Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rage against the hunger machine

Ok, can I just take a second to thank the weight-loss gods for smiling upon me in this time of me being a ravenous beast, hungry ALL THE FREAKIN TIME this week. PMS sucks the big fat hairy. Kill me now. I can't believe I haven't gained weight! I eat and 1/2 hr to an hr. later I am hungry again. I drink water...my stomach laughs with contempt. I eat almonds....applesauce....a banana....ANYTHING and the growling, slavering food-eating machine in my stomach drowns out my TV with its discontent.  If I get lucky, I won't have gained when I weigh again tomorrow. 
Let's see the menagerie of crap I ate today:

Cereal with strawberries
vegetable soup w/4 crackers
1/2 C macaroni salad (leftovers called to me...blast it!)
1/2  a meal replacement bar because, dammit, it was chocolate
a low-fat choco pudding...again with the chocolate
dinner: small portion of stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey, corn, salad with cherry tomatoes
other 1/2 of meal replacement bar
1/2 strawberries
green tea

On a normal (non-ravenous stomach) day, I wouldn't have eaten the macaroni salad, the pudding, or the meal replacement bar. I guess it's not a LOT of food. But damn, if felt like I ate a lot more than usual! Hungry now too. Crapadoodle. 

I guess I can console myself with the fact that next week, I should be back to normal. Unless I am really, really unlucky. God, I hope not! 

I think the green tea (decaf) will be my after dinner drink. It does help take away the hunger pangs, and I hear it's kinda healthy and all that. Plus, more liquid in my body is good! 

I guess I will take my grumbling, growling tummy off to bed with me now. Shut it stomach! I am NOT FEEDING YOU!! 


Stats for the day:

Weight: 190 (by some holy miracle)

Exercise: 30 min. (got lazy)


Fat Daddy said...

I hate those extra hungry days..."stomach laughs at the water...ain't that the truth.

Can't relate to the PMS...but I HATE those hungry days.

Hang tough.

Carlos said...

best of luck...

Tiffany said...

Hate those weeks where I feel/am a bottomless pit. Luckily you still managed a loss. Don't question it. Just take it and run. :)