Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Slip sliding and clawing my way back up.

I am feeling very neglectful of my little blog these days. Here I am to rectify!

Confession: These past weeks, heck, months I've been playing the game a little less and less. I've been losing it, people. I slipped into maintenance mode a while back before re-committing to lose 10 more lbs (remember the great scale debacle of 2010? If not, read it here. You may need a tissue for the tears of pity). Since then, I've upped the exercise by running the Couch to 5k thing and weight training with my trainer-girl and all that, but the eating pretty much stayed the same. I won't say I've been pigging out or anything, but I have been indulging more. A lot more. I used to eat cookies or other baked goods maybe a few times a month. Now, it's a few times a week! I used to ignore treats and desserts for the most part, and now my greedy ass is circling them like a buzzard lookin' for some tasty entrails (ok, ew). Chips? I've eaten them. Pizza? More than two or three slices to be sure. Chocolate? Oh, I've indulged once or twice. Water? What's that again?? I give in. I cave. I don't say no. And I got so good at saying no! It's so true that the more you say no, the easier it gets, and, conversely, the more you say yes, the easier that gets. Dang it!

I haven't gained a lot of weight due to the nasty eating, but I have gained a pound or two. I took 2 weeks off the running and had two indulgent weekends in a row. First was the partay weekend (no gain apparent at the time), and the second was this past weekend. I went to the US with hubby and we ate at a buffet. I didn't really censor my eating much beyond I stopped when I felt kinda too full (NOT GOOD!). I tried to mitigate this large lunch with a small dinner (a wrap made from light Italian Flat-Out bread, spring mix, chopped tomatoes, sprinkling of reduced fat cheese and a bit of chicken). Although, I think that's the night I also ate some of the hubby's dang Easter chocolate he bought on sale and is hoarding. I still went to bed with a bit of a growly stomach. We also had a wedding to go to on the weekend. I ate a few little crustini appetizers, about 2.5 rolls (omg, so freakin' good hot out of the oven!), my main course of a LARGE chicken breast and a few roasted fingerling potatoes, and the lemon tart dessert. Ugh. Full. Again, small dinner to make up for daytime gluttony.

The aftermath of my indulgence?

  • I am hungry. All.The.Time.
  • I crave baked goods daily.
  • I will give into cravings much more easily.
The worst part? I had all that shit totally under control before I started this mainenance crap.

Oh wait, it still gets worse...I almost forgot. I got super lazy and totally lost my running mojo for nearly 2 weeks. Last time I ran, I knocked out 28 minutes. After 2 weeks, I could barely do 17. CURSES! So I lost ground there too.

This week I have started a new phase. Yesterday I didn't give into any cravings. I ate only healthy snacks, and I ate only one square of dark chocolate after dinner.

Here's the plan:

1. Eliminate the following as snack options:

Yogurt bars (blah with the sugarfest and calories)
Package of oatmeal (see above)
Bag of Smart Pop popcorn (again, too many calories, not enough nutrition)
Cookies/pie/any other crap lying around the staff room
Crap from the vending machine (even if it gives only "healthier choices" i.e. no chocolate bars, and baked chips only).

2. Incorporate the following snacks back in:

Raw carrots
Humus (in moderation)
Sliced red pepper
Almonds (10 max)
Unsweetened applesauce
Spring mix salad with low-fat, low-cal dressing

3. Drink a lot more water (at least two full 27oz bottles during the day and cups of home-brewed green tea iced tea in the eve).

4. Keep with running schedule despite being a lazy ass and make up lost ground so I can kick butt in the 5k in July.

5. Incorporate more cardio exercise on non-running days (hellooo 30 Day Shred, my old friend. Can't wait to get my ass kicked by week one again!).

My goal is to lose these pesky 10 (now more like 15) pounds by end of June, or at the very least by July 10th, which is the Underwear Affair 5k run.

Today has gone well so far! I've had a banana and about 4 gorgeous strawberry tomatoes along with my usual Kashi Go Lean Crunch (deliciousnesssss) cereal and meal replacement bar (I know they are too high in sugar and fat, but I'm way too lazy to make a lunch and it's portion/calorie control, and high in vitamins and minerals. Also, I lost 60 lbs eating them for lunch five days a week, so suck it nay-sayers!). I still have to drink more water (almost one full bottle down- way too slow!) and eat my carrots. And yes, I am very hungry right now.

Going to go work out with trainer-girl, and then maybe throw down with some Shred before hubby comes home (good distraction to keep the snack monster at bay!). I lost 6 lbs in Dec. doing the Shred every day, so I am hoping doing it, say, 3 days along with 3 running and 2 strength training days will help!

And awayyyy we go!


Big Clyde said...

Go, Tammy Go!

River said...

Applesauce!!! I gotta make some in the morning =)

I wish you people could step out of my computer screen and give me a good kick in the butt too. I am missing some spark or whatever. I'm inspired reading your must-do list then I fell back to guilt. What am I talking about here..

You're gonna do great and look at you, you already look freaking awesome!!!! And you will always ♥

Mad Woman said...

Looks like an awesome plan! You'll kick butt!

Lucas said...

It is a lifelong journey kiddo. But having a plan is the first step and a very important one. YOu have all the tools in your toolbox, you just have to remember to use them. You can do it!