Sunday, July 11, 2010

Underwear Affair is over, and 10k is just a 5k on steriods!


I ran 10k yesterday for the Underwear Affair! And I survived despite the run being in July and it being freaking HOT out. I was originally just going to run 5k, 'cause that's what I trained for, but decided at the last second to go hardcore and do the 10. I am glad I did, but man was it miserable!

When I hit the first km marker I was like, seriously?!! That's all?!? Ohhh lordy I'm in trouble! I ran straight through the first 2k at least, and then had to walk a bit. At around 4k there was a water station and I had a few sips, which seemed to be a bad move 'cause that's where the nausea hit...followed by feeling all light-headed. It sucked, but I had to walk until that passed and then I ran until I felt sick again. Did that for about 5k. My face felt like it was on fire, but my legs and lungs felt fine. I really think I could have run more if it wasn't so hot. My friend Cory came back to run with me after finishing his run in the kick-ass time of 50 minutes! And that's with him stopping for a beer! Yup, some dude on a restaurant patio offered him about 1/2 a beer, and he took it and downed it. Tooo funny. But anyway, I was on the bridge at the end of the course when he found me, and he pushed my tired, dying ass to run the last kilometer or so. I even had some in me to sprint the last bit! It was really cool of him to do that, and really, it was his encouragement that had me doing the 10k in the first place! Thanks Cory. :)

I am pretty happy with my time, but I know I could have dragged ass less run more in cooler weather. But,  I did manage to do the 10k in 1 hr 13 min. Next time I will do it in under an hour...that's my plan. I think if I actually train for it (and I don't wear lingerie, say), I will do much better. This time I had only trained for 5k, so it was the longest run I've ever done!

Today I'm a bit sore, but not too bad. I didn't injure anything at least...small favours! I saw a few people limping around after the race. Eeep.

It was a good experience all in all, despite the misery I felt during the run. And it did kind of light a fire under me since now I really want to do a 10k under an hour.

Now I have to start exercising every day to lose some of these stubborn-ass 10 lbs. Only 27 more days until Mexico! My friend Lara is starting a weight loss blog soon, and we will be encouraging each other along the way here. I will be linking to her when she gets her first blog post up!

Here are some pics from the race!

Some mental preparation going on here...

 Just chillin' before the race.

 My tag to time my run. Notice it was for the 5k walk, but hell with that!

 My bows!

 Ta Da! Lingerie + sports bra + running shoes= SEXY!

Gotta show off the bows!

The team! Hawt. ;)
Kim, Chrystie, the infamous Cory et moi!

Just before the race inside the Seaforth Armoury.

And they're off! 
Sari and Mary, my new (sexy) friends, just right of centre in black and pink corsets!

The outside of the Armoury...very cool old building.

Annnd I'm done! Sooo hot, sooo tired. Just wanted to pass out and die!
(We didn't get a pic of me finishing though...booo.)

Tiny injury I discovered upon taking off my socks...bad nail clipping job I guess!

There you have it, my friends! I hope you are all doing well as summer gets going here. Just three more weeks of work for me, then MEXICO!! 


Big Clyde said...

This is an awesome achievement! Congrats on pushing yourself and doing so well! I am impressed.

By the way, the "word verification" code below is "astud"...fitting for your post today!

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

So so proud of you! Congrats on your awesome achievement! You rock girl. I know how hard a 5K is in this heat, I can only imagine a 10K. Good for you girl.
Keep going!

Lucas said...

BADASS running warrior AND HOTASS chick in lingerie. No wonder we hang together! :) Congrats and um, your time is AWESOME!!!

Sari said...

Your time WAS awesome indeed Tammy! I trained for 13 weeks to do my last 10K and my time was 1:18. You ROCKED that 10K! And you looked damn fine while you rocked it! I'm SOO glad you decided to do it!

Tiffany said...

Nice job completing your first 10K. That race looks like so much fun too! LOVE THE FISHNETS :) Happy running...

Samantha said...

That's awesome!! You look so gorgeous in that first pic and your outfi was super cute too! And I got a similar injury suring my race this weekend too...very shocking when I finally got my socks off!

Cory said...

Again, everyone is right, you did awesome! Can't wait to see your time next year!

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