Sunday, September 27, 2009

Purging...and not in that unhealthy, bulimic way

I did some cleaning out of the disaster zone that is my closet today. It felt really good to just ruthlessly pluck the plus-sized 14 and 16 tops from my closet with a sneer and toss them into a nice, shiny black garbage bag (not to be garbage, mind you, but to go to goodwill). Buh-bye print top...I see you are several sizes to big for me now! See ya are wayyy shapeless and voluminous! Ta-ta just fall right off my ass! Then, the best part came. I tried on my winter coat from last year. I wasn't sure how it was going to fit because it used to be tight on me. So much so I could never really do up the top button. Just froze the girls a wee bit there. :P I slid my arms in the sleeves, and pulled the coat closed...and then kept pulling until there was about FIVE inches of overlap! This thing could be a double-breaster! It was crazy big on me! Shockeroo! And really, I wasn't plagued with thoughts like: What if I gain the weight back...I should keep these clothes just in case! Nope, nothin' like that! 

 As if this wasn't good enough, then my husband walked into the bedroom with this bemused expression on his face. He held up my "go-card" from work last year (the students all get them for ID and for whatever reason, teachers get one too). He said he hadn't realized how different I looked until he looked at that pic. I took the card from him and took a gander. YIKES! Um, yeah lookin' a bit portly there. What was weird for him, sweet man that he is, was that he never saw me as fat last year. So I had to ask, "But I look fat in that picture?" To which he responded, "Well, yeah!" Since he sees me every day, it's much harder for him to notice the changes...I definitely get that. 

So there are my double whammy in-your-face moments of realization that damn, I've lost me some serious weight! Another nice moment this weekend was buying a size 11 skirt. :) It was a smidgen tight in the butt area, but not the waist, and it's one of those fabrics that will stretch a bit. Cool right? Fuck yeah! 

So now all my nice, smaller clothes are hanging in my closet ready to adorn my slimmer bod, and boy does that feel good. I can't wait to lose these last 15 lbs. and maybe do another purge. Hey, any excuse to shop! Speaking of shopping, I bought some sexy tall, black, pointy-toed boots yesterday too. Hel-lo. They are hawt, if I do say so myself.  Maybe I will bless you with a pic one day. :P

In the food world, I am definitely PMSing again. Frickin' hungry all the time again...craving chocolate too. Bugger. I probably consumed a few more calories this week because of it. I did manage to work out five days this past week. I plan to do six next. I am seriously contemplating buying one of Jillian Michaels' videos. Mostly because of Tiffany rocking her 30 Day Shred. Go Tiffany! I want to try it first if I can, so I will check the video store first. Everything I've read seems to point to some serious butt-kicking workouts. May just help me lose the last bit of weight! 

Oh, and welcome to my new followers! Tricia, love your blog (even if your header makes me wanna eat cupcakes!). Becky, who appears blogless (please correct me if I am wrong!), but is so very welcome in blogland! And my most recent addition, Dawn, who has this blog, which has awesome recipes and pics,  along with this one, which is also awesome, and more about her weight-loss journey. Also, thank you to all my previous followers. I know I didn't welcome each of you (sorry!), but I am really trying to now that things have slowed down. Love y'all! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185

Exercise: 40 minutes


Winderdoodle said...

Awesome that you cleaned out the closet. I love doing that! It always inspires me to keep motivated. Good job on the size 11 too! Wuhoo!


Fat Daddy said...

Man that feels good doesn't it? I have my too big clothes and my fitting clothes all bunched in together right now. I am planning to work onn it this weekend.

You are doing wonderful.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I got me some sexy new kicks too! I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

PS: I'm so jealous of you, and PMSing too, and eating everything in sight. And between eating to oblivion and hormones I hate myself.

TC said...

Wendy: Thanks, babe! You must be loving your smaller-sized self too!

Fad Daddy: Good luck with that and enjoy the accompanying "purge" high. :) So glad you drop by to give me such great encouragement and praise! (that goes for all my fabuloso commenters!!)

Amber: are ON sister! Lol! I will try to get a pic up this week for ya! So you and I are on the same cycle? Lucky us! Gotta love the lady parts when they make our lives soooo much fun! Love ya girl...keep on keepin' on.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

lol damn girl you gotta start e-mailing me, this searching for old e-mails and finding responses is killing me

stupid lady parts. When you get your pic up I'll post mine!