Thursday, September 17, 2009

One more thing....

I wanted to say a couple more things today. 

First, I did work out. Yay for me! Told ya I would. Second, I wanted to thank you all once again for following me and making comments. I love your comments! I can't tell you how much I appreciate people taking the time out of their day to say words of encouragement to me. Makes me all warm and glowy inside. :) Third, I want to welcome a new follower you may already know, Natasha, who is rocking her own weight loss. Love the videos! And darn, girl, you are super cute!

Ok, I am done counting now, that shit's getting on my nerves. I also wanted to give a shout out to a good friend of mine who has started his weight loss journey this month. He's a truly amazing person, and he's been super supportive of me. I hope you will check out what he's got going' on here. His site is different, and in go and explore!

I am a little annoyed with myself because it seems the post it on my Mac's dashboard that I put my measurements on has disappeared. Dang. I can sorta remember what they used to be though. Let's see....

Chest- 48.5- 43....5.5 inches lost

Rib Cage- 40- 36.5......3.5 inches lost

Waist- 38.5- 35.5.......3 inches lost

Hips- 45-42.5.......3 inches lost

Upper Thigh- 28- 25.5........2.5 inches lost

Upper Arm- 15.5- 12.5.......3 inches lost

Wow...the girls are really shrinking! "Nooooo!" moans my husband. Sorry, honey I don't pick where the fat leaves my body! 



Natasha said...

Aww... thanks! You are so so sweet!

My husband complains about the girls shrinking too. Ah... men...

I'm off to go look at your friend's blog. I am a glutton for blogs. Better than being a glutton for food, right?

Fat Daddy said...

Wow, the boobies shrank more than anything else? Maybe this weight loss thing is not such a good idea...

Oh well, I guess that's why they sell the wonderbra.

Those measurement losses are great.

Madame DeFarge said...

When I lose weight, some things never shrink. More's the pity.