Monday, April 26, 2010

Milestones missed- what was there a shiny thing?

I can't believe that I let two big milestones just flutter on by without noticing them! Well, here I go making up for that appalling lapse of attention!

1. My 200th post! Yup, I have put fingers to keyboard and sent my blatherings out in to the bloggosphere 200 times. Crazy.

2. The 1 year anniversary of my blogging/weight-loss journey! I started this blog April 22, 2009. During the past year a few things have happened:

  • I started exercising and watching what I ate
  • I started drinking water, water, water
  • I learned that being hungry wasn't the end of the world
  • I gained muscle and self-confidence in my physical capabilities
  • I did the 30 Day Shred
  • I started running, (ME RUNNING!) with the Couch to 5k running plan and am nearly 1/2 way through
  • I agreed to run a 5k in July
  • I started strength training
  • I lost over 60 lbs (and counting!)
  • I went from a size 14/16 to a 8/10
  • I've met amazing people and made fantastic friends along this journey
And most importantly, all these things add up to me creating a healthier, more active lifestyle that I can continue for the rest of my days!

So there they are! Two biggies. I can't believe how different I look and feel from that day in April 2009 when I decided THIS IS IT, I'm losing weight for good this time, and hey, why not blog about it? I needed something to keep me motivated and accountable, and it worked! So thank you, my dear readers to following along with me this past year. I love reading your blogs, and I am so grateful you are here with me!

In other news, I finished day 1 of week 4 of the Couch to 5k today! Whoo! I mentioned I was a bit scared of the five minute run in week 4, so i twas with some trepidation that I set off this afternoon. O course, it was raining again. Blah! Wearing a hat helps, but I don't like rain in my face! So I got through the first interval of 3 minutes, and then a speedy 1.5 minutes of walking went by and suddenly Mr. Scary Robot Voice was telling me to get ready for my five minute run! Ahhhh! I asked hubby to wish me luck (he was walking with me) and off I went! I am happy to say that, although the five minutes seemed to go on FOREVER, I got my breathing in a nice rhythm and I did it NO PROBLEM! Yeahhh! I actually felt like I could go on if I had to! I found I was breathing in for 2 counts and out for three. Later, it seemed more natural to breathe in for three and out for three. The only worrisome thing was that my right hand got a bit tingly at the end of my last five minute run. I hope that doesn't mean anything serious!

Doing these two five minute runs fairly easily has really made me less scared about the 20 minute run I have to do at the end of next week!

Take care all...tomorrow I do strength training with my awesome trainer gal!


Madame DeFarge said...

Congrats all round.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Congrats on both accounts!

Candice said...

Sounds like you've had a great year to me! Congrats on all of your success.

BTW, Mr. Robot voice scares me too! ha :)