Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hollywood North is alive and kickin! 101 just doesn't have the same zing as 100. I guess I will just have to muscle through it. 

Today was a day with a wee bit of temptation. And you know temptation, it usually comes in pizza form. I had two pieces. And they were DAMN GOOD. I had a light dinner- soup and sammich, so I  am not too worried about calorie overload. Plus I did no snacking at all. Gotta pick your battles! 

Yesterday was another wee indulgence. My lovely friend Lara came out with her son, and we went to the park and the for fish and chips. The funny part was ending up walking onto a movie set! Steveston in Richmond is a very picturesque little fishing village with many charming shops. My first clue that something was up was seeing crowds of people running and girls screaming. At first, I thought some bad mojo was going down...heart attack, fight, something! Then I saw the cameras. Nope, no medical emergency. It was, in fact, a teenage frenzy brought on by none other than teen idol golden boy himself, Zac Efron. Sadly, we missed his presence by mere moments. Shucks. The annoying part came after dinner, when unbenownst to us, they had started filming some background stuff and we walked into camera range. We were quickly shuffled to the side by a bearded, denim-clad gentlemen, whose name I can only assume was Bubba. Or maybe Big Ray or something clever like that. So we waited for them to stop and resumed on our merry way, with Lara going on a wee tirade about "movie people" and how much she loathes them. Come in, take over and push people out like the own the world. Damn them. Lol, but really, we gotta love 'em coming to B.C. and turning our towns into all sorts of U.S. locales. Mostly ones in Washington. Although, one area 1/2 hr. from here is Santa Monica in a little show called Psych. Just to name a few more:

21 Jump Street (I got to be an extra in high school!)
Dark Angel
House (at least a few eps.)
Stargate SG-1 + Atlantis
Dead Like Me (such a quirky little jewel of a show!)
X-Files (oh how we miss it!)
Battlestar Galctica
Smallville (filmed in my lil' old home town of Cloverdale)

Oh, and wayyy too many movies to even list here. My fave being X-Men. :)

Anyway, back to the blog stuff. I am working out every day still, so I hope to see the scale keep moving down! I know I could be doing more to lose weight faster, but I feel like this is working for me. I don't feel too deprived, and I am not killing myself working out so much that I am burned out totally. I know one of my beloved floggers, Fat Daddy was having that problem. Kudos to him for losing an astounding 80 lbs! Yeeee hawww

Really, I think I can keep doing this! Then when I meet my goal, I will see what I need to do to maintain my weight. It will probably be fairly similar to now, with watching portions and junk intake. I will still exercise, but maybe not every day. We shall see! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185

Exercise: 40 minutes

Oh, and it may be too late, but I wanted to see if the gods would smile upon me enough to win some cool free shit from check out her blog (though I am sure many of you already have!). She is as generous as she is kind and funny, and, no doubt, smokin hot. :)

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Fat Daddy said...

Never had to deal with any movie people, but when I was younger I worked stage crew for music acts that came through...basically a local roadie type job. some quite assholish...some pretty cool.

I so look forward to the day when I am trying to figure out what i have to do to maintain.

You are doing great! Even having pizza...I could never stop at 2.