Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hooligans and shopping addiction...helllllp meeee!

So I feel like my spring break is being held hostage by my school district. Everyone around here is either on spring break or will be this week. Some even have TWO weeks off. Fuckers. I'm not bitter though. Uh uh. I NEED this time keeps me from killing, or at least scarring psychologically, the teenagers. Seriously.

Take Friday, for instance. A lovely rain-soaked day and we were just blithely going about our first class. Little did we know that a cretin in blue jeans walked our halls with arson on his mind. Some little turdbucket started a fire in the boys' room. In a garbage can. In the BOYS' ROOM. WTF? This lead to the entire school standing in the pouring rain for 1/2 an hour freezing our collective balls off. To increase the shittasticity of this event, the sprinklers failed to turn off, so they dumped gallons of water into our second floor, which then cascaded over the balcony onto the first floor. Some of it even found its way through the ceiling and dripped down the walls into the hallway. Sweeet. We were eventually let back in, though we had to traverse the new lake in the caf. to get to our rooms. Then we got to sit in our classrooms for 1/2 hr more whilst the nice fire dept. vacu-sucked the water up. And did we find this walking poster-child for birth control? Nope. Still at large.

I fear for the next generation.

But, yes this is a weight-loss blog, not a ranting site, so on to that. I haven't lost any. On purpose though! Yes, still maintaining. Well, as of today I am. I am still awaiting the repurcussions of Friday drinking and Saturday lasagna dinner, bread, cake, chips and more drinking. Oh, and there may have also been a cookie in there. Definitely more than I usually eat. Felt all ooky in my tummy area after. BLAH. That and the lack of exercise for 3 days in a row has me a bit worried what the scale gods will say. I did work out today though, thank god. But, as of right now I am still 165. PHEW. For now. Eeeeep for tomorrow. Eeep.

Also, I may be addicted to shopping. I really worried about this before. I always said, it's a good thing I can't shop in the "normal" stores 'cause I'd have no money left. Um. Yes. Problem. I keep finding cute clothes, and they are on SALE. What am I a freakin' saint? I can't resist a cropped denim jacket for $15, or a super cute red polka-dot tee for $10, let alone a seriously sexy white pencil skirt for SIX DOLLARS!!!??!! C'monnnnnnnnnn.

I am hoping I will get to start working with my "student trainer" soon! She's not so good with the deadlines.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in bloggerland. :)


Anonymous said...

Your pain is also mine... Areopostal - jeans in size 32 for $20, sweat shirts and tee's $10 each... And Planet eclipse, two tee's for $10... I too am in way over my head here... Oh and for the record, bring a girl shopping with me and it = 4 stores, more clothes tried on then i have inches in my waist, and $300 later - yes $300 at those prices you figure it out. But hey, what the hell right?
So whats your problem? Huh...


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Poor girl, wish I could shop lol.