Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I is aliiiiiiive!

Just in case you were worried, I have not, in, fact expired. I have just been really busy and not feeling very bloggy. Sorry. :(

So let me sum up the excitement that is my life...

1. I finished teaching for the year...the last weeks were a whirlwind of insanity and that's with NO KIDS AROUND. I couldn't believe how busy and stressed I was! Fuck that noise. I just wanna sit in my room and slowly start to put shit away and half-assedly start planning for next year. Is that too much to ask!?!

2. I played golf. Again. For the fourth time ever. Each year the staff do a social thing, and we always pay golf. What saves it from being a boring crapfest is I get to do it with cool people (hey Asha and Kim!), wear costumes and best of all, DRINK! We decided to dress up as "Ladies Who Lunch" and wear nice dresses. It was pretty hilarious to see us golfing all dressed up.

Hottest. Golfers. Ever.

 Practicing...boy do I need it!

 Love these girls!

3.  I started summer school...teaching gr. 8 and 9 ESL beginners. So far, so good, but spent a LOT of time planning for this shit, and now we have to reign it in big time 'cause there are some really weak kids in the group. Le sigh.

4. I have continued to run in a begrudging manner. Still not enjoyable...nope not even a little. Oh, ok I will admit it feels really darn good when I STOP.

5. I have not lost or gained any weight in oh, um....let's see....hmm...SIX MONTHS. 

6. I am gearing up for my Underwear Affair run on Saturday. AHHHHH! First run! AHHHHH again! People dress up in crazy outfits- mostly undergarments with varying degrees of coverage, so I need an outfit! I am leaning towards fishnets, black boyshorts, and my sports bra all covered with this teddy-type thing with a front closing bra trimmed in pink. It's semi-transparent but still covers a lot, so even though my stomach is kind of exposed, it's kind of not. Yes...that makes much sense.

7.  I am going to Mexico in a month! All inclusive, natch. :) Very exciting! Plus, the fact that I must wear a bathing suit for extended periods has me a bit freaked out.

8. Hubby and I are trying to get our asses out of this tiny condo and into a bigger, better, faster, stronger domicile. Most likely a 1600+ sq. ft. townhouse with a yard of some sort. That means we are getting off our lazy asses to do the 500 things that need doing before we can list. Yay...I love painting, de-cluttering and tiling! But, if it gets me my new home, where I may actually have enough space to have PEOPLE over...and hey, maybe a GUEST room...I will bloody well do it!

9. I almost forgot! We went to Whistler for a quick getaway after school was finished. It happened to be Canada Day as well, so we had some free entertainment! Love the hotel we were in, too. It was right on the Village Stroll (main walkway through Whistler Village), and we could even watch the Canada Day parade from our balcony! Cooool.

Jason missed the giant heave graceful leap onto the bed.

We likey balcony!

Jason's ready to get his patriotism on!

True North Strong and Free! (so say the boobs, so say I)

Last pic to commemorate our lovely, relaxing mini-vacay.

10. Oh, for the weight-loss thing I am going to start working out every day again. The increased exercise seems to work best for me. I am thinking running on day, then doing shred or bike the other. I also want to do weights in my building's crapass "gym" after my runs. Gotta keep the arm boobies nice and toned (right Cory?).  ;)

Hope y'all can forgive me for being MIA for so long. I have been peeking in on you from time to time. :)



Samantha said...

Looks like you have been really busy but welcome back! Good for you for maintaining your weight loss and making a plan to get back to the gym.

Oh and hello hot golfer alert!!

coloradosugar said...

Have missed you! Glad all is OK!!:)

Lucas said...

Welcome back. You look fab. Loved the pics. Awesome job on the maintenance. You are a friggin ROCK STAR sistah!

KellyNY said...

I forgive you for being MIA. I'm just so glad you're back!