Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Trip Redux

Hitting the road...after the road hit back

I'm baaaaaack! I had a fan-freakin-tastic time on my road trip. We headed out a bit late on Saturday with hopes of blue skies and clear roads. There were two motorcycles with us, so fair weather was key. Um...yeah...that didn't happen so much. A little ways down the road the heavens opened up and dumped on us. The bikers got soaked to the bone (no rain gear!). Quick stop in Chilliwack and a Wal-Mart for rain pants and we were back at 'er. Couldn't get much worse than torrential rain, right? Wrong...so very wrong. As we went up in elevation the temperature dropped and before I could say, "Hey, look there's snow on the ground here," the first flakes were hitting our windshield. Luckily there's a lodge in the middle of nowheresville in this place called Manning Park. But, bad news, the lodge is booked for a wedding! Bu,t good news, there's a hostel across the highway with open rooms. Sweet!

The moment I slapped eyes on our accommodations, I said, "Oh, so this is where I'll be murdered."

It was this boxy, slightly run-down looking building painted a dreary unmemorable colour. The trees surrounding it were sparse and looked slightly diseased. It looked like the scene for a horror movie.



Honda Civic pulls up and unsuspecting 30-somethings begin to unload their gear into the HOSTEL OF THE DAMNED.


To top it off, the caretaker, whom we nicknamed Stryder, looked like a slightly rehabilitated ex-mental patient. Super nice guy...umm...yes.

We settled in and hit the restaurant for dinner. While there, we found out the bar was closed for the wedding reception. Well, fuck! Luckily, Traci made friends with the sister of the bride in the bathroom and got us an in for later. Back to the building of the damned for drinks and some hilarity.

We made our way to the bar late...like 11 or so. The reception was still going, but we were told our "in" had gone off to bed. Not to be daunted by such trivialities, we asked if the bride or groom might let us in. Turns out the groom was a helluva guy, and not only did he let us in, but he also gave us free drink tickets! Score! We partied with the wedding guests and shut the bar down at around 3:30. By then we'd made friends with our Jack Black-lookin' bartender and were getting free drinks all over the place. Somewhere during the night we lost our room key, so upon returning to our .00005 star room, we had to get the scary caretaker guy up to let us in. He came to the door in his boxers...*brrrgggh* and then discovered his key didn't work. We thought we were doomed, but then Mike, who installs and maintains automatic doors, emerged like a bear woken to early from hibernation. We told him our dilemma and he pinballed his way down the hall and out the door. When he came back he had a screwdriver in hand. Mike went for the door, and this ensued:

Stryder: Woah, what are you doing?!

Mike: Don't worry, I'm a door guy.

Stryder: (relaxes) Oh, ok.

Two seconds later, Mike had the door open.

No problemo.

He's a door guy.

What made me laugh was just how instantly Stryder was reassured by Mike's statement that he was "a door guy." Like, what does that mean? Apparently it was all Stryder needed to hear to let a guest go at a door with a screwdriver!

The next day we had brekkie with a bunch of hungover wedding guests. And then it was back on the road.

That emergency stop in the middle of nowhere was the highlight of the entire trip. So. Much. Fun! Plus, with the not murdering, I survived scary hostel!

Here some pictorial highlights for you...

Couple o' sexy bitches ready to get the party started

Ssss...hot ass! And our .00005 star room!

Cory...and not his real hair. Hair hat=Chet!

Sober- a state soon remedied!

This was our customer service questionnaire. Yep, filled out with red crayon complete with little drawings of a stick figure with muscles (a.k.a. arm boobies) and labeled "Gun Show".

Some drinks were consumed...

...and some "packages" were licked.
This poster was "relocated" from the bathroom to above Chrystie's bed. Because, well, the packages!

You takin a pisher of me?!

Crazy peeps.

Crazier peeps!

Wedding crashing with plastic glasses o' booze in hand. Classy.

How many drinks did I HAVE?!

Ghost Rider? Is that you??!?

This sign is hilarious...obviously written by someone who speaks English poorly. But the doorbell adds that touch o' surreal.

Taken from a moving vehicle.

Some of the scenification on the way.

Car shot!

The lovely and talented Chrystie did my hairs for me....love it!

Somethin's funny don't take the pic yet! Ohhh.

Passing the Chet hair around...is it just me or do we all look like lesbians?

How YOU doin?

You know you want some!

Cory catchin me with mouthful of banana, and NO that's not chewing tobacco in my pocket!

"Tourist pic" 1

"Tourist pic" 2 (when I saw this, I thought OMG I look THIN!)

Laughing at Cory up on the balcony
My helmut is shpeshel

Car shot #2! (that's my room key in my bra- hey didn't wanna lose a second key!)

Well, that's it for pics, and if you made it this far, good on ya!

I was brave enough to weigh myself today (Wed.) and I haven't gained ANY weight! Yeahhhh! No working out, and eating road food and drinking and no weight gain is a bloody road trip miracle.

I will work out tomorrow and get back on the running wagon. I am scared of losing all the ground I've gained now! I may just try a 20 min. run to start, and then go up from there. I also want to get my eating under control. I'm giving in to extras and treats way too easily these days. It's a slippery slope, and I gotta start clawing my way back up the hill towards willpower. It's so true that the more you say "no" to things, the easier it is to keep saying no, and the more you give in, the easier it is to give in the next time. BLARGH! Stupid psychology!

I am finally going to post this behemoth that I've been writing for two days! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Chet fared ok, but Cory gained 6 lbs... Wierd... Running again and gym again... And yes saying no is a habit i need to get back into. Good times with great people ;)

Samantha said...

Looks like you had an awesome trip! And even better? No weight gain! Good for you! It just goes to show that this whole thing allows for a fun carefree weekend away too.

Lucas said...

You DO look thin, and beautiful! Looks like a blast. My kind of adventure for sure!!! GORGEOUS pics! Sure is purdy up der!!!

Tricia said...

That looks SUPER fun! So jealous! You look amazing and the story of the door guy amused me much :)

Madame DeFarge said...

Sounds like sooo much fun. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

You do look teensy!! You go you hot thang!

coloradosugar said...

OK, you probably get this all the time, but you look a bit like Neve Campbell! Very cool.:) Also your significant other...you did good!!:)