Monday, June 7, 2010

Truth and Consequences...damn them both

My weekend...hmm what can I say about it? Well, on Saturday I went out with hubby and some friends, and I drank (alcohol, that is) some. Dinner was a burger and fries, and I left most of the fries (yay!). But then I ate some tortilla chips and some two-bite brownies (boo). On Sunday, I ate a turkey dinner and a piece of pie. Ugh. Full. This morning my scale moved for the first time. IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!! Evil scale. I will weigh in officially tomorrow, so I'll see if that bitch was just messing with my head. I ate great ALL week and one weekend of slight snacking and a larger meal causes a gain? Puleeze.

I did manage to do my run, albeit a bit belatedly. I was supposed to do it Friday but was seriously tired after work and crashed hard on the couch. Lame, I knows it. So Saturday after tutoring, I dragged my butt outside to run. I only had time for a once 'round the block for 17.5 minutes. But, that did show my that in the last four weeks, I've picked up the pace since that run took me 20 minutes before. Whooo! Consequence for not running on Friday was not Shredding on Saturday. I know once my legs are used to the workout, I will be fine doing it any time with no ill-effects, but I am seriously not wanting to have messed up jelly-legs when I have to run. My legs get tired too quickly as it is! I will start shredding know if I say it, it will be so.

I have to run again today, and I am going to make myself go through the park, guaranteeing that I will exceed 20 minutes.

In other news, I am approaching 100 followers! I hope that that lucky sap who clicks "follow" and hits that number will comment and tell me who he or she is. And thank you to all my lovely followers for being there with me along this path to less fatassery (yes, even you lurkers who NEVER COMMENT!).

Here are some pics...complete with multiple examples of the patented "Tammy Self-Portrait", to which I should add "and friend with head cut off". I'm just that good.

Chrystie in her cute lil' bachelorette pad.



Chrystie blowing bubbles at the pub. Just 'cause.

Me n' hubby. :)

Me n' Cory- who has bitched about me cutting off his head.
I maintain: The top of your head ain't that great anyway! :P
Besides, I look cute, and that's all that matters.


Tricia said...

He spent all that money on those tattoos...he should be happy you included THOSE instead of the top of his head. Which was probably free, by the way!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog today! Very fun and informative! You keep going. I am RIGHT behind you (not in a creepy stalker way! :P )


Tammy said...

Thank you for reading oh wonderful (and non-stalkery) Anonymous!

Katie J said...

But we are missing that bald spot! LOL

Tammy said...

Katie! SHHH! Men are SENSITIVE! :P Cory so deserved that...but no bald spot- yet! :)

Coloradosugar- don't know why your comment isn't visible right now, but THANK YOU for the lovely compliment! Neve is gorgeous, so if I even look a little like her, that's a good thing!

KellyNY said...

Tammy - u do look cute, & ur right - that is all that matters! LOL. I should be getting the new Shred DVD & No More Trouble Zones in the mail soon. & thanks so much for commenting on my blog.

Chrystie said...

Damn my place is cute in pictures!

Damn the both of us are cute!

Tammy said...

Chrystie, you are so right, on both counts!

Madame DeFarge said...

You're all cute!