Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who worked out twice to day? I did!

Last you heard from me I had done a bout with Jillian and was mightily afeared of the repercussions on any heretofore unused muscles. The verdict? Not so bad! The only muscle pain I had was in my inner thighs. This is a far, FAR cry from the aftermath of my first Jillian experience. That first time was brutal...I could barely walk and sitting down for any reason was torture. I am so dang happy that those same moves that left me a whimpering mess barely phased me this time. I attribute this to the running, and I can only assume that running doesn't work the inner thighs so much! 

I did the Shred again today, after a weekend of painting with my mom and some most excellent socializing at a BBQ. I didn't do tooo badly at the BBQ, but man the food was yum! *WARNING* The following sentences are about food- if you do not wish to hear about this please move onto the next paragraph! Cory made this delicious snapper with a spicy rub all nice and crusted on there. I really want to make this dish! The host, Mike (you may remember from his role as "door guy" and my awesome driver during the road trip) made the best pasta salad I've ever had along with an amazing teriyaki chicken. The worst of it was my chocolate chip cookies. I made some for the BBQ, and we turned them into delicious ice cream sandwiches. Mmm wow. Sorry if you are hungry now, but I warned ya! 

That being said, it inspired me to do the Jillian today. I also haven't run since...um...Thurs? So I decided to do TWO workouts and ran around 9:15 p.m. I did my quick run again, and it kicked my ass. Man, running fast is hard! But I really do feel great doing it (other than the panting and wanting to die, as I just mentioned to my friend Chrystie). I am really hoping that eventually this pace will feel normal. How freakin' awesome would that be? I can just haul ass around town for my runs? Sweet. 

I am considering a repeat of this tomorrow. Weigh-in is Wed, and I am expecting a gain, or no loss. Oh well, I am feeling stronger and have more energy these days, so I will just go with that!

Some pics for you to enjoy...

This is the forbidden photo I took all ninja-style at Bard on the Beach. Take that ya old bag picture Nazis! (no idea why it was forbidden to take pics!) It doesn't do the backdrop justice. You have to imagine the mountain that is beyond the trees. 

Mike and Chrystie, a couple of the usual suspects. :) 
Cory and his beverage say "cheers".

My two new most favouritest peeps...Mary and Sari (with a glimpse of Cory's youngest progeny)

This rather eccentric- yet bitchin- collection comes to my via Tricia at Fight Fat Phobia. I won an award for "effort" by being the only one who did up a video entry for her contest to win 300 things. I know you are all coveting my Jonas Brothers mini note pads. 

She's so sweet! And I'm a wiener!

One of the new throw pillows I got at Ikea that I love. They give me happy.

Feeling sassy!


Big Clyde said...

Nice job on the shred!

Once a Model, Now a Waddle said...

Do you think the 30 day shred is good for firming up arms? If not, do you know another exercise dvd that is good?

Keep up the good work!

Lucas said...

You are such a hard core rock star! And what a grand Non-scale victory for you!! Suh-wEEt! Take THAT Jillian, you bitch! :)

And LOVE the pillow. It gives me happy too.