuned for the finished product. Or a picture of a half-finished bathroom with broken tile strewn about. Here's hoping for the former!


Jessica said...

How do you cope with the water flying in to your face while running? It drives me crazy! And I find the ground super slippery :(

Fat Daddy said...

Way to go iron chick! You'll have that 160 in no time!

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Awesome Job. I almost had to run in the rain, but lucky it stopped just before I got out there.

That's awesome that you are doing the last 10 lb book camp. that sounds awesome.

Have fun with the Renos! I hope to do the same with my bathroom soon.

Alexia said...

Yayyy for being so close to your goal! Yipppe!

Kelsey said...

Look at you running in the rain! Awesome. Good luck with the bathroom =D

TC said...

Jessica: Omg,the rain in the face SUCKED. I was not very happy with that aspect of the run fo sho. I thought maybe a hat with a brim would help.

Sonya: Thanks babe! My challenge is with a friend though- no boot camp! We are just gonna see who can lose 10 lbs first.

Alexia: close! :)

Kelsey: Thanks! We will need all the luck we can get! Such newbies here.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I used to tie my hoodie hood so closed that only my eyes peeked out...ya know like Kenny from South Park? Yeah that was hot!

You'll get to your goal woman!

PS: That tile is oogly!