Monday, July 12, 2010

A fabulous new blog for you to peruse!

I am just so excited I have to post again! My friend Lara has just started her own weight-loss blog! Whoooo!

I've known Lara since jr. high school, and we've been best buds since gr. 11. She moved away on me for TEN YEARS, but when she was able to move back here with her little guy it was like she never left. That's the kind of friendship we have! Lara is the kind of friend every girl hopes to have- she's kind, considerate, a great listener; she's always got my back and she's a helluva lot of fun to hang out with. Not to mention she's an amazing home chef! Dang can that girl cook.

 This is us around 1997, I think. Neither one of us was fat back then!
We are so friggin' cute!

 And here we are 13 years later...still pretty darn cute!

She's been struggling with her weight for a while, like me, but unlike me she is doing this shit while working as a broadcast journalist full time and being a single mom! Not an easy task, as you may know or can imagine.

I hope all of you will check out her shiny new blog, My Big Fat Blog- A Reporter's Journey to Fitness and follow her on way to weight loss! It's so hard starting out and committing to this please comment and let her know you are out there. She's a great girl with a fabulous sense of humour, and I know you will love her blog!

Ok, now I have to go work my stiff, sore ass out! Lara's already done her shred for the day (kick ass!). 

Now GO follow the link!

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Samantha said...

Gonna check it out..thanks for the recommendation!