Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fat girl gone...well, for the most part!

Happy day all. Lemme just say today was much better than the suckfest that was yesterday. Work crap piled up on me a little too high and just had to topple over and spill everywhere. To make matters worse, somewhere under all that crap, I lost my cell phone. Had a good cry, and felt much better.  Amazing how that works! 

Since I was feeling so BLURG we ended up eating late and I was too stuffed to ride the bike without yarking. Thus, Monday became my day off. Yay. No excuses the rest of this week, I guess! 

I think I have passed a mental milestone the past few weeks. I finally don't feel like a fat person...all blobbish and whale-like. Wow, eh? I feel...normal....whatever that is! Sure, I still have areas that need reducing, but overall, I feel good. I am hoping that the last 15 will help shrink the parts that are still lumpy. 

This is going to be short folks 'cause my heart just isn't in blog land today. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185

Exercise: 40 min.


Carlos said...

awesome i gotta think that this mental transformation will show up on the scale as you deal with those last few lbs

The Recommended Librarian said...

Yeah! Sorry about your crappy day, but what a wonderful milestone.

Organic Meatbag said...

Awesome! Keep up the great work!