Friday, April 23, 2010

I won stuff! And...I caved *le sigh*

Week three of the Couch to 5k is HISTORY, baby! See ya! Buh-bye. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! I stared down those three minutes in a cold-steely Clint Eastwood kinda way and did not flinch. I hear week 4 makes people cry, but I know I can do it now. Five minutes? No problem. I did peek ahead at week 5 and noticed that I must run 20 minutes on day three. *gulp* But, I will trust the program to get me there. I hope.

Today was another oh-so pleasant dash through the raindrops. I wasn't thrilled to run in the rain, but I wasn't deterred either (steely-eyed, remember?). I did the run with hubby walking on the way to the store for dinner supplies. Worked out well!

The hat was nice to keep the rain outta my face and off my glasses (sorta). I think my head shrank 'cause the hat seemed really big! Did I have a fat head!?! Freaky man.

What's up with that flash? Yikes!

Mug girl, mug for the camera!

But seriously, I mean bidness.

So that's all good news. Some other news, well I'm not so proud of. I don't even know how to say it. Maybe I should whisper it.

I am twittering.

AHHH! I know! I blame the fabulous Kirstie Alley. Now, there is a gorgeous sexy woman at ANY size. She's a big twitterer, so I checked it out...and set up an account. Such a caver! She's doing great with her weight loss- just announced 30 lbs down. Good on her! Plus, I'm kinda all atingle 'cause she just back to me!

So, um...yeah...if you wanna follow me, I won't object- just go down to my twitter feed on the right side there. Go on. Do it. You know you want to.

Ok, enough's some REALLY good news. I won! I won a prize! I won a prize from Tricia at Fight Fat Phobia! She's awesome! Ok, done with the obnoxious overly-happy pants exclamation marks. I am super happy that I won this very cool box o' goodies though! And Tricia is a truly hilarious blogger who is working her azz of doing the weight-loss thing. If you haven't checked her out. GO. NOW. Ok, maybe not now. You can finish reading my blog first. Yes, because there are pictures. You should follow Tricia because she may send you kick-ass crap like she sent me! Behold the wonder! The dazzling colours! The tiny representation of Richard Simmons! (I know, exclamation marks...they just kinda come out like an incontinent poodle that gets really excited when people come to the door).

There it is in alll its glory...and her blog is on my laptop, natch

What you see: A card congratulating me on my pregnancy (lol- see inside the card later), trident layers gum, yummy body lotions, a funky vegetable peeler, some green tea to go, 100 cal pack of nuts, 100 cal Reese bar, melon mango Tic Tacs (yum!), some low cal popcorn, Werther's sugar-free Minis, super-cool cat butt air freshener, kitty-cat coin purse being menaced by a army man. AND the piece de resistance...a RICHARD SIMMONS pin! Yeahhhh boiiiiiii! You know you feel jealousy.

That army man is just vicious!
"Take one step closer to the almonds and the cat get's it!"

Hee hee! She funny lady.

Ooh too much flashy...but what a cool lil' gadget!

I adore this. Seriously. I can't wait to look at this cat's ass in my car every day!

Blurry army man. I have no skills.

So cute! You know you want.

So THANK YOU Tricia, you fabulous woman for making my day! I loved getting this stuff! And can I just say, the nuts, the chocolate and 1/2 tic tacs are already gone? Heh.

That's all I got for you today. I'm spent. Maybe just one more tic tac....ahhhhh.


Anonymous said...


Tricia said...

Woohoo! So glad you finally got it! Who knew it would take so long for something to get to Canada? Shows you how often I send international :)

Shane P said...

Damn It Girl!! You made out like a bandit!! Way to go on the running!! Just keep saying to yourself, I kept run ning, and run ning, and run ning!!

Candice said...

Congrats on the win!

By the way, I bought the iphone couch to 5k app and I'm planning on starting today! Wish me luck. ;)

Coley said...

I saw the photo on the card before reading your entry and I was like - OMG when did she announce she was PREGNANT!!!!

haha emo preggos.