Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Germs can suck it

I feel the ick coming on. Perhaps second to only injury, illness is something that strikes fear in heart every health-seeking weight-losing person out there. Sick=inactivity. Sick=having no appetite and eating poorly. Sick=suckage. And worst of all, sick often= weight gain. BLARGH! I am fairly lucky that I don't get sick often, especially considering I work with a germ-infested heaving mass of teenagers. But still...I am afeared.

I have heard stories of people in blogland getting sick and gaining weight, then struggling to get back on track with lowered energy. NO, I say. Non, nein, nyet. Not happening. Not to me. Frack, if it were only that easy. We'll see if this ick takes hold or not. Maybe mind over germ will work!

So I got another email from the Nutrisystem people. This woman had asked me before for screenshots of my "analytics and metrics". Say what now? I don't speak computer at the best of times. Thanks to my friend, google, I figured out it meant the tracking of activity on my blog. Erm. Ok. I don't really do that. Like what do I care about that shite? I just put in the nifty feedjit thing that tells what city and country people are coming from, but that's just for the cool factor. I have a hit counter, too, but that was just curiosity. I don't have a proper program to give me all the info. Well, I do NOW. I used Blog Tracker 'cause it's free and seemed easy enough to implement. Problem is, the info is all starting from today, so I don't know how useful it would be to the Nutrisystem peeps. I figure they just want to see if anyone reads my blog, and maybe where they are from if they do.

To be honest, I don't really care that much about being chosen. It seems like a good chance to try the system, and I have heard good things, but I've heard bad things too. Dunno. I think I'd do a good job blogging about my experience, which could be interesting for y'all. I guess I'll see what happens!

Today is my workout with trainer-girl. She's so upbeat and awesome. Last time she was down because her sister's boyfriend had been killed the night before. They'd been together for 6 years, so trainer-girl knew him well. Plus, her sis was pretty devastated, so she was worried about her. There's been a lot of shootings around here lately. Mostly gang-related, but dang if it isn't out of character for around Vancouver. Well, I guess not so much anymore. She said she didn't think he was in a gang or anything, but the police seem to think it is gang-related.

I hope I can make this training session work. I'm feeling worse and worse as I write this post. Tired and achy, headache and scratchy throat. Whee.

Tomorrow, I hope HOPE HOPE I can run my 30 minutes! I did a stellar 26 minutes yesterday (that's up 9 from my average of the last two runs!). I was tempted to go for 4 more minutes, but the couple pieces of cheese and carrot sticks I ate at my staff meeting an hour before turned into a giant bowling ball in my stomach. Holy barfy feeling, Batman. Stupid cheese

I think that's all I have in me for today. I'm gonna go battle some germs. Die bringers of disease, snot, fever, sorrow and suffering! Get thee hence to yon wandering teenager (heh heh)!

OH! And 99 followers! Ooooh so close! Who will #100 beeeee!?!??! Tell me, tell me whoever you are!


Big Clyde said...

I got sick about 10 days ago. I did all the things that you described. I gained 6 pounds. Sickness sucks. Fight it, girl.

KellyNY said...

I got sick for the first time in 4 years in March, and it sucked. I didn't gain weight because I kept working out. It's better that you stay consistent with exercise when you're sick because it raises your metabolism, and all the bad germs get flushed out of your system. I love all the pictures on your blog! Oh, and P.S. - I got my Shred DVD & No More Trouble Zones in the mail today!

Spaghetti Cat said...

Feel better!

Dani @ WRW said...

I hope your trainer session went well. I am tempted to get a few sessions just so I don't feel like such a tool in the weights area. Not that I haven't lifted before ... I don't know what my problem is, really!

I also hope you feel better! Shoo, ickas! SHOO!

Lucas said...

I thought Canada didn't have gun related crimes? :) Hope you kick those germs to the curb. Grab yerself some vitamins!

C said...

I'm #100! Now to go back and read the archives....


Tammy said...

Yay for #100!! :) Thanks for joining sista!

Lindsey Feldpausch said...

"Say what now? I don't speak computer at the best of times. " ---- this was cute and making me chuckle!