Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A bad case of the Ishoulds

Yup, I've got it pretty bad. It's a terrible disease the Ishoulds. Really,  it's just another manifestation of lazyassery.

I sit around and say:

I should go run. 

I should do some sit ups before I lose my lil' two pack.

I should go to the gym in the building and use the weights there. 

I should face Jillian and do the 30 Day Shred again. 

I should try to eat something healthy.

I should drink some more water. 

I should, I should, I should.  Blah diddy blah blah blah. Talk is cheap, lady!

The terrible thing about the Ishoulds, is that it rarely translates into any action. There is no will in a should. No determination. And it almost makes the lazyassery worse because I know what I should be doing!

Tonight, I did something though. No, not Jillian...though I still have her on my horizon. I decided to ride the bike for a change. I haven't done that since I started running, so really it's been MONTHS since my ass was in that seat. When I bike I always use free weights to work my upper body at the same time. I started out last year with 2.5 lbs, then 5, and now I am using 8s. I will get 10s sometime as well. I could tell biking uses different muscles than running, 'cause my legs were sore! But then my knee started to bug me...and then it started to hurt. That scared me. I don't want anything to interfere with my running. I am already struggling with a pulled muscled just below my butt that throws off my stride and makes me feel totally gimpy. My run for charity is July 10th-- rapidly approaching! I will post again about that soon.

Mostly I need to get rid of the Ishoulds and get my ass moving more. Just do it, don't freaking sit around at talk about it!

Close on the heals of the dreaded Ishoulds is a little what was I thinking? This past weekend was one of a bit of excess. I went to this acoustic show with some friends, and ended up not having a chance to eat dinner until 9. Did that stop me from consuming, oh...let's say 5 drinks? Nope! Am I new here? Do I think drinking a crapload of booze on an empty stomach is a good idea? Apparently the wild and woolly ways of my twenties are so far behind me that I've forgotten the hard-earned lessons of drunken nights and hung-over days. What's worse is I ordered a drink AT the bar to continue to put myself into the booze soaked hole I was digging. It was half-way through my second, and when I was mostly finished with my food (1/2 of which I gave away) and I started to feel really inebriated. The group of us then left to hit a different bar...happened to be a peeler bar. On the way I kinda sorta had to That. Ick. The rest of the time at the bar was spent admiring the bathroom and wanting to die. The peeps kinda hung out in the parking lot to chat with some girls that came from the other bar, and I just sorta crashed in the jeep. And wanted to die.

I was basically a write-off for the entire evening, and I have no one to blame but myself. I KNOW drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. I have no idea what possessed me. Stupidity, mostly.
So I'm going to be mindful of that kind of action in the future. At 36, I'm just too old for that shit.

While I was out that night, my friend Chrystie offered for me to try on her gorgeous corset. I've never worn one before, so I was curious to see what it would look like. Here are some pics. She said she coulda gone in tighter, but her corset was a bit big for me, though I think it fit I need to breathe! I think I am in love with corsets now! The only prob is the sitting down is sooo uncomfortable. But here it is, please forgive my inability to pose. It's Sad.

If I were a bit braver, I woulda tried it sans brassier. ;) Maybe next time!

So off I go, running tomorrow, and Friday I "play golf" for my staff year-end social. We usually dress up in costumes for the event ('cause we take this shit seriously!), and this year we are trying "Ladies Who Lunch" nice dresses, some costume jewelry, and maybe a floppy hat or two. On a golf course. Should be fun! I will take more pictures than anyone would ever want to see, don't worry.



Maria@HuffandBuff said...

Hi Tammy,

Try not to get to caught up in the Woulda, coulda, shoulda, it'll eat you alive. Today is a new day, focus on the present, don't look back, envision your future fit, healthy, awesome self!!


P.S. I was happy to see you found Win, Lose or Blog. Hopefully together we can all inspire each other to get fit for life!

Wendy said...

Looking good Girly!

Every try body pump or another group exercise?

Cory said...

I already posted a comment that was witty and motivating, but it was lost when i hit post. So then i put up a comment that said i already said all that and you'd have to imagine it now. That too got buggered in the post button pressing. So now, im just giving up...

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Everytime you post pictures of yourself, I think to myself...I want to be like just like you. Our similar height, start weight and goal weight make me think it can come true!

Keep posting those pictures. I need the motivation!

Lucas said...

Each lesson learned is worthwhile. Even if you have to learn it 20 times before it sinks in. Each time you learn it, you are closer to having that skill embedded in your brain and in your life. So don't beat yourself up silly. You are closer, ever closer to.......where??? Life is a journey. :) Enjoy ALL the stops along the way cuz when you reach the end, it's over.

P.S. You look awesome in that corset!

Samantha said...

I can totally relate to the "I shoulds" Must be something going around! I need to pull out of this little funk and get back on track.

You look great in that corset. Very sexy!

Mad Woman said...

You look fantastic! I love corsets too. I can't wait til I get to a size where I can wear them and look GOOD!

I've been fighting off the Ishoulds this week too. It's hard to shake!

Lucas said...

Hey Tammy......where'dya go????