Monday, April 19, 2010

3 minutes...bah! I laugh in the face of 3 minutes!

The Bad News: hubby's knees are down for the count and he couldn't run today.

The Good News: he came out with me and walked while I ran Week 3 Day 1 of the Couch to 5k! Whooo!

The Great News: The three minutes didn't kill me, or even maim me a little!

It was so nice of the big man to come and support me while I ran the three minute long intervals I was sooo worried about. He rocks, fo sho. :)

We are also organizing our team for the Uncover the Cure Underwear Affair 10k run. Looks like our team will be the military themed "Going Commando". One of our members, Cory is ex- military and owner of Valley Combat and Tactical, a store that sells camouflage clothes (and much more), etc. so it kinda fits! The five of us have to raise $300 each to participate. !!Yipes!! I gotta get my money-beggin booties on and get out there. Perhaps maybe YOU would like to donate? I will provide a link to help me out later. It's such a worthy cause! Check out the Uncover the Cure link up there for more info.

I really am excited to be running like this! I can't believe I am doing, even as I am doing it. Oh, but it was fun hearing, "Hey, it's Mrs. Carpenter!" and "Hiii Mrs. Carpenter!" as I did my slow-ass jog around the track. Yup, a bunch of students were there finishing up playing Ultimate Frisbee. Figures. This is what I get for living in the town I teach in!

It's ok, 'cause I looked cute doing it!

I wish I could say that with the weight training and running I am losing weight, but alas no. Not so much. BUT I do feel stronger and leaner, so maybe things are happening not related to the scale, yes?

Oh, more pics for you! My little nephew's b-day party on the weekend.

7 yr. olds are notoriously camera shy

The cupcakes are evil. I will just stand here and make sure they harm no one.

The annual "stretching of the child" or...birthday bumps, whichever.

I can touch the ceiling!

What I look like from the POV of someone about 7' tall...or someone 4' sitting on the shoulders of someone 6'5. Yeah pretty sure my math is off there.

K, time to disengage from laptop and SLEEP.

Later y'all.


Seth said...

good post. I haven't ran into any of my student's while running but my kids know that I run all of the time now -- some of them have actually started running and have been coming up to me telling me about their runs -- umm. running adventures that is.

TC said...

Seth: Lol nice of them to share their... runs with you. :)

Tiffany said...

Nice of the hubby to get out there with you...happy running this week. Cute pics of the b-day party too ☺

TC said...

Thanks Tiffany! :) It WAS super-duper awesome of him!

Kelsey said...

Looking good, girl! I'm so proud of you for starting on week 3 and accomplishing so much!

Lucas said...

I'm so proud of the running! It's a great feeling to start seeing a change in your fitness level. Who cares about the scale?
YOU'RE A RUNNER!!!! :) Woot!

Candice said...

Brent and I are wanting to do a 5K one of these days. I think the couch to 5K program is just what we need.

Good job!

Madame DeFarge said...

Not built for running, too many things that bounce around, so kudos for you!

Anonymous said...
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