Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running time....what kind of weird black hole crap is this?!?

Day 2 is done! I survived! Wheeeeeeeee! Yes, I am just that excited I didn't collapse and die. Matter o' fact it was a bit easier today. I hope it wasn't me just being delusional and thinking it was easy so I didn't wanna curl up and die at the thought of doing three minutes next week. Three minutes! Seems like nothin'. Three minutes in t.v. watching time, blogging time, reading time is like NOTHING, a blip, a puff, a little wisp of cotton floating by. Running time is like a stretched out rubber band, a never-ending reel of a movie shown in gr. 10 science class about dissecting frogs, one of those techno songs that goes on forever or is really 10 songs running back-to-back, but they sound exactly the same, so you don't even know it. Running time is very much like "being in the dentist's chair time" or "waiting for the gynecologist with nothing on from the waist down but a paper sheet time". Running time you need to multipy by 10, then add 100.

But I'm sure it will get better.

I worked my arms today with trainer gal (my 17 yr-old student), and she KILLED my triceps. Well done! She is just so sweet and nice, so I have been trying to get her to PUSH more (like evil trainers must do to get us to move our fat, lazy asses). Next time we are going to put in some cardio intervals to keep my heart rate up. Gotta burn those calories so I can kick Cory's ass.

Things aren't going too swimmingly on the weight-loss front. I have to get my body out of its comfy "maintenance mode". I may be down a pound, but I'll have to see what the scale says tomorrow. I do feel stronger though, and MAY have more definition in my arms. Oh! And a really tiny, teeny faint imprint of what could be a 2-pack! Still too much flab to see any more definition, but I know it's hiding under there...the elusive 6-pack. Not that I have any delusions of achieving said 6-pack. I think my body fat percentage would have to be wayyy down for that action. Not really interested in going that low.

Hope you all are doing well...I'm trading laptop for pillow and hitting the hay!


dani31608 said...

Loved your time warp comparisons. Too funny!

You're doing GREAT! Keep up the good work. I know it sounds crazy but it does get easier.

Anonymous said...

The competitor in me says, youre right, its way to tough, just give up so i can win. The friend in me says you can do it i know you can. The more you believe the easier it is, and yes with time it becomes less of a chore. It will also help kick start the weight loss again...

Shane P said...

Congrats on the killer workout! Just reading about the running gets my heart rate up. I hope Cory has scheduled that wax job!! Good luck and keep up the good work!!