Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pictures! (And some really pale legs. Seriously. I warned you.)

I know you loves the pictures!

First, my big girl clothes. Most of these clothes fit me back in April 2009. I remember buying one shirt in a 16 and thinking, NO I don't want to buy a 16 because I'm going to lose weight! But, I bought it anyway because the 14 was just too tight in the chest. Story of my life. Then, and now, I am a size smaller on the bottom, so usually a 14 at 220 lbs.. The shorts are a a bit older and size bigger though. My apologies for the lame-ass quality of these pics. No flash in my bathroom=crap photos. Oh, and I just took out my headband, so wonky hair action too. :P

This is a size 16 from Penningtons, I believe.

Top: 1x from Penningtons Shorts: 16 from ?

Clown pants!

Think I could fit a couple legs in there, actually!

Yup, it's big!

I loved this "teacher skirt"! Size 14 from Reitmans

This is bigger than it looks here. Size 16 Lane Bryant.

And this is me now...4-5 sizes smaller!

Ahh clothes that fit!
Jacket: size 11 Reitmans, Jeans: size 10 American Eagle

Gotta do the side view.

Blouse: Ricky's size 10

Best the illusion of a flat belly!

Talkin' to Amber on the phone- she says hi.
Gawd lookit the paleness. UGH!

Skirt: size 10 Old Navy (the 8 fit, but was a bit too short for comfort!)

Yessir, time to break out the self-tanner!

Blouse: size 12 H&M (small-fitting fo sho, my sis had to go up a size too)

Tryin' to show off the guns...annd not so much.

The light doesn't do the tricep justice!

Bye for now!


soontobe...skinnygirl said...

You look fabulous! Wow that must have been such a good feeling to try all those baggy clothes on! I can't wait for the day! So do you save them or toss them? I hate to admit that I have clothes in a range of sizes filling my closet, but this time I've promised myself once I'm at goal, I'm tossing all but my skinny ones! (Taking pics and trying them on first as you did!)

Congrats and keep up the good work!


Tiffany said...

INSPIRATIONAL!!! You look fantastic. Just the motivation I needed today. You look great as always!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

HA! Love it! Seriously, that is some HUGE difference you're sportin there girly! You look fantabulous!

Madame DeFarge said...

Looks great seeing the difference in the clothes. You must be so pleased!

Anonymous said...

Look at those friggen pipes!!! Good shape, great looks and kick your ass too!!


Truely insperational!!!


Fat Daddy said...

Wow! Look at you! You look awesome. And two tickets to the gun show thrown in for free!

You look so skinny. Especially those pics from the really shows. Congrats!

Shane P said...

Soon you will have to list those guns as lethal weapons! Your transformation is amazing and your pictures are even more amazinger (I know that's not a word)!! Way to go!! **Slaps you on the back and gives you a big Atta Girl**

Anonymous said...

You're a skinny person! What the hey!!!

Mr. Condescending said...

Where's the big red sponge nose? haha kidding, you've done so well!