Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exciting purchase!

It sits there it's glass surface quietly gleaming (in my hallway because there is no room in my bathroom). A statement to precision an accuracy. What is this marvel of modern technology? Why, it is my NEW SCALE! Yeahhhh! And when I weighed myself on it three times in a row to test it, it gave the exact same weight. WOW.

This is the fabulousness here:

Now that I have an accurate scale in my possession, I will now commence to post my weekly weight again. This is an important part of my whole weight loss plan since when I don't post my weight, there is no accountability's. I haven't weighed myself accurately in nearly a month. Lemme tell you there was some trepidation in my heart when I stepped on that slick new scale for the first time. Fewer workouts...maybe a little lax eating. What would the scale tell me?


Yup, a loss! Whoooo! I am in the 160's!

So I guess my weigh-in days are Wednesdays now. Let's see what this week brings!

Today wasn't I hope that it isn't going to set the tone for the week. I didn't work out today. Boo. I basically was running around all day and night.  Tomorrow may be another busy may have to put off the workout until after work. I really don't like doing that.  I did have a nice night run Tues. night though. It was getting dark, so I booted it for about 2 miles. I like running faster a lot better than slower, that's for sure. When I did the 10k I kept a slower pace, and blah. I like the feeling that I am going a little faster, widening my stride, feeling like I am covering a bit more ground, feeling my muscles push me along. It still kills my lungs a lot more than the slower pace, but hopefully that will improve as my body gets used to going faster. If I don't have time to run for 30 minutes (about 5k for me) I run faster. I feel like the extra cardio push with the increased heart-rate makes up for the shorter distance.

I have to tell you about my most excellent night! I went to Bard on the Beach, a partially outdoor theater, with the mountains as the backdrop. It was so cool! The play was Much Ado About Nothing, and it was hilarious! I really enjoyed the acting and just seeing Shakespeare done the way it is supposed to be done. I forgot just how different it is to see the plays come to life since I'm so used to just seeing words on a page.

Anyway...that's all for me. I'm gonna go admire my scale some more. :)


Samantha said...

I completely agree that running faster just feels better. And doing a shorter distance but quicker is a good thing. It helps you build endurance AND speed..bonus!

Tammy said...

That's encouraging to hear, Samantha! :)

Cris said...

Nice purchase! And loved the update! :) Keep at it Tammy! You can do this!