Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cookies, chips and s'mores, OH MY!

Lonnng day out and about today. Can't say I ate well at all, and got home too late to work out. Blurgh. It was great to get out and hang with hubby, mom and awesome niece and nephew. We went down to the U.S. and did some shopping for things we can't get in Canada. For him: Vanilla Coke. For me: Flatout bread. I'd read about it in another blog, and was curious about it. They didn't have the low fat kind, but the whole wheat one sounded ok. I will let you know what I think (I know you will be waiting with bated breath).  Then we went to a campground my mom stays at and hung around for dinner and a campfire. It was my pesudo-camping experience of the summer. All the fun without all the sleeping on thin, lumpy mattresses and being mosquito food. 

I realized something kinda cool when I was hanging with the lovely Ashland last week. I have lost 70 lbs from my heaviest 5 years ago! Woah. That's a lot. I hope to go down 20 more now. By Christmas, perhaps...seems reasonable. Today certainly won't help with that! I didn't eat that much, but I had a handful of chips with dinner, a cookie and then two s'mores. Mmm. They are SO GOOD! That's a load of sugar and fat my body doesn't usually get in a day! Sorry body. :(

Tomorrow is another potentially bad food day in the making. We're going to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) tomorrow. It's a fair with a huge marketplace with tonnes of useless crap for sale, like wondermops, back massagers, wooden boats, clothes, hats, kitchen gadgets, weird electronic do-dads and thingamajigs. There is a huge variety of food there along with various attractions and shows. In the past, this day meant a lot of food. This time, not so much, but the food will be there calling to me! I am having the traditional fish n' chips...but one piece, and only a few fries. We usually get a few bags each of the little freshly made donuts covered in sugar. I will eat a few donuts out of Jason's bag. I usually get a piece of fudge...mmm...fudge. Nope not this year! I will walk (a lot) and I will drink water (a lot). So, I hope I can still enjoy the day and not go karazy with eating. 

Then again, maybe it will just rain all day and I'll stay home, eat normally and work out! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 189 (mayyybe?? It's so freakin' hard to read this scale!!)

Exercise: nada, zip, zero


Mr. Condescending said...

I want fish and chips so bad now :P

Fat Daddy said...

Temptations...Every treat you wrote about sounds delish to me. Good thing it is lunch time because I am drooling! You know it is probably against flogging regulations for you to write about freakin' smores! It's about like going to an AA meeting and describing an ice cold beer...

Maybe it all sounds good because it IS lunchtime.

Madame DeFarge said...

Fantastic achievement. And I really want chips too. And a big pickled onion.