Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen...we are experiencing a setback

*PHEW* I survived. First day back to work and lived to tell the tale. I was almost killed by an avalanche of meetings, and the kids went oddly berserk over getting their lockers, but overall, a good day! I love the group I am working with for our start-up days. We laugh and joke around a lot bust still get 'er done. We always do some fun activities with the kids in their grade groups the first days. I like it because it gives us a chance to ease into the school year, and the kids get to be with their classmates and have some fun before buckling down. We are taking 200 15 yr-olds to the beach. Yep, pretty crazy. 

I am soooo back on track! I love it. Eating way less these days and exercising every day. I hate to say, but my days of over-indulgence have finally caught up to me though. Blah. I gained 4 lbs somehow. Yeah, somehow. What a mystery! Let's see...PNE craziness...dinner downtown with gelato chaser...extra pizza at friend's house washed down with like...3 or 4 Margaritas. Fuuuuuuck. I am very very confident it won't last though. By next week, I will be back where I was...bet on it.

OH! And when I went shopping the other day, I was determined to buy a pair of size 12 pants. I figured they'd be tight, but that's good when I have more weight to lose. Much to my surprise, the 12's fit! Only a teeny bit snug. WOW. Seeing a 12 on the label was...almost surreal. I know that if I tried on a 12 in another store, or even just another style it may not fit, but I'll take it!! 
Milestones baby, milestones.

Stats for the day: 

Weight: 194 (booooooooooooo)

Exercise: 45 min.


Kim said...

Hang in there, Tammy! Congrats on the new pants :)

Fat Daddy said...

Take those milestones any way they come...yeah!

I bet you drop that weight fast too if you buckle down...probably a lot of water.

TC said...

Kim: Thanks. :) I will take the smaller size, for sure! Miss you!

Fat Daddy: Water, yes...let's go with that! :)

Carlos said...

awesome size 12 hotness!

Anonymous said...

I recently got into a pair of size 11s (very tight, not pretty at all) and went home with two pairs of nicely fitted size 12 jeans. That's down four sizes in 5 months-- despite the fact that the EVIL SCALE says I've only lost 15 lbs. Whatever the evil beast says, you can't argue with four sizes.

KEEP AT IT! Reward will be mine saith the newly converted to exercise!