Monday, September 21, 2009

99 blogs on da wall...

Oooh only three more visitors to reach 2000! That number is a bit astounding to me. If you scroll down and see 2000 at the bottom, hope you will say hi and let me know who you are, oh serendipitous  visitor! This is also blog number 99 for me. Such excitement, such anticipation! 

That being said, I had a craptastic day at work, and am feeling all emotional. Blah! My highlight was my sweet coworker taking me aside and telling me how great I look! Such a boost!! It is so nice how many people are talking the time to do that. Love my peeps at work.  

I took the day off of exercise because it's been over a week now since I had a break. It's still kinda weird to do that! 

The scale has been kind this week, though. Yayy! Down about 2 more lbs. Hope it sticks! Better go sacrifice that squirrel to ensure my continued favour with the scale gods. 

Short but sweet...House has my attention now...blogging really can't compete! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 187

Exercise: nada.


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

HA! I'm watching House too, AND am the 2000th visiter!

TC said...

AMBER!! Whooooooooo! I am very happy that such a fab blogger friend is my 2000th! :) Thanks for reading, sista! Love the House!

Fat Daddy said...

OK well I am 2015 it looks like. Not quite the same status as Amber, but still here to send you a congrats on your latest loss.

Not such a House fan, but watch loads of TV while doing the dreaded bike, so maybe I will give it a shot on DVD.

Carlos said...

hate house... i clearly dont get it

TC said...

Fat Daddy: 2015 sounds like a good year. :P You will always have high status with me! Definitely try House!

Carlos: I thought you were just don't know. *shakes head sadly*